Why Is My Rabbit Not Drinking Water?

Like each living and respiration factor on this earth, rabbits want water for survival. In case your rabbit stops eating or drinking, they’re at risk.

Hydration is vital for any animal; however, without the one you love, pet hydrating itself, their well-being will suffer. When your rabbit has hit 24 hours without drinking water, it will likely be deadly for many rabbits.

Why is my rabbit not drinking water? It will probably result in organ failure. Motion is required instantly when any indicators of dehydration. If you see your rabbit refusing water, it’s essential to discover why. It would help if you observed your pet, revealing their subject.

why is my rabbit not drinking water

Why Is My Rabbit Not Drinking Water?

Rabbits not drinking is not typical conduct; if you are fearful that your pet is dehydrated or not getting sufficient water consumption, it’s essential to determine why.

There are a couple of causes your pet might not be drinking water. They vary from psychological to medical reasons; listed below are a couple of:

  • The water might style or scent humorous: Rabbits could be fussy animals; if one thing tastes unusual or smells different from their water, they won’t drink it. It’s essential to clear out the water, even the bottle or bowl, then refill it.
  • The water could be the incorrect temperature: As a result, rabbits like water matching the ambient temperature may refuse to drink the water whether it is too sizzling or too chilly.
  • Toothache: As a result of the rabbit’s enamel being delicate, they could be experiencing a toothache while drinking and eating. This might must be mounted by knowledgeable.
  • Water bottle or bowl is not clear: It’s worthwhile to repeatedly clear out the bowl or bottle. Whether it is soiled, your rabbit will reject the water.
  • Hydrated from meals: If you feed your pet leafy greens, they’re already hydrated from that. However, it would help if you controlled the thought; meals aren’t sufficient to supply water.
  • Different water sources: Your rabbit could have another water supply; there could also be a leaky faucet or pipe from which they’re getting their hydration.
  • Your pet rabbit is sick: There are numerous illnesses that your rabbit might reject from meals or water.

Keep in mind, your rabbit rejecting water is just not typical conduct; there’s something incorrect with them if they’re.

Why Do Rabbits Need Water? 

Whether the animal you’re caring for is wild or domesticated, water is a vital want for their survival. When your rabbit doesn’t drink every day, it’s dangerous to their life.

The easy answer is that each animal wants water to outlive and preserve its well-being in tip-top form. However, let’s get to the science of it. All living animals are made up of a giant proportion of a rabbit’s physique.

Additional, drinking water is essential for several natural capabilities:

  • Water will preserve your rabbit’s blood flowing at an acceptable charge and thickness. This can lead to your rabbit’s organs working at their most excellent capacity.
  • Water helps with the digestive tract and allows the transfer of meals, resulting in the bowel and urine exit.
  • Water helps flush built-up calcium in rabbit’s blood. This can help stop urinary points and associated points, together with bladder stones.

If your rabbit is not drinking water, the primary fear is dehydration. Different points will comply with go well with as effectively.

If your rabbit doesn’t get sufficient water, it may have issues urinating and defecating, leading to blockages. This can quickly cause a deadly situation.

Fortunately, rabbits are sensible sufficient to know that hydration is essential and can drink on their very own when wanted. Wild rabbits tend to remain close to water sources to ensure constant hydration.

How Long Can Rabbits Go Without Water?

24 hours is the restrict that a rabbit can go without water. If the climate is heating, that is shorter due to the immense hydration desire. It’s worthwhile to decide if your rabbit is receiving some water or no water; each is very totally different.

If your rabbit is drinking some water, however not quite a bit, this isn’t as instantly harmful. However, no water is extra detrimental to your pet.

It’s essential to find out why your rabbit isn’t drinking water, or the consequence might be deadly.

How To Encourage Your Rabbit To Drink Water

Generally, your rabbit might have some encouragement to drink from the water bottle you present them. There are a couple of methods and suggestions to help your rabbit drink stop dehydration.

  • Banana: Try smearing a small quantity of banana onto the sipper to assist in coaxing your pet to drink. However, be sure you wipe the leftover banana off to keep away from it from rotting. As soon as your rabbit is using the bottle by itself, you possibly can cease making use of the banana.
  • Metal vs. Plastic: Get a metallic sipper, ideally than a plastic one. As a result of rabbits having sharp enamel, they’ll injure the plastic.
  • Freshwater: You need to present recent water every day and wash the bottle repeatedly to keep away from bacteria’s progress.
  • Leafy greens: a result of leafy greens present some hydration; the extra you feed them, the higher off they’re about staying hydrated. Make sure you wash your greens and serve them moist.

why is my baby rabbit not drinking water

How Much Water Does A Rabbit Need to Drink?

Instead, a lot goes into figuring out how much your rabbit must drink; similar to people, there’s a specific amount of water to consume for optimum health, relying on your age, gender, and weight. Right here are some things that it’s essential to know earlier than figuring out how a lot of water your rabbit consumes.

  • Bigger rabbits want extra water to remain at optimum well-being.
  • Through the summer season, rabbits must be drinking more, and in the course of the winter, they need to be consuming much less.
  • You and rising rabbits require extra water than older rabbits.
  • The extra your rabbit is lively, the extra must rehydrate is bigger.
  • If your rabbit eats extra dry meals like hay or pellets, they may want different rabbits. If you feed your rabbit extra leafy greens, they already acquire some hydration.

A cheerful and healthy rabbit must be drinking around 10% of its physique weight in water. For instance, if your rabbit weighs four kilos, they need to be drinking 180 ml of water a day.

A cup of water is more excellent than sufficient to maintain your rabbit healthy. Don’t overlook that your pet’s water must be modified and topped off repeatedly to make sure that the water is recent.

How To Rehydrate My Rabbit

That is essential as soon as figuring out your rabbit is dehydrated; you could at all times search your vet if these methods don’t work out. Inserting a bowl of water in the entrance of your rabbit won’t resolve the issue.

This can be a gradual and regular course of and simplest if using a syringe to feed your pet fluids. You’ll be able to decide up a needle sizable sufficient to provide your rabbit from any pet retailer.

You need to fill your syringe with water and place it on the nook of their mouth. Begin by releasing the water in small management bursts. Let your pet swallow and relaxation between bursts.

If your rabbit has points swallowing the water your present, take them to the vet instantly. Your pet requires IV fluids. If you are at this stage, it’s essential to get your rabbit assist.


If your rabbit is just not drinking sufficient water, they’re at risk and lead to essential well-being points. Make sure you watch your pet’s water consumption to ensure that they receive the correct fluids.

If that is an ongoing drawback, you could need to seek the advice of a rabbit-savvy veterinarian about your pet’s well-being.

All the time, pay shut consideration to your rabbit, does he eat correctly, does he drink water each day, does he have power, and many others. Your bunny can not inform you if one thing is incorrect; however, should you observe him daily, you’ll detect any drawback reasonably simply.