Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower?

Cats are identified as curious and observant as their all-seeing eyes watch over their area; however, what’s so fascinating about showers?

Why does my cat watch me shower? Being in the middle of your cat’s consideration means that they’ll observe you round, even to the lavatory. Since showering is a repetitive exercise, your cat may keep you there out of behavior or get attention. Watching your shower may be entertaining because it’s one.

why does my cat watch me shower

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower?

Having your cat stare at you while you’re showering may depart you feeling uncovered or amused as a substitute for unpolluted and refreshed. It may also rely on whether their cat’s face is one in all horror for a few of us.

However, this does appear to be a weird curiosity to have, even for a cat! However, regardless of how unusual, all behaviors have evidence or a minimum of some logic behind them, so let’s see if that is so with shower stalking.

  • To Explore Your Bathroom

Some cat owner retains their litterbox within the bathroom, whereas others choose to maintain that house cat-free. Since that house may be off-limits to some cats, closed doorways are sufficient to spike their curiosity to a different degree.

While you shower may be the one time they get to sneak into the bathroom, and once they do, they may be enthralled by the falling water. You may suppose that every one your cat does is stare at you, but it’s additionally an essential alternative for them to explore a new space, maybe rub their scent on a spot or two.

  • Curiosity

I’m sure I won’t be the primary or the final to use the saying, “curiosity killed the cat,” and whereas the shower won’t kill your cat, it will possibly undoubtedly make them curious.

Bathrooms usually are pretty entirely different from the remainder of the home, and they’ve cool tiles the place your cat can cool down in the course of the summers; they will have attention-grabbing smells from all the sweetness merchandise.

Seeing you bathe may awaken your cat’s curiosity for the water to work. Some cats take pleasure in lying within the sink or bathtub, and some even drink the water because it dribbles or slowly runs on them.

  • It’s Their Hiding Spot

A part of a cat’s healthy environment has a safe house to cover and luxuriate in some alone time, away from the noise and unwanted attention. Some cats choose a cardboard field, others the best shelf, and some search for the consolation of a laundry basket, the sink, and even the bath itself.

A laundry basket is full of their owner’s scent, and the garments additionally create heat and soft spots to put on. It could be an easy behavior and a must to avoid everybody or respond to a stressful situation.

  • Litterbox

I preserve my litterbox within the bathroom because it’s the room much less used, and it’s designed for this type of privacy. My cats appear to love it. However, I face the occasional shower stare, which in my cats’ language is, “I would like to make use of the bathroom, so if you happen to may depart, that will be nice!”

So, if you happen to preserve your litterbox within the bathroom, you’re sure to stumble upon one another. Your cat may even begin meowing to let you recognize that they want some alone time to make their enterprise, all of them while you’re scrubbing yourself clean.

  • They Like The Water

That’s proper, and some cats love working water! They may like to drink it and even bathe in it, and these cats take pleasure in watching. You may find your kitty staring at you while you’re showering.

However, they may be merely trying on the water. If you’re stress-free in a bath, then they may be captivated by the bubbles instead, however too afraid to come back shut, so they merely stare from a distance.

  • It’s Part Of Their Routine

Most cats hate change; however, they love routine, and in case your valuable showering moments interrupt their routine, you may anticipate them to knock on your door or stare at you till you come out of the bathe and fulfill their wants.

If you shower earlier than feeding your cat, it may be their solution to tell you it is best to hurry up or merely wait in anticipation. We would overlook a small detail like that, and however, for cats, a scheduled day is a great day they usually can practice us to observe their lead.

  • Unintentional Positive Reinforcement

Most people with cat owners may see cats as utterly unbiased people; they don’t notice that they’re subconsciously coaching their cats each day.”

You may suppose what does showering has to do with training your cat. However, your response to your cat’s unconventional behavior may have strengthened these habits.

Even if you happen to scold or try to push your cat outdoors of the room, of their thoughts, that is perceived as consideration, and to some, that is higher than nothing!

How To Stop Your Cat Watching You While You Shower?

There are just a few choices for those who feel tοo uncomfortable, along with your cat being stalky while you’re stress-free within the bathe. The one factor worth keeping in mind is that don’t disgrace them for their kinky manner of loving you!

  • Shut Them Out

The primary and most rational method is to shut your bathroom door each time you resolve to take a shower. This might be sufficient for some cats, and they’ll go about their day without many protests.

Then once more, there’s a sure sort of cat that hates closed doorways. I’m conscious of their kind since one in all my fluffballs is strictly that! You’ll still be able to do that technique and ignore your cat’s attainable cries, and they need to get the message with time.

Don’t shout again or give any indicators that you heard them because they’ll understand it as consideration, and their meows will more than likely escalate.

  • Attention

If you choose to keep your door claw-free and you can’t heed your poor kitty crying, then attempt making the bathroom an unappealing place. Put any items they might play with someplace they can’t discover or attain. If they spend their alone time in the laundry basket, you would purchase one with a safe lid or move it to a different room.

Try moving your cat’s feeding schedule earlier than your shower to redirect their consideration or give them some catnip as a substitute. If your cat watches you shower because they anticipate you to play with them, you would even have a closed session earlier than a shower.

Final Thoughts

A cat’s love works in mysterious methods, and I wonder if watching us shower is a part of that mystery. Sure, they may be merely having fun with the humid environment or the sound of the working water; however, do they actually should stare?

Drawing boundaries may be demanding, and that is one most of us would love to ascertain. However, at least now, by knowing the reasons behind this strange behavior, we would have the ability to take action!