Why Does My Cat Bring Me Socks?

Cats could be a bit weird! However, that’s one of many causes we love them! One of many stranger habits that some cats appear to have picked up is casually bringing socks to their homeowners. The internet is stuffed with videos of cats carrying socks around the home and even meowing as they do it!

why does my cat bring me socks

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Socks?

Whereas we can’t know with 100% certainty, it in all probability has one thing to do together with your cat’s natural-looking intuition that drives them to share their “prey” with you with a purpose to educate you how you can hunt. Or it might be so simple as just having enjoyable! 

Let’s dive a little deeper into why some cats may act out this humorous conduct.

Is Helping You Learn To Hunt

Probably the most popular theories on why cats bring owners presents (like socks) are that they’re attempting to help you learn to hunt.

Spayed female cats are probably to deliver gory presents to their owners. However, they’ve their causes.

Cat moms educate their younger ones about eating their meals by bringing residents useless or injured prey within the wild. Home cats aren’t different.

However, in this modern age of spayed home cats, many female felines don’t have any younger ones to whom they should move on their looking knowledge.

In case your cat is indoor solely and doesn’t have entry to wild critter to catch, then your smelly sock is perhaps the following most suitable choice.


Cats deliver us presents of their prey that they’ve killed after killing a mouse, for instance. Some people say that is our kitty’s approach of exhibiting affection because it looked in our standard vicinity and supposedly loved taking down the prey.

Feline Retriever

Describes the unique but not utterly uncommon behavior of the feline retriever. These cats like to bring items from around the home (together with socks) to their owners as a part of a game.

In different phrases, your cat may want to play fetch! Based on Hartwell, this was seen probably the most typically with wool socks, and a few cats would even go as far as to drag them out of the laundry basket!

It was additionally discovered that certain cat breeds had been more prone to be feline retrievers. An informal survey from 1990 found that Siamese cats had been more inclined to want to play fetch, with 35 of the 50 fetching cats coming from oriental breeds.

So next time your cat brings you a sock, strive to toss it away. If you’ve bought a feline retriever, they may deliver it again!

It’s Fun

Whereas every little thing your cat does is influenced by thousands and thousands of years of intuition and evolution, your cat may simply be bringing you socks because it’s fun!

The most play reflects looking conduct, and it could be utterly regular to your cat to hold round prey of their mouth.

Often, cats would deliver prey again to a safer location to safely eat it. It doesn’t imply that your cat needs to eat a sock, but it’s not exhausting to consider that carrying your smelly sock around makes them feel like they’ve captured their next meal. And I’m pretty that feels like an excellent time for a cat!

why is my cat bring me socks

Why Do Cats Like To Lick Your Socks?

To recognize their home, a cat makes use of the vomeronasal organ. This permits them to make identifications of chemicals contained in the air higher.

When a second scent is launched right into a cat’s environment, they could sniff frantically to uncover what precisely it’s they’re smelling.

It’s Probably Not Maternal Instinct

I’ve seen a couple of theories suggesting that that is a part of a cat’s maternal intuition, so they assume that the sock is their child.

This idea still looks like a little bit of a stretch regarding stockings. I haven’t found something to counsel that it is female-only conduct.

Should I Be Worried?

So long as your cat is barely carrying round socks and never trying to eat them, there isn’t something to fret about.

Cats that eat non-food items could also be affected by an uncommon situation known as feline pica. Normally, cats enjoy retrieving socks and aren’t trying to eat them in any respect!

Some cats may also resolve to nurse on socks (particularly wool socks). Although that takes the entire sock retrieval factor to a different weird level until your cat is ingesting non-food materials, try to be okay.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Brings You A Sock?

Behaviors like wool-sucking have been noticed in some cats and are suspected of calming them down.

If your cat is taking issues and shifting them around like socks it might be a predatory intuition, the place the sock is getting used as a substitute for prey that has been killed and introduced again.

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Things?

Cats generally deliver their owners toys and meows because they want unconditional affection. Felines are usually very possessive of their favorite toys.

If they’re presenting you with theirs, odds are they believe you. This will make the conduct fairly a flattering gesture.

Why Do Cats Carry Things In Their Mouth And Meow?

Mom cats typically deliver prey to the nest for their kittens to apply their expertise. After they achieve this, the moms usually announce their arrival to the kittens by meowing with the prey of their mouths. It might be a toy for a kitten instead of actual prey; however, the satisfaction is the same.

Final Thoughts

So why does my cat bring me socks? We can’t know why cats do a few of their issues. However, there’s an excellent likelihood that almost all behaviors mirror their historical past as each hunter and predator.

Carrying a sock round could mimic the hunt and capture of prey. I’m still unsure what this means concerning the cleanliness of your socks!