Why Do Male Cats Have Nipples?

Imagine it or not, a standard query amongst many cat owners is whether male cats have nipples like their feminine counterparts. It could be exhausting to inform beneath all that fur; however, it seems, sure, your male cat does have nipples.

Feminine cats use their nipples to feed their kittens; however, why do male cats have nipples since they don’t must feed their kittens? We’re going to delve into all issues nipple-related as we take a look at why do male cats have nipples, and we invite you to come back alongside us on this journey of discovery with us.

why do male cats have nipples

Why Do Male Cats Have Nipples?

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. Each female and the male cat has from six to eight nipples on its physique, often in even quantities.

The females feed their younger and are extra pronounced about two to three weeks into pregnancy. They may also tackle a dark-pinkish coloration.

Males, alternatively, have them for, properly, no purpose in any respect. That’s proper; a male cat’s nipple serves no function. The nipples are there as a result of the kind within the womb.

When chromosomes decide the gender of the fetus, the event of the male cat’s nipple stops, leaving the little male kitty with ineffective nipples.

What Do Male Cat Nipples Look Like?

Nipples on male cats are very related to non-pregnant female cat nipples. They’re often the identical coloration as your cat’s skin and are usually small and spherical protrusions on the pores and skin.

Typically they might be a little pinker or darker than the encircling skin; however, they typically mix properly with the stomach skin and fur so that you don’t even notice your male cat has them. If you end up petting your cat, you notice he has nipples.

Female nipples are similar to male nipples when they aren’t pregnant. As soon as she turns pregnant, the nipples grow bigger because her physique prepares to create milk for her kittens.

When the kittens are weaned, her nipples could scale back in size. However, they will still be bigger than earlier than being pregnant.

How Many Nipples Do Cats Have?

Male cats have identical nipples as feminine cats, often between six to eight nipples in pairs alongside their stomach. However, identical to feminine cats, some cats could have an odd variety of nipples!

Probably the most attention-grabbing feline nipple factoids cats even have a varying quantity of nipples! Female and male cats usually have between four to ten nipples spaced evenly in two rows on their bellies.

Many cats have a good variety of nipples; however, some are odd. Should you’re dying to know what number of nipples your male cat has, you’ll depend on them!

Can Male Cats Produce Milk?

Even though male cats have nipples, they can’t produce milk. However, they might have nipples (and even mammary glands) identical to other male mammals, and they can’t produce the milk.

Your male cat’s nipples are all for the present in different phrases! Another interesting truth earlier than we get a bit deeper into cat nipples, male cat nipples, and feline anatomy usually: Virtually all cats have a good variety of nipples.

Is There A Scientific Cause Why Male Cats Have Nipples?

When a cat turns pregnant, the egg and sperm meet, forming a zygote, which then begins dividing to grow into an embryo.

All mammals develop nipples through the early phases of embryonic improvement earlier than intercourse because the embryo grows right into a fetus.

However, male kittens will develop small mammary glands that will not produce milk because of testosterone. Feminine kittens’ mammary glands will sometimes produce milk if they have kittens of their lifetime.

do male cats have nipples how many

Swelling Or Lumps On Male Cat’s Nipples

Should you notice swelling or a lump in your male cat’s nipples, check for damage to see if there may be an apparent purpose as to why the realm is infected or enlarged.

If there is no such thing as apparent damage and the swelling doesn’t go away after some days, ebook an appointment together with your vet.

It could be uncommon for your male cat to develop breast most cancer. However, it’s a chance, so a fast checkup on the vet will set your thoughts relaxed.

Why Are My Male Cats Nipples Enlarged?

Male cats’ nipples ought to by no means be distinguished. As discussed above, male cats can develop a medical situation reminiscent of a cyst or tumor.

A catfight might trigger an enlarged nipple if the nipple was scratched through the scuffle, which might lead to an infection. Regardless of the cause, an enlarged nipple is unquestionably priced, taking your feline buddy in for an examination.

Where Are Male Cat Nipples Located?

A male cat’s nipples reside on the stomach in two rows. Should you ever resolve to find them, you won’t feel them that simply. They’re small, and their fur covers them fairly properly.

The nipple will feel and look like a pimple or small bump. The same goes for females. The one time the nipples will probably be simply noticeable is throughout being pregnant, which makes it unattainable to inform the gender of a cat simply by the nipples.

Do Male Cats Nipples Go Away?

Whereas they’ve largely no function, male cats nipples stay for their entire lives. Odds are you most likely won’t ever see them except you examine (in case your tomcat will allow you to), or in uncommon cases if your cat developed a medical situation that has made them distinguished.


Like their feminine counterparts, male cats do have nipples; however, they don’t perform as male cats can’t feed hungry kittens. These nipples are shaped through the embryonic stage earlier than intercourse is set, so that’s the reason all male mammals, together with your cat, have nipples.

Cats can have an odd variety of nipples, so if you’re attempting to find out what number your male cat has, explore his stomach to depend on his nipples and set your inquiring thoughts relaxed.

When you have a male cat, you’re most likely holding him proper now and inspecting his nipples, proper? A few of you cat homeowners might need already recognized this truth; however, we’ve set the file straight for others.