Why Do Cats Put Things In Their Water Bowl?

You’re about to vary your cat’s water, and as an alternative to a clear bowl of water, you discover a little bit cat toy that your feline good friend has ruthlessly determined to drown in their water bowl!

Why do cats put things in their water bowl? It’s almost definitely a result of your cat’s pure instincts, which might drive them to deliver contemporary prey to the security of their nest or, in this case, their water bowl. There’s also a very good likelihood that some cats are simply doing it for enjoyment!

The reason will be a little bit completely different for every cat. So let’s have a look a little bit nearer at why your cat may decide to drop their toys and different items into their water bowl!

why do cats put things in their water bowl

What Type of Things Do Cats Put In Their Water Bowls?

While working in one of many largest shelters within us, it was quite common to see cats put their ping pong balls, towels, or different meals bowls into their water bowls!

After a whole bunch of cats, it turned very clear that was a quite common cat habit even when I by no means noticed the habits in my very own cat.

Why Do Cats Put Things In Their Water Bowl

After scouring the web for each cat-related discussion board, I might discover and ask my cat-owning associates toys are the clear winner. However, particularly small mouse toys with material or fur.

Different people regularly discover twisty ties, small crinkly paper items, and even small bits of meals. However, the cat toy is probably the most generally chosen item for water warehousing!

  • It’s Just Playing Fun!

Cats are well-known for having fun with a very good splish splash within the water bowl. I had so many people inform me about their cats that liked flipping a water bowl that I ended up writing information to the very best cat water bowls that won’t tip over!

Particularly in the event, you see your cat doing extra than simply dropping the merchandise and strolling away.

Many cats, particularly with one thing that floats like a ping-pong ball, will drop it within the water, after which flip it into their very personal carnival sport as they paw, swat, and chew on the floating ball!

  • Your Cat Is Teaching You To Hunt

Okay, this one could be a bit of a stretch; however, there’s a concept on the market that your cat is attempting to show you to hunt, and that’s why they maintain dropping issues within the water bowl.

It probably makes the most sense with feminine cats with maternal intuition. However, domestication can do some humorous issues for animals, so let’s run with it!

  • Your Cat Is A Collector

Is your cat merely an avid collector of all issues human-related? In the wild, cats are usually not recognized for gathering issues; however, many cats are still recognized for collecting gadgets and depositing them in particular places like their water bowl!

So even when it’s unusual in wild cats, some home cats appear to take issues to an intense.

  • It’s A Matter of Convenience

One other concept is that your cat is simply being sensible. In any case, how can your cat probably drink water while holding a toy (or no matter what else they tracked down) of their mouth?

The quick reply is, they can’t! This means some cats could be dropping issues off of their water merely as a matter of comfort!

  • You’re Cat Is Hiding Their Prey

One of the crucial widespread theories is that your cat’s wild instincts are kicking in. They usually really feel the drive to cover their freshly caught prey in a protected place.

Whereas they seemingly don’t have a conventional nest, your cat seemingly considers their feeding space a serious part of their territory and a protected place to maintain their prey.

Whereas this concept appears obvious with toys that mimic traditional feline prey, like a toy mouse, I believe it additionally is sensible when you think about that almost everything is a toy to your cat.

Make Sure The Items Are Water Safe

Whether your cat decides to drop off within the water, be sure that it’s protected as soon as it’s in there.

Whereas there are some apparent gadgets that you wouldn’t need your cat messing with no matter whether they’re placing them in water, you might want to be sure that no matter your cat is dropping into the water isn’t going to interrupt aside and be poisonous to your kitty.

Should You Stop Your Cat From Doing This?

Generally, dropping issues off within the water bowl shouldn’t be an issue, and it’s simply one other cute factor that our cats do. There’s additionally the truth that it might be fairly near not possible to cease your cat from getting their repair of dunking issues.

In any case, you must give your cat water, and it might by no means be price-limiting water to prevent your cat from having some enjoyment within the water bowl.

There’s additionally the possibility that if they can’t use their very own water bowl, they could use one other bowl stuffed with water, and no person desires to go fishing items out of that bowl.

why do cats put food in their water bowl

Make Sure Your Cat Isn’t Eating Items.

In uncommon instances, cats are not going to only decide to gather issues from around the home; however, they decide to eat them.

It is a situation known as pica, and it may be very harmful to cats. Most home items merely aren’t meant to be eaten by anybody, particularly your cat.

Can You Stop Your Cat from Putting Toys in The Water Bowl?

If you are pissed off together with your cat drowning its toys within the water bowl, you have to look for ways to cease these habits. Is it attainable? Sure, with these 4 methods.

  • Ignore the Behavior

If you happen to uncover that your cat deliberately places its toys within the water bowl to seize your attention, ignore them.

Relatively clean up the mess as your cat watches; wait until they’re distracted or asleep. This can send a message that you’re disinterested in the habits.

  • Find More Enrichment for Your Cat

One of the best ways to distract your cat from placing toys in water is by including more toys and enrichment. As well as enhance your interactive playtime to maintain your pet engaged.

  • Keep Water Hygiene

Lastly, cats hardly ever drink dirty water; however, they may play or put objects in it. Due to this fact, change your pet’s water bowl regularly to cease your cat from dropping toys.

  • Restrict Access to the Water Bowl

Alternatively, you may take away the water bowl between feedings. Without the water bowl, the toys are protected from drowning.

However, you restrict entry to the water bowl in the event, ensure your cat stays hydrated.

Final Thoughts

Generally, dropping off toys or weird objects is simply one other cute and quirky behavior that makes us love our cats a lot!

Whereas we’ve laid out those attainable reasons why your cat may make common aqua deliveries, it’s essential to notice that we can’t know exactly why our cats do that for positive.

Unfortunately, we can’t discuss with our cats and ask them easy questions to determine why they do their issues.