Why Do Cats Like Rubber Bands?

I feel that by now, we all know that cats are unpredictable people. You purchase them the softest sleeping bed ever made, and so they’ll still select to sleep within the field it got in.

If your cats are something like mine, the identical goes for toys. I purchase them a fluffy ball; they’ll go for the clothespins. I purchase several catnip-infused mice, so they’ll go for my rubber bands or hair ties as an alternative!

Why do cats like rubber bands? Cats like to hunt string-like and bouncy objects that they will chew. Enjoying rubber bands and hair ties could seem innocent, but when ingested, rubber bands can injure your cat’s intestinal tract and will require surgical elimination. So it’s vital to observe your cat intently or supply different toys.

why do cats like rubber bands

Why Do Cats Like Rubber Bands?

Cats are curious creatures, and you will discover them enjoying probably the most uncommon issues. They will spend hours entertaining themselves with empty bins, paper bags, and even soiled socks! And whereas their love for cardboard bins and paper luggage has been defined, what’s the attraction of hair ties, rubber bands, and scrunchies?

  • Materials

Another potential reason your cat is so fascinated by rubber bands is their chemical substances. Cats have an eager sense of odor, and people have 5 million olfactory receptors that detect aromas, whereas the feline nostril has 45 to 80 million!

This highly effective sense of odor means our cats could be smelling issues in rubber bands or hair ties that we can’t respect. Some plastics produce other chemicals that have interesting smells which might entice cats. Potentially, cats detect an odor that mimics pheromones.

  • Hoarding

Some cats may take pleasure in retaining hair ties and rubber bands as a type of trophy. Cats are opportunistic hunters and have to be able to stalk and catch any prey they uncover by probability – even when they’re not hungry.”

So, while you see a hair tie or rubber band, our cats see an opportunity to seize prey and perhaps even reserve it for later. This meal storing or caching conduct can clarify several uncommon feline behaviors. And as on your poor assortment of hair ties, I’d counsel you to look below the couch because that’s the place I find mine!

  • Stress

Enjoying is a part of a cat’s nature; however, in sure circumstances, completely different stressors can result in your cat exhibiting excessive behaviors that embrace looking, sucking, and chewing on completely different objects.

If you find your kitty exhibiting indicators of extreme chewing on rubber bands and different related objects. Your kitty is likely to be careworn, which is their strategy to self-soothe.

The cat owner ought to attempt to determine environmental or social modifications which will contribute to anxiousness and conduct. Additionally, they counsel that “if a supply of stress or battle might be recognized, then a selected program to resolve these issues might be applied.

  • Feline Searching Instincts

Many people won’t perceive that cats interact in predatory conduct after they play, which is important for their well-being. Due to their dimension, cats within the wild prey on small animals like rodents and birds that they will carry house or devour on the spot.

That’s why cat toys are normally designed to resemble the identical type of prey our feline pals normally go for. These toys are small, they’re tossed around, and if they’re interactive toys, they normally appear like mice or have feathers.

Why Do Cats Eat Rubber Bands?

Although not all cats eat non-edible issues, they may also occur by chance. Most of us have had the disagreeable expertise of unintentionally swallowing a sweet or gum, a minimum of as soon as in our lifetimes.

There are, after all, cats that may find themselves consuming these seemingly innocent little toys purposefully, and it may be useful to know the explanation behind such unreasonable conduct.

  • Destructive Behavior

Rubber bands might be fairly entertaining due to their texture and bouncy nature, and a cat can get misplaced in their looking sport. Cats that are typically a bit more aggressive, particularly throughout playtime, may take pleasure in biting these sorts of stretchy supplies excessively, resulting in partial or full ingestion.

This excessive immersion could be a part of feline damaging behaviors like scratching the furnishings and even attacking your legs as you move by.

In response to vets, one of the simplest ways of placing a cease to such outbursts is making rubber bands inaccessible and less enticing, and spending extra time together with your cat and enjoying with them to stop boredom!

  • OCD

If you’ve seen that your kitty is obsessive about rubber bands and hair ties and that they chase them around your home, lick, and chew on them excessively, it could be an obsessive-compulsive dysfunction.

Some homeowners find themselves reinforcing this conductor in some circumstances trigger it by punishing their cats. It’s additionally potential that your kitty has a couple of manifestations of their OCD.

  • It’s A Kind Of Pica

The explanation is your kitty is likely to be so vulnerable to stealing your rubber bands, hair ribbons, and ties to play with and, in some circumstances, eating them is a sure situation known as pica. This can be compulsive conduct through which your cat will suck, lick, and even devour inedible items.

Malnutrition, Anemia, and boredom have been related to this situation in some circumstances. Eradicating items and sure supplies from your property and redirecting your cat’s conduct with constructive reinforcement may help you manage your cat’s impulses; however, that won’t be sufficient.

How Do I Stop My Cats From Eating Rubber Bands?

Cats might be sneaky, and this stealthy angle could make it troublesome to determine that they’re doing one thing mistaken in the first place.

For new cat owners, this rubber band enthusiasm is likely to be odd conduct to return up towards, and it’d even appear innocent. Still, it’s vital to take care of it earlier than it turns into behavior and your cat finally ends up being hurt.

  • Scale back Your Cat’s Stress

All cats have identical important environmental wants. Unfortunately, many cats reside in houses that lack some key components, resulting in stress-related problems and undesirable behaviors.

So, a good way to attenuate your cat’s undesirable and unsafe behaviors is to search out the foundation of the issue. Several potentialities explain why your kitty enjoys extreme rubber bands, but it’s normally their strategy to feel secure or handle stress with play conduct.

  • Limit Your Cat’s Alternatives

Step one it’s worthwhile to take if you find that your cat has an unhealthy curiosity about rubber bands, hair ties, and any object that may cause injury is to supply them with a secure different. If your cat enjoys chewing, you can try dry food excessive in fiber or dental meals and treats.

  • Schedule A Vet Session

Paying consideration and retaining an observant eye over your cat’s wellbeing. However, a professional can all the time assist.

A skilled vet will have the ability to provide you with customized advice to help you deal with no matter issues that might arise. Common vet visits are very important to your cat’s physiological and psychological wellbeing.

  • Select Safe Toys Instead

So, you’ve taken all needed precautions, and there are not any hair ties, no rubber bands, or different harmful objects your cat likes to nibble on; also, you may surprise how you are going to interchange them?

Toys made for cats can still be unsafe, and in case you resolve to purchase toy mice, make sure that they don’t have any small detachable particulars.

They try to take away plastic eyes, noses, or another half they might swallow if they do. If a toy has feathers, try not to go away your cat alone with such a toy in case they’ll find themselves ingesting them.

Final Thoughts

Having a feline companion will train you to anticipate the sudden and marvel at the unpredictability of your good furry friend! If, as an example, you’re considering that loving rubber bands, hair ties, and ribbons can hide no risks, your cat might be there to show you mistaken.

This goes to point out that being a cat parent is a good responsibility and that we should all the time be vigilant. What’s additionally vital to recollect is that errors can occur, and accidents might comply with; however, a visit to the vet is the perfect determination in these conditions!