Why Do Cats Hate Getting Their Nails Cut?

Opposite to how cats typically yelp, squirm and run away from you if you attempt to lower their nails, trimming a cat’s nails isn’t painful until you clip their nails flawed.

Why do cats hate getting their nails cut? Whereas it will range between entirely different cats, most simply don’t just like the restraint required through the nail cutting process. The method isn’t painful until nails are trimmed too shut; however, it’s weird and traditional expertise to your cat that they only don’t like.

why do cats hate getting their nails cut

Why Do Cats Hate Getting Their Nails Cut?

For those who’ve seen the guides, such as this superb one, you’ll know that you should cut about two millimeters away from the “fast” or the pink part of the nail. If you’re timid, ensure you give the pink of the nail a bit more clearance so that you don’t damage your cat.

Let’s look a bit nearer on the specifics between a number of the commonest reasons why cats hate trimming time!

  • It’s Weird!

Your cat is used to being gently pet on all their favorite spots the ears and perhaps just a few tail pets. Then sooner or later, abruptly, you determine that the one factor you need to do is take a maintain of their toes! Your cat is a bit confused by all this!

Whereas anthropomorphizing our cats could be lousy behavior, it’s not unreasonable to think about how this might play out for people. Imagine if your roommate one day determined that they only had to take a look at your scalp!

Even if you requested them properly, they only saved following you around, trying to look intently at your scalp by your hair. Or much more particularly, what if your roommate needed to trim your toenails!?

That’s an admittedly silly instance; however, the thought is to focus on how uncommon playing together with your cat’s feet will be compared to the conventional interactions you will have. And that’s the primary problem to overcome!

  • You’re Stressed

Whereas it sometimes looks as if every cat is their island of emotion, our feline friends are undoubtedly taking cues from you- a minimum of some times. If you’re approaching the nail cutting course with loads of stress and nervousness, your cat goes to select up on that.

It’s necessary to method the nail trim calmly, even when your cat acts like they’re being kidnapped. No, it will not make your cat relax and embrace the nail trim immediately; however, it may help.

  • It Hurt One Time!

What do cats undergo after getting their nails trimmed, and does it hurt cats to cut them? When it’s executed correctly, nail cutting is painless, and the one discomfort cats face is the expertise of being held for the trimming. Whereas that might be thought of as a type of suffering, the cutting process shouldn’t be painful.

Still, when nails are lower too quick, it may be uncomfortable for cats and, in some instances, downright painful. Each cat nail has one thing referred to as the “fast,” where the nails and blood vessels are situated.

If lower, this can hurt the cat, and the nail will bleed. If your cat has had their fast lower before now, it may be all it takes to make them concerned about the nail cutting process.

  • You’re A Bit Clumsy

Okay, don’t take it personally; however, there’s an opportunity that your general method is only a bit bumpy. That’s entirely okay! It takes observe to shortly and effectively trim a cat’s nails, and in case your feline good friend is an expert at preventing off nail trimmers, then issues are even more challenging.

Restraining cats and different animals for procedures like nail cutting is an actual skill that may take years to develop. When you aren’t environment friendly together with your restraint.

Cats usually tend to squirm and struggle since they do not only know they will get out. However, they are probably not as comfy with the best way you’re holding them.

Should You Hire A Nail Trimming Professional?

If your cat is admittedly pressured around nail trim time, it will make sense to notice a professional. Somebody with plenty of expertise trimming cat claws can get the complete course executed in lower than 30 seconds- that’s not an exaggeration!

Normally, a nail trim out of your groomer will price around $10 to $25. However, the significant downside is that many cats will find the groomer journey more stressful than the precise trimming!

Whereas it might sound a bit unusual, if you call around just a few veterinary practices, there’s the probability you’ll be capable of finding a veterinary technician who’s keen to go to your private home for the nail trim.

It’s not going to price far more than the groomer, and you continue to get all the advantages of an expert. I’ve personally visited supplied this service to some people, and there are additionally reasonably just a few cellular groomers in most bigger cities.

The opposite nice profit right here is that you’ll get an opportunity to see how an expert handles the nail cutting process. You may even get some validation if you see your combative kitty giving them bother too!

How To Avoid Cutting The Quick

Okay, now you are perhaps scared that each nail trim will cut them short. However, don’t be fearful. Fortunately, most cat claws are clear, which suggests you may see the place the fast begins and the site you need to avoid.

Those who look intently inside the yellow circle will see some pinkish stuff inside the nail. That’s short, which is what you need to avoid. The green box offers you a thought of the place you may trim even if you’re entirely inexperienced.

You’ll also find lots of room between that green field and the short. You can keep your cat’s claws comfy and trimmed in different phrases without getting near the quick!

Use Quality Nail Trimmers

Even your cat has by no means skilled the uncomfortable expertise of getting their fast lower, and they still could have had some disagreeable experiences with nail cutting.

Uninteresting, previous, or usually low-quality trimmers can typically make the expertise more uncomfortable because dull trimmers will pull on the nail greater than they lower.

Consider the identical impact that cutting hair or paper with blunt scissors has- as a substitute for really cutting, it simply mangles and pulls no matter what you’re trying to trim.

Final Thoughts

It shouldn’t surprise us that our cats hate getting their nails trimmed. It’s weird expertise and might relatively far exterior the everyday interactions. But when we tackle the precise reasons our cats hate claw trimming and try to attack them, we will be closer to a good trimming time.

A dull trimmer could have an identical impact on the nails. As if that wasn’t sufficient, they’ll additionally drag out the complete process because you should go over the exact nail some occasions over to get the trim executed.