Why Are My Cats Whiskers So Long?

Have you ever spent time with your cat and instantly discovered that their whiskers appear so long!

Why are my cats whiskers so long? Your cat’s whiskers are usually so long as your cat is vast. The truth is one of the leading roles that whiskers play helps your cat perceive whether or not or not they will match by a specific opening. 

Whiskers do much more than help your cat navigate tight areas. Additionally, they help your cat keep balanced, monitor the actions of prey, talk with body language, and defend your cat’s face!

However, if you’ve instantly seen simply how long your cat’s whiskers are, you are likely to be wondering.

why are my cats whiskers so long

Why Are My Cats Whiskers So Long?

Nope, your cat’s whiskers aren’t too long. As a substitute, they’re the proper size since your cat’s whiskers grow in equal proportion to your cat’s width.

For instance, an even bigger cat, like a Maine Coon, may have longer, more comprehensive, and more considerable whiskers to match their larger body.

Whiskers help your cat understand whether they will match by a tight area without having to go throughout. As the guidelines of their whiskers contact the site’s perimeters, it helps them perceive how a lot of room they’ve.

It’s not simply your cat that makes use of whiskers like this. Most animals with whiskers have this means to some extent!

Do Cats Need Super Long Whiskers?

If cat whiskers match the width of your cat, it naturally leads us to wonder if whiskers will grow longer as your cat gets fatter. The quick reply is not any; after seeing and analyzing thousands (and thousands) of fats, chubby cats, I’ve by no means seen any noticeable improvement within the size of the whiskers.

I’ve never seen any scientific proof to counsel whiskers to grow as a cat will get fatter, which makes lots of sense when you consider it.

Despite everything, turning into obese shouldn’t be one thing that your cat’s wild ancestors would have needed to take care of, so the concept that your cat has evolved to compensate for excessive weight achieve wouldn’t make sense.

What Else Do Whiskers Do?

Whiskers do extra than help your cat navigate tight areas! Scientifically talking, whiskers are referred to as vibrissae, and so they comprise particular sensory organs referred to as proprioceptors.

These very delicate receptors consistently give your cat more details about the world around them.

However, whiskers don’t have to be touching an object to do their job. The truth is, they’re so delicate they will genuinely really feel adjustments in air currents around them.

This means they will judge you are coming up from behind earlier than they ever see you! It also offers them an extra edge in detecting the motion of small games like mice and rats!

Whiskers additionally help defend your cat’s face, much like how your eyelashes work. In a fraction of a second, your cat can feel one thing coming in the direction of them and instinctively shut their eyes to defend them!

However, whiskers aren’t all good for the modern housecat. Some meals and water bowls can indeed cause one thing referred to as whisker fatigue.

This happens when your cat’s whiskers must be pressed up once more in the meals or water bowl for lengthy intervals of time. Please keep in mind whiskers are extraordinarily delicate and delicate, and your cat can’t simply flip them off!

Whiskers Can Help You Communicate With Your Cat!

Apart from mainly appearing as the important thing to sensory superpowers, your cat’s whiskers may show you how to perceive what sort of mood they’re in and are a vital part of feline physique language.

When your cat is in a contented or relaxed mood, her whiskers are also in a comfortable place, which is typical once they look the longest!

Consider the instances you’ve seen your cat blinking slowly within the sunshine and the way spectacular her whiskers take a look at that second!

Whereas cats that feel threatened or aggressive may have their whiskers moved barely again and nearer in the direction of their body.

why are my cats eyebrow whiskers so long

Can You Trim Cat Whiskers?

Completely not! Apart from not being needed, eradicating, trimming, or slicing your cat’s whiskers means you’re taking away a significant part of their sensory skills.

Please keep in mind whiskers help your cat do every little thing, from navigating the world around them to defending their face!

What Happens If You Cut A Cats Whiskers?

Trimming or eradicating your cat’s whiskers will make it more durable for them to navigate around tight areas.

Relying on how a lot is minimized or removed might nearly be like eradicating one in all your senses since whiskers accomplish that a lot on your cat!

Whereas a cat that burns their whiskers whereas sniffing a candle too carefully might have a minor inconvenience solely, utterly slicing a cat’s whiskers might cause enormous issues for them.

How Long Do Cat Whiskers Grow?

Whereas there’s no scientific research documenting how long it takes for whiskers to grow, in my expertise, they produce a bit quicker than hair.

So for a new whisker to expand to full size might take some months. This can fluctuate from cat to cat; however, know that whiskers can take a little bit of time to grow again.

Do Cat Whiskers Fall Out?

It’s utterly ordinary for whiskers to be growing and falling out regularly. So except you instantly see a lot of whiskers instead on the ground (sufficient you could find your cat is lacking whiskers), there’s, in all probability, not a lot to worry about.

How Is Old A Cat By Their Whiskers?

Whiskers aren’t a dependable option to gauge a cat’s age, except they’re much less youthful than a couple of months or geriatric.

That’s as a result of whiskers usually growing to match the width of your cat. As a substitute, checking a cat’s tooth and dental put on is a way more dependable option to estimate their age.

Still, kittens below a couple of months of age won’t have real progress of their whiskers, and older cats might have some grey whiskers; however, that alone isn’t sufficient to precisely or dependable guess the age of a cat.

How Many Whiskers Do Cats Have?

The precise quantity of whiskers will fluctuate from cat to cat however most cats have 12 whiskers throughout four rows on every one of their cheeks. Additionally, they have whiskers above their eyes, on their chin, and even on their legs!

The association and size of whiskers differ not solely between particular person cats but also between breeds. The Devon Rex, for instance, is thought for its short, curly whiskers and the truth that they’re nearly bald.

Final Thoughts

Whiskers are simply one other fascinating factor about our cats. Whereas they make our cats look attention-grabbing and distinctive, they do much more than merely look cool! Now you already know not solely why your cat’s whiskers are so long but additionally what they do!

Long whiskers are typical in more giant breeds like Maine Coons or Ragdolls. It’s a cat’s cheat sheet’ for locating whether or not she will match into tight areas like a fence gap or cracked door without turning into trapped.

However, abnormally short whiskers will be regarding. Widespread causes like roughhousing or more grooming are likely to be harmless at first. However, your kitty might feel disoriented, make perilous leaps, or topple over from dizziness.