What to Feed Baby Rabbits Without a Mother?

Baby rabbits depend on their mothers’ milk in the early interval of their life, the primary twenty days for the start. Rich in antibodies, mom’s milk helps defend baby bunnies from illnesses. However, what to feed baby rabbits and not use a mother?

Kitten Milk Replacer with whipping cream and acidophilus makes one of the best components for babies. Goat milk will be blended too. Lyophilized colostrum can also be confirmed to assist little bunnies. Regular meals ought to be given to rabbits with open eyes. Water will be added regularly.

This reply is smart for experienced keepers. For new caregivers, there’s a lot to study due to easy mistakes within the alternative of meals that might endanger the lives of newborns.

what to feed baby rabbits without a mother

What to Feed Baby Rabbits Without a Mother?

Baby rabbits depend on milk to survive. Although mother rabbit only feeds her babies as soon as a day, her calorie-heavy milk is sufficient to satisfy their hunger.

If a rabbit’s mother cannot feed her offspring, you’ll discover a nutritious substitute for the natural milk. It would help if you stuck with a strictly liquid for the baby rabbits for the primary two weeks after a rabbit’s start.

Ideally, go for milk components to compensate for the shortage of vitamins attributable to their mom’s absence.


Water is important for people and animals alike. Preserve your baby rabbits hydrated with unending water provided throughout the day.

You can too use a dangling bottle contained in the cage so these rabbits who’ve grown sufficient to be self-sufficient can feed themselves water.

This may make sure that your rabbit by no means stays thirsty, even without your fixed supervision.

  • Goat Milk

Goat milk is an effective substitute for formulation in case you’ve run out of powder milk or when you desire that your bunny has a more pure food plan.

In contrast to most different forms of animal milk, goat milk incorporates decreased fat, protein, sugar, and lactose content material.

Goats are additionally handled with fewer hormones than animals like cows, which implies their milk is much less likely to have dangerous components.

Consequently, many experts consider that goat milk is much less upsetting for a rabbit’s tummy and has a decreased likelihood of inflicting an adverse response.

Although bunnies can tolerate goat milk, it doesn’t essentially make a rabbit-safe various. You need to try mixing it in components or different homemade dietary supplements to dilute the milk earlier than feeding it to your baby rabbits.

  • Replacement Milk Formulas

Baby bunnies depend on their mom’s milk. With this supply of vitamins gone, the rabbits that don’t substitute for milk will get malnourished and weak.

However, rabbit milk incorporates many vitamins, and it’s positively no easy feat to search out an alternate.

So, when you’re adopting the baby rabbits, seek a substitute milk component that consists of a fair share of fats, protein, and energy to learn the kittens.

Usually, it is strongly recommended that you purchase a Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR) out of your local pet retailer or a veterinarian clinic.

What to Feed Wild Baby Rabbits without a Mother

Generally, wild rabbits go away their nests in plain sight. Should you discover a kitten of bunnies struggling to outlive as a consequence of lack of meals, chances are you’ll feel like it’s a must to act promptly and grow to be their knight in shining armor.

However, this urge can result in many irreversible penalties.

  • If a mother rabbit sees a disturbed nest, it could abandon the babies.
  • Wild baby rabbits can die from sudden touches cause as they sense it as a hazard and get anxious.
  • You may get severe diseases and infections.
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How to Feed Baby Rabbits?

Feeding baby rabbits depends on how many weeks it has been since their start. Utilizing syringes and droppers might be simpler for newborns than using spoons or bottles.

When your rabbit has grown older than two weeks, you can begin utilizing a bottle to feed them milk replacements.

  • Syringes and Droppers

You will have to buy syringes or droppers for toddler rabbits to feed them. Because the kittens are so younger, they’re unable to sip from the bottle comfortably.

One other profit of kits like syringes and droppers is that you can manage the quantity of milk you’re feeding the babies.

When feeding baby rabbits by way of devices like a syringe, it’s a must to be further cautious not to put the syringe contained in the rabbit’s mouth.

It would help if you let the tip keep close to its mouth and push out managed drops of heat milk from the syringe.

Let the baby rabbit odor the milk and familiarize itself with the style. This could take a while for baby rabbits that their mom has beforehand fed.

  • Bottle-Feeding

You can swap to a milk bottle when the baby rabbits have grown somewhat. Ensure that only purchase a specialist animal feeding bottle from a pet retailer or a specialist vet.

Before feeding them the bottle, wrap the rabbit in a comfortable towel to make them feel snug. Keep away from letting the baby rabbits lay down when you’re feeding them, as this place can flood their lungs.

As an alternative, it’s higher to carry the rabbit upright in your fingers and luxury them. Subsequent, try to familiarize your rabbit with the bottle nipple by inserting it within the nook of its mouth.

Don’t let it chew on it, as this may grow to be a dangerous behavior. As soon as the rabbit accepts the bottle, feed the milk slowly to keep away from overflowing and choking your treasured child bun.

what to feed baby rabbits without mother

How Often Should You Feed Baby Rabbits?

Aside from the standard and amount of the milk, you additionally must be aware of what number of occasions per day you’re feeding the baby rabbits.

The quantity and frequency of meals are vital for rabbits. Grown rabbits are munchers that desire to chew on meals all day.

However, elevating child rabbits would require you to find a balance between offering enough vitamins and unintentionally overfeeding.

For the preliminary six weeks of milk feeding, you need to plan out what number of milliliters of milk you need to feed the kittens, relying on their age.

  • For baby rabbits lower than every week, it is strongly recommended that you give them to round two milliliters of milk components twice a day.
  • When the rabbits cross one week, you possibly can up the amount to about seven millimeters.
  • At two to 3 weeks, child rabbits will require double quantity, so around 13 millimeters is suggested.
  • 13 to 15 millimeters of milk is enough for rabbits until they attain six weeks. The rabbit might attempt to wean off milk bottles at this level, so try feeding it regular meals easy on their tummies.
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What to Avoid Feeding Baby Rabbits Without a Mother?

Rabbits are very delicate to food plan changes. Before you introduce them to any meals, make sure that it’s one thing you possibly can preserve feeding them for months to return.

Additionally, some meals may be harmful when given in extreme amounts. At all times, watch out for the components you’re feeding your child rabbit as it may affect its development.

  • Cow Milk

A cow’s milk might include powerful hormones, lactose, blood, pus, and in some instances, traces of medicine and antibiotics.

Typically, rabbits have a sensitive abdomen and digestive system. You may think about how worse cow milk will be for new child rabbits.

Feeding cow milk to baby rabbits should be discouraged because it has many well-being dangers. In some severe instances, it could even cause the loss of life of the small bunnies.

  • Excessive Dry Foods

Overfeeding pellets can result in severe health issues similar to weight problems and GI tract points for each baby and grownup rabbit.

Even when it looks like your baby rabbit is having fun with the style of pellets and greens, it’s a must to restrict their consumption and provide them milk and hay as a substitute.

  • Defecation and Urination

If your rabbit is just not ten days previous or hasn’t opened its eyes, you might need to assist them to go the bathroom.

You can do this by wetting a cotton ball with heat water and gently stroking the genital and anal area of the rabbit till it poops or pees.

Whereas this can be a frightening job for new pet house owners, it’s a must to do not forget that you’re simply taking up the position of the rabbit’s mother. So, that is simply half and parcel of being a new mom!

Final Thoughts

The preceding few months are vital for a rabbit’s long-term well-being. At this stage of their improvement, they require nutritious milk and meals to keep up healthy bones and build physique mass as they develop and attain maturity.

In case your baby rabbits don’t have a mother to take care of them, you’ll step in and make sure that they eat good meals every single day.

To conclude, caring for newborn rabbits, whether wild or home, takes careful consideration similar to some other newborn animals like kittens or puppies.

Any negligence or carelessness can have an unfavorable influence and even end in death. Ensure that you’re ready and have carried out enough analysis to grow into your pet bunny’s responsible and loving owner.