What Are Baby Rabbits Called? What You Need to Know!

Baby rabbits are lovable. They’re tiny, fluffy, and floppy-eared. Their fur is gentle, and so they have little cotton-puff tails.

Once you see one, your first intuition might be to exclaim over how cute the little bunny is. Nonetheless, child rabbits usually are not known as bunnies!

What are baby rabbits called? Baby rabbits are known as kittens! Generally, they’re known as kits or kitties; however, the right identity for a child rabbit is a kitten.

Learn to be taught more about the place the phrases rabbit, bunny, and kitten got here from. In addition to extra attention-grabbing terminology, it’s best to know when talking about rabbits.

what are baby rabbits called

What Are Baby Rabbits Called?

The usual “official identify” for child rabbits is “Kittens”. This has given rise to different names for child rabbits like “Kits” or “Kitty”.

However, some of the widespread names we use globally for child rabbits are “bunnies” or “bunny”.

Whereas words like “kitty” and something that begins with Equipment come as a corrupted type of the unique identifier for baby rabbits “kittens”, the bunny has fairly an interesting historical past.

Where Did the Term “Bunny” Come From?

Earlier than the 18th century, rabbits had been known as coneys. The period for younger coneys was rabbits. However, that identity started to take over in reputation. By the 18th century, the rabbit was the broadly used identify for these creatures.

It’s believed that the period bunny is a leftover mispronunciation of coney. The identify bunny was additionally a preferred remember used to seek advice from a younger lady.

One other story of the origin of how the phrase bunny exploded in reputation pertains to the Easter vacation. The story of the Easter bunny laying eggs for youngsters was initially known as an Easter hare.

However, it was felt that the identified Easter hare was not interesting or cute sufficient, so it was modified to the Easter bunny.

Whichever is the true origin, it’s plain that the period bunny is way more broadly used when referring to baby rabbits than the phrase kitten. Rabbits are thought-about kittens for the preceding nine months of their lives. After this, they’re grown, adults.

Interesting Rabbit Terminology

There are a lot of attention-grabbing phrases used to explain rabbits, hares, and their environments. A few of these include:

  • Lagomorph: Rabbits are mammals that belong to the household lagomorph. Hares additionally belong to the identical family.
  • Hare: A hare isn’t the identical factor as a rabbit. Hares are bigger and have longer ears. Their again legs are additionally longer than these of a rabbit. Hares’ coats change color with the season. They’re gray or brown in hotter months and white within the winter. As a substitute for burrowing into the bottom like rabbits, hares desire to remain on the floor and conceal much vegetation.
  • Doe: A doe is a grownup feminine rabbit.
  • Buck: A buck is a grownup male rabbit.
  • Dam: The dam refers to the mom of a selected group of kittens.
  • Sire: The sire is the father of a selected group of kittens.
  • Warren: A warren refers back to the linked collection of tunnels underground, the place a gaggle of rabbits lives. Inside this collection of tunnels are small pockets known as burrows. The warren gives safety and a spot to sleep for the group of rabbits. They spend the daytime right here and are most lively above the floor at dawn and nightfall. Warrens can lengthen so far as 10 ft below the bottom and might be over 100 ft in width, relying on the variety of rabbits within the group.
  • Burrow is a small chamber in a warren linked to different caves by tunnels. It’s usually between 1 and a pair of ft excessive. Rabbits use their burrows to sleep in the day. The dam may also nurse her kittens in her burrow. They’ll typically line the hole with hair plucked from their very own stomachs and go away, and grass carried in from outdoors.
  • Fluffle: A gaggle of rabbits is named a fluffy. It may also be known as a colony or herd. These teams normally have between 6 and 12 grown adults and are led by one dominant male or feminine. The group is understood to guard each other by alerting others about predators and different risks. Relying on the species, they could have a miserable name or thump their feet as a warning. Rabbits tend to stay near the warren so that it’s straightforward for them to run again underground after they sense hazard.
  • Nest: A gaggle of kittens is known as a nest, a kindle, or a litter. Most rabbits have 2 to six kittens per nest. However, they can have as many as five nests per year! The rabbit has a really quick gestation interval of 28 to 31 days, which permits several nests every year.

what are baby rabbits called kittens

How Did Baby Rabbits Get Different Names?

Bunny is a well-known identify used for child rabbits, largely utilized by kids. That is the commonest and casual identify baby rabbits are referred to.

However, concerning the origin of the phrase bunny, the bunny was previously used to explain a younger girl (rightly or wrongly!). Over time, it was tailored to seek advice from younger, cute and small animals like rabbits, and now baby rabbits fully personal this identify.

The phrase bunny also has another historical past within the 18th century.  The widespread phrase used to call rabbits be it from adults to child rabbits had been “Coney”. The identity “coney” was mispronounced as “cunny”.

This mispronunciation, together with the rise of a phrase that sounds just like “Coney”, which was popularly used for vulgarity, meant individuals averted using the word coney to seek advice from rabbits.

People tried different rhyming and different names and at last “coney” turned to “bunny”. However, throughout this time, “bunny” was used to call each baby and grownup rabbits. Whereas now it’s mainly used for referring to baby rabbits.

As one other shock, some additionally say the phrase ”Rabbit” in reality was used to name “baby rabbits” for “younger hares” and never grownup rabbits.

One way or the other, alongside the best way, these phrases have been recognized to modify, and now “rabbits” are the widespread phrases for this animal, be it for adults or younger ones. baby rabbits are famously known as “bunny”.

How Are Rabbits Called For Different Ages?

A rabbit stays a baby till it grows to around nine months, after which it turns into a grownup. Rabbits stay adults till 4-5 years of age, and when they get older, they turn into aged rabbits!

Common rabbits dwell as much as 10-12 years of age. When taking the names for rabbits on the whole for referring to men and women, the females are known as “does” and males are known as” bucks”.

The mom rabbit is named “The Dam” when taking parent rabbits, and the father rabbit is called “The Sire”.


The historical past behind how the baby rabbit obtained its identity is interesting, if not completely clear. After studying this text, you know that the child rabbit is named a kitten, not a bunny.

You additionally know that it’s a part of a fluffle and has a dam and a sire. The kitten lives in a warren and sleeps with its brothers and sisters in a burrow.

Now you’ll be able to impress your friends on the subsequent trivia nighttime along with your intensive data of rabbit terminology!