Pet Feeder with Voice Message Recording

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The Automatic Timed Cat Dog Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

The Automatic Timed Cat Dog Pet Feeder Food Dispenser is a real help for people who love pets and are always on the go. One problem with being always on business trips or going to work is having a pet left at home. Sadly these people always worry about who will feed their pet while they are away. Finding somebody to take care of the feeding while the owner is away is not always that easy. Now, this is where the Automatic Timed Cat Dog Pet Feeder Food Dispenser becomes really useful.

Programmed Meal Size And Time

This pet feeding device is really amazing. The pet feeding machine is programmable to dispense 1-12 cups food at selected meal mode every day. You can set the time of the meal and the size of the meal. Plus, an added feature is a large LCD display where it shows the current time, the meals programmed, meal time and size. The owner can have the option to record their own voice to call the pets every meal time.

Feel Secured 

Pet owners can now focus on their work and feel secure that their pet at home will have a wonderful meal and on time. This is a great relief knowing that your pet is okay. Therefore, if you want to get rid of your worries about your pets, might as well have this fascinating pet feeding machine.

Type: Dogs
Item Type: Food Storage
Applicable Dog Breed: Universal
Volume: 5L
Material: Plastic