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SPECIFICATION - Adopts DC micro-motor to control, high quality plastic material is safe and durable to use, also environmental friendly. Compact size and space-saving food dispenser that is installed above your fish tank. A helpful fish feeder for you and your aquatic pets.

TIME SETTING - The feeder is with large capacity, you can set the timer(12/24 hour) by yourself. Feeding switch "SET" key is the setting key. Press the "SET" key until the "I" key lights. It means that the feeding start immediately once and restart after 24hs. Still press the "SET" key until the "II" key lights. It means that the feeding start immediately once and restart after 12hs. The "ON/OFF" key is power switch. (More details please refer the picture.)

FEEDING AUTOMATICALLY - Our food dispenser can feed your pet fish automatically for flake, pellet and tablet food. Adjustable switch is convenient for you to adjust the food outlet according to the fish needs. Keep your fish well-fed and having regular meals when you are home or not. Feeding for healthy fish and no more worries.

LOW POWER COMSUMPTION - The feeding machine is powered by 2pcs 1.5V AA batteries( not included ), low consumption and easy to operate, even it continuously works for several days.

PACKING QUANTITY - 1 x Fish Feeder, 1 x Screw Holder, 1 x Sucker Holder, 1 x User Manual. Simple installation and installation. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question when you use it.

product manual: 

This product uses high-tech micro-DC motor, with advanced micro-computer design of high-strength engineering plastic 
shell combination, safe and reliable but also according to your needs, choose 12 hours, 24 hours timer turned by 
micro-motor driven bucket rotation, automatic delivery Fish materials save time, no one at home when you go out for 
business to help you a lot, allowing you to easily fish, the use of human design, each flip finish barrel mouth 
automatically restore the upward status to prevent damp fish . 
Multiple installation methods, the same applies to the finished product cylinder (with lid cylinder) 
1, this product can not be immersed in water. 
2, can not grasp the bucket forcibly reversed. 
3, lack of electricity must be replaced with a new battery.



Material: ABS 
Size: Length 16cm; Width 8cm; Height 6cm 
weight: 220g 
capacity: 60g 
Color: as picture

Number of gears: 2,4
Volume: 200g
LCD Display: Yes
Type: Dogs
Min Output: 5 g
Max Output: 15 g
Voltage: None
Type: Fish Feeding
Power Source: Batteries

Scope of supply:
1 * Feeder Aquarium

How to use 
1 Open the battery cover and insert two 1.5V batteries (not included) into right. 
2 Remove the food tank, place the fish food into the tank, and then press the tank again, open the tank switch. 
3, According to install your needs, the staple. 
4, Press "on" to connect the power supply, the switch indicator flashes. 
5 Press to select the "set" mode. If you want to automatically feed your fish for 24 hours once you press the "set" button, which lights up "Power" indicator and the "I" indicator flashes.
6. If you want to feed fish at once, hold the "set" button for 3 seconds and the fish feeder will automatically be fed.

1, This product can not be immersed in water. 
2, can not be forced to turn the hopper by hand. 
3, When the power is not enough, you have a new battery replaced werden.Hochfeste technical plastic housing combination, safe and reliable. 
3 shuttle modes: mode 1, 1 time in 24 hours; Mode 2, 1 time in 12 hours; Mode 3, manual rotation, long press "Set". 
In the humanized design of the tipping bucket is automatically after each feed in its upper position is reset to prevent the fish feed is moist. 
Easy to install, two bases either, Glaschassisadsorption and glass frame holder.
Just open the cover to change the food, suitable for all types of fish food, and you can adjust the spout.