Natural Sources of Taurine for Cats

Taurine is an amino acid that’s an essential part of any cat’s food regimen. It’s particularly beneficial for coronary heart health, but it will also be used to spice up platelet creation and retinal function.

Natural sources of taurine for cats | Sadly, many business meals are missing in Taurine, leaving it to involved cat owners to determine a solution to make up the distinction.

Provided that taurine deficiency could cause all the pieces from blindness to irregular skeletal development, you must make entirely sure your kitty is getting sufficient of their diet.

natural sources of taurine for cats

Top 7 Natural Sources of Taurine for Cats

Luckily, there are various pure sources of Taurine in cat food that you would be able to feed your cat to maintain them healthy and higher nonetheless, lots of them are issues that cats find irresistible.


Chicken is a superb source of Taurine. However, not all components of the hen are equally good. The legs and liver are your most good bets, as they’re filled with Taurine and different vital amino acids.

You possibly can skip hen fats or pores and skin, although those components are entirely missing in Taurine. It’s only present in muscle tissue (however, your kitty will still doubtless recognize the prospect of scarfing down the taurine-free components).


Most shellfish are loaded with Taurine. However, shrimp and clams have more significant than other animal supplies. You may also give your cat krill and scallops if they eat them.

Nonetheless, you need to be conscious that shellfish doesn’t have a lot else going for it, nutritionally talking. Because of this, it ought to only be fed as a taurine complement, and it should by no means kind the majority of your cat’s food regimen.


All beef has some taurine in it. However, the inside organs are the most significant sources within the animal. The guts and liver are swimming in it, so ask your butcher for a few of their less-requested cuts.

One benefit of feeding your cat these organs is the truth that they’re typically giant so that you will get worth on your cash. A single beef coronary heart might feed your cat for several meals.


Eggs have pretty a little bit of Taurine, however like shellfish, they don’t have all the opposite nutritional vitamins and minerals that cats want to remain healthy. They need to be fed as a deal with or complement solely.

Only serve your cat-cooked eggs, although raw eggs might be full of salmonella. If you want to give your cat a bit further moisture of their diet, however, a runny egg generally is a good selection.


Darkish meat from lamb has a good quantity of Taurine. However, there’s lower than you’d discover in a number of the different sources on this record.

Given how rather more costly lamb is than, say, chicken, you’re in all probability higher off going with another choice. However, if you get the chance to feed your cat some lamb, go for it, their coronary heart will be thanked.


Many varieties of fish provide plenty of taurines, which is simply one of many causes that fish is such a staple of many cat meals. Unlike a number of the different substances proven right here, fish often has all the pieces that your cat wants from a dietary standpoint.

The very best kind of fish to feed your cat from a taurine standpoint is whitefish. Tuna and cod are also excellent; however, nearly any commercially offered fish will do.


Like hen, turkey is stuffed with Taurine; however, stick with the darkish meat. It has considerably extra Taurine than chicken, so the legs and thighs are your most good bets.

You also need to give your kitty the inner organs, if you will get your hands on them, particularly the heart and liver.

Don’t Skimp on the Taurine.

It could not get as much press as protein and different essential amino acids; however, Taurine is critical to your cat’s health. Your cat must contact plenty of it if you’d like them to stay around for some time.

Fortunately, Taurine is generally present in animal sources, so that you shouldn’t have any situation convincing your cat to extend its consumption.

Taurine is an amino acid that’s important in a cat’s food regimen because they can’t synthesize it adequately like most different mammals. The feline coronary heart, platelets, and retina require Taurine for each structure and performance.

Your cat’s liver, gallbladder, central nervous system, skeletal muscle tissues, and bones also make the most of Taurine, which could help in electrolyte stability.

Taurine deficiency may lead to:

  • Retinol degeneration resulting in imaginative and prescient impairment or blindness
  • Dilated cardiomyopathy resulting in coronary heart injury, enlargement, or failure
  • Infertility
  • Impaired fetal improvement
  • Irregular skeletal growth
  • Fur loss
  • Tooth decay

Manufactured cat meals are required by the Association of American Feed Management Officers to be supplemented with artificial Taurine.

With homemade cat meals changing into extra frequent, concern and consciousness of the critical amino acid Taurine for cat diets has elevated.

A Quick Observe About Solubility

Taurine is very water-soluble. That signifies that if you prepare dinner meat that comprises Taurine, the water will evaporate, taking the Taurine with it.

Because of this, if you want to give your cat probably the most taurine attainable, then serving them uncooked meat is one of the best ways to take action.

However, some meats aren’t protected for cats to eat without being cooked, so verify along with your vet earlier than you give your cat something uncooked.

We Suggest Natural Sources of Taurine for Cats

  • Shellfish: Wonderful sources of Taurine, with excessive ranges in clams, scallops, krill, and shrimp.
  • Fish: Coldwater fish resembling sardines or salmon are lovely, pure sources of Taurine that cats love.
  • Meat: All meat comprises Taurine, with darkish poultry meat among the most acceptable sources.
  • Eggs
  • Pure Taurine dietary supplements appropriate for cats: Contemporary or low-temperature dried seaweed, freeze-dried krill, and brewer’s yeast. Our cat is fed each freeze-dried krill, and seaweed/algae combine frequently.

Because Taurine is a free amino acid, it’s misplaced with cooking (over 50%). If meat should be cooked, make it as ‘uncommon’ as attainable, searing the surface to lock within the juices.

Keep away from cooking in water. We advocate heating fish to protected temperatures (140°F) to kill parasites or use freeze-dried seafood.  Opposite to fashionable perception, freezing is not a dependable technique of killing parasites and their eggs.

Those who feed their cat a wide range of raw meat shouldn’t have to fret about Taurine deficiency because of inadequate consumption. If your cat’s homemade diet is primarily cooked, specialists advocate including a Taurine complement.

Final Thoughts

Taurine dietary supplements for cats are comparatively inexpensive, and the cash we save in veterinarian bills by way of optimum health greater than pays for itself. We’re additionally rewarded with a wholesome, long-lived feline good friend.

There are manufactured Taurine dietary supplements obtainable, particularly for cats. Some mixed pure cat nutritional supplements also include smaller Taurine quantities, resembling the favored Life Extension Cat Combine.

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