How To Tell If Your Guinea Pig Is Pregnant?

Whether you are attempting to breed guinea pigs or you might have unknowingly allowed your guinea pig to get pregnant, there are just a few signs to the point that it’s certainly a positive being pregnant.

How to tell if your guinea pig is pregnant? We’ll talk about these, and likewise, just a few different things you may have to find out about pregnant guinea pigs.

how to tell if your guinea pig is pregnant

Can Guinea Pigs Get Pregnant Early and Easily

Guinea pigs mature early in some ways. When they’re born, they’re born with hair, enamel, and the ability to stroll around. They will even eat solid meals shortly after beginning.

Guinea pigs can become particularly sexually mature early for animals. Male guinea pigs must be separated from the females as early as three weeks previous, and feminine guinea pigs must be bred earlier than they’re seven months old.

With all this mentioned, don’t be stunned in case your guinea pig falls pregnant, whereas she nonetheless appears younger to you.

Additionally, don’t be stunned if she will get pregnant proper after giving beginning, as feminine guinea pigs go into warmth proper after they provide birth.

When is the Best Age to Breed Guinea Pigs?

In case you want to breed your guinea pig, the very best time to breed is earlier than your feminine turns 7 months old. Earlier than this age, your feminine guinea pig nonetheless can widen her pelvis properly earlier than birth.

After seven months, this function doesn’t work as nicely. So, when it’s time to present beginning, and your piggy’s pelvis can’t get greater, she and her infants can die from beginning problems until a cesarean is carried out.

6 Signs Your Guinea Pig is Pregnant

Now that we’ve answered some fundamental guinea pig being pregnant questions, we’re going to undergo the signs of being pregnant in guinea pigs.

Early on, there aren’t many, but when you realize your piggy’s habits nicely, you may have the ability to inform.

Female Guinea Pig Has Been in Contact with an Intact Male

Most likely, probably the most telling signal of being pregnant in your feminine guinea pig is in shut contact with an unneutered male not too long ago. Male guinea pigs (also known as boars) are sexually energetic at

Three weeks. However, they can’t go through a neutering process until they are four months old. Because of this, males should be separated from females till the process can be carried out.

Take into account that a boar can get a female (often known as a sow) pregnant even after being neutered. It’s because they will still be fertile for just a few weeks after the surgical procedure.

Gaining Weight

The primary bodily signal of being pregnant shall be weight gain. You could not have the ability to inform immediately simply by your guinea pig, although.

When you’ve got the behavior of weighing her daily (perhaps you’re preserving an eye fixed out for pregnancy), you’ll notice it early on as just some grams of weight achieve every day.

However, by the time they’re prepared to give beginning, they might have doubled in weight.

Eating and Drinking More

Weight gain occurs when your guinea pig eats extra. This can be one in every one of your first indicators of being pregnant.

For those who give your piggy a various food regimen of pellets, fruits, and veggies, she could favor the vitamin C-rich ones whereas pregnant, as they want extra of this nutrient throughout this time.

One other signal of pregnancy is ingesting extra water. You could notice that it’s a must to refill the water bottle more often than standard, and this might imply little ones are on how.

Take care that your guinea pig doesn’t eat an excessive amount of and achieve an excessive amount of weight throughout being pregnant.

Toxaemia is frequent in guinea pig pregnancies, and fat sows are more dangerous. This could occur in first and second pregnancies.

Bigger Stomach

At first, you won’t have the ability to inform the distinction in your pregnant guinea pig’s rising stomach.

In a while, the being pregnant (by day 50-60), although, you’ll notice that the stomach is getting greater.

This shall be due to the creating infants inside and the additional weight being placed on.

You Can Feel the Babies

Typically in pregnant guinea pigs, you may feel the miniature piglets forming within the mom. With one hand and without using pressure, gently really feel the sides of your sow.

If there are piglets, it is possible for you to feel little lumps. This will also be carried out by gently holding your piggy by the shoulders with one hand and feeling her stomach with the opposite.

It might be clever for those who do feel lumps to take your guinea pig to the vet to check for being pregnant.

If she shouldn’t be pregnant and has lumps, it may imply a severe health drawback. Both approaches, it’s a good suggestion to your vet to test it out in both cases.

Widening Pelvis

Hours earlier than birth, and in case your guinea pig is youthful than seven months previous, her pelvis will widen to give beginning to the babies. It should get a minimum of an inch wide, perhaps wider.

As we discussed beforehand, if your sow is older than seven months, you’ll need to take caution and have your guinea pig go through a cesarean part.

how to tell if your guinea pig is pregnant at home

Next Steps for Your Guinea Pig is Pregnant

Now that you’re virtually positive your guinea pig is pregnant, you’ll need to do just a few issues to make sure she has a healthy and smooth pregnancy:

Take Your Guinea Pig to a Vet

Step one whenever you suspect pregnancy is to take your piggy to a vet that focuses on small rodents.

The vet will have the ability to carry out an ultrasound to find out what number of babies your sow will deliver, rule out any problems, and instruct you on what to do subsequently.

Provide Quality Meals and A lot of Water

Pregnant piggies will want plenty of meals and water. Along with refilling her water bottle with recent water day by day.

You’ll need to supply her with nutritious meals like grass hay, leafy veggies, fruits wealthy in vitamin C, high-quality pellets, and, for those who’d like, lucerne hay for an additional protein increase.

Separate Her from the Males at Birth

As soon as the babies are born, it’s a good suggestion to immediately separate the dad from the mother and babies.

It’s because your sow can get pregnant virtually instantly after birth, which might mean back-to-back pregnancies for her and may very well be exhausting on her health.

Additionally, the babies attain sexual maturity early too, so it’s attainable for the dad to impregnate the feminine babies.

For that reason, earlier than the piglets attain Three weeks previously, separate the female and male babies nicely.

Final Thoughts

When you’ve found that your piggy is pregnant, we hope our article has been useful to you.

Though guinea pigs can have extra sophisticated births, for those who comply with your vet’s directions, you may be positive to have a healthy mother and infants by the point the birth rolls round.