How to Store Dry Cat Food Long Term?

If you see your cat’s favorite brand of dry food on a too good to be true provide, then it may be tempting to top off on just a few extra bags than regular.

So long as you may have someplace to retailer the other food, this can be a nice thought! Everyone knows our cats may be fussy, and there’s nothing worse than coming house to seek out that you’ve run out of their most popular brand.

how to store dry cat food long term

How to Store Dry Cat Food Long Term

Realizing how to accurately retailer dry cat meals for a very long time means you possibly can hold just a few additional bags in reserve without having to fret about them going dangerous.

In case you’re already stocking up on store-cupboard necessities for your loved ones, then don’t overlook the pets! By figuring out how to store their meals accurately.

You possibly can include them in your prepping too. Please comply with our seven good ideas for keeping dry cat food fresh long term!

Keep Unopened Bags Someplace Cool And Dry

Publicity to light, air, and humidity will improve the probabilities of your cat’s dry food going unhealthy.

Discovering someplace with a comparatively fixed temperature and low humidity will hold your cat’s dry food as recent as potential, for so long as potential.

Check The Packaging

If you’re shopping for your cat food in a retailer, give the packaging a fast verification before purchasing it. Be sure there are no scratches, rips, or tears within the bags.

In case you see any bags with rips taped over, keep away from these too. If you get an online order, it is best to verify every bag still and let the customer support group know if you happen to obtain one that you’d choose not to use.

Don’t Keep Dry Cat Food In The Garage.

The garage can typically seem to be a super place to retail other cat food. However, this ought to be averted. Cat meals should be saved in temperatures less than 100°F to guarantee that excessive temperatures don’t destroy the vitamins or make the food rancid.

It’s troublesome to take care of a continuing temperature or humidity in a garage, so the next probability of the meals spoiling.

Do Not Put Too Much Food Into The Container

It’s tempting to purchase several bags of dry cat food at a time because it’s time-saving and cost-effective. You may need to diversify your feline’s diet in that method, feeding her with totally different flavors.

However, please don’t open all of the packages and put all of the kibbles into containers directly. That’s how to store dry cat food proper:

  • Open just one box at a time,
  • be sure the quantity within the container is sufficient to feed for a couple of weeks, and
  • hold different bags sealed in the meantime.

And Keep in mind to clean cat food containers with hot water frequently. Earlier than refilling, be sure they’re super dry.

Store Bags Off The Floor

Don’t simply pop unopened bags of dry cat food on the ground. It’s greatest to retailer they raised to scale back the potential for bugs, bugs, and even rodents to make their manner contained in the bag.

It would help if you used bricks and planks to make a makeshift raised shelf or retail bags on medium-height cabinets.

Metal Or Glass Containers Are Better Choices Than Plastic

Plastic containers may seem to be an apparent alternative for storing dry cat meals; however, metallic or glass containers are a higher choice.

Plastic may give off an odor that may affect the style of the meals. In case your cat is fussy, they could notice this. Plastic may get scratched, leaving areas the place bacteria can accumulate.

Steel bins can be found in various sizes and are a sensible choice for storing opened or sealed bags of food. If potential, hold the cat meals throughout the unique packaging, after which place it within the metallic bin.

Glass containers are additionally an excellent possibility for conserving smaller portions of your cat meals within the kitchen, for instance.

Make A Note Of The Expiration Date

In case you’ve purchased bags of your cat’s favorite brand of food in bulk, then remark the expiration date of every bag. The brand determines this location; typically, it will probably be on the underside of the bag and different instances, close to the opening.

If you want to, you possibly can at all times write the date on the entrance of every bag with a Sharpie, making it more straightforward to keep track of which bag you must use first.

Freeze It!

Sure, it’s true! In case you’ve bought an additional house in a chest freezer, then you possibly can retailer dry cat food in right here for as much as six months.

It’s an excellent suggestion to wrap the original packaging in one other layer of plastic or paper. Ensure you enable the feed to come back again at room temperature earlier than feeding your cat.

Keep The Container In A Dry And Cold Place

You set cat food right into a specialized container, shut it firmly to keep away from oxygen and bacteria infusion, then put the field right into a dry place to stop humidity infusion, and eventually be sure that area is excellent sufficient to keep away from mold and rancid fat.

A pantry could be the best place for dry cat meals storage. Additionally, be sure the temperature is lower than 70 F, and the humidity is lower than 15%. Excessive temperatures cause condensation, which spoils dry food quickly. That’s the reason we’ve got to discard cat food bags that got here into contact with water.

Do Not Buy Too Much Food

Dry cat food is inexpensive and lasting, makings it tempting for pet owners to purchase years of kibbles and save time/cash. But it indeed’s not a good suggestion, particularly for these lacking the chance to maintain it in dry cold places, however, prepared to keep cat food recent.

Please buy the cat food in small parts (for only a month or most of two) and do your greatest to decide on the recently-produced kibbles. It’s going to assure that your cat eats recent food, and also you’ll know that there’s a bit of probability it would spoil in a month.

Check Expiry

It feels like the apparent tip ever; however, you’d be stunned to know what number of cat owners ignore or forget about it. The naked proven fact that food is dry doesn’t imply it could keep recent endlessly. So, please, at all times, check expiration dates on cat meals packages.

Remember that these dates (from 6 months to three years on common) only apply to sealed bags. When you’ve opened a purse, be sure to make use of it within six weeks.

After that, the food’s dietary value, scent, and taste decrease; sure, it still may be suitable for eating. However, it won’t be as palatable and nutrient-rich appropriately.

Set Up The Reminders In Your Calendar

This tip will make it easier to take care of the priority of tips on how to hold dry cat food recent. As already talked about, it stays palatable and nutrient-rich for around 4-6 weeks after being opened. So, why not set reminders in your calendar each time you put kibbles into containers?

Depart a message to yourself {that a} cat’s meals will expire in Four weeks, and you must exchange it with a more energizing one. Therefore, your feline will eat clear, and also, you won’t worry about her digestion and general health.

Final Thoughts

How to store dry cat food long term? Some pet homeowners select one of the best dry cat foods for their felines because it’s far more reasonably priced and safer to make use of than moist formulas for cats.

Others purchase it just because their cats are picky eaters preferring kibbles. Kibble may be saved for lengthy periods, even within the outdoor cat feeders.

Dry cat food has a variety of pros and cons; however, regardless of the purpose, all of us need dry food to benefit our cats’ well-being and health.