How to Stop a Rabbit from Eating Her Babies?

It could come as a shock to new rabbit homeowners that rabbit moms will typically eat their offspring. Although rabbits usually are not carnivorous by nature, their place as prey animals can encourage them to take unusual actions within the face of stress or perceived hazard situations each discovered shortly after giving beginning.

In case your rabbit is pregnant, or you’ve got plans to breed them at any time quickly, it’s vital to organize for the potential of your rabbit eating her babies.

Fortunately, you can usually prevent this undesirable consequence by addressing the underlying causes of this conduct and intently monitoring for warning indicators of hazard to newborns.

In this article, we’ll be overlaying the elements that may contribute to this conduct, in addition to preventative measures you possibly can take earlier than the birthing course to make it smoother and safer for each rabbit concerned.

Should these methods fail, you’ll additionally study how one can safely take rabbits away from their mom if mandatory. Learn to learn everything it is advisable to know to stop a rabbit from eating her babies.

how to stop a rabbit from eating her babies

Why Do Rabbits Eat Their Own Babies?

The act of beginning is a little question, probably the most nerve-racking experiences that females of any species can undergo. For the already fragile, prey animal rabbit, this course can push them right into a state of instinctual “combat or flight” fashion response.

Moreover, carrying kids and birthing them can put severe pressure on the mom’s nutrient steadiness, causing a protein deficiency. For in any other case, non-aggressive moms, that is essentially the purest conclusion as to why they might eat their younger.

The birthing course has left them so poor in protein that they are concerned for their life and well-being. In this situation, the newborn is the closest out of their supply of protein.

If a mom is significantly younger (lower than six months old), this expertise can put her physique below much more stress. Within the day after birthing her litter, the pressure of the situation can encourage her worst territorial behaviors.

This can typically encourage her to eat her younger to guard her place within the cabinet or not to attract consideration from potential predators.

Can I Take Baby Rabbits Away From Their Mother?

Unfortunately, the occasional rabbit mother is just not fitted to maternal duties. Whether or not that is due to aggressive conduct, a persistent nutrient deficiency, or overly fragile and skittish nature makes no distinction; as soon as a mom exhibits these indicators, you need to cease breeding them instantly.

When you see these behaviors, although the litter in query nonetheless must be given appropriate care, usually, the primary 24 hours after beginning are essentially the most crucial; in case your mom goes this long without displaying any alarming conduct, it’s unlikely that she’s going to eat her younger after that.

Within the case that you must separate baby rabbits from their mom, please observe the extraordinarily detailed and thorough instructions supplied by Physician Dana Krempels of the College of Miami Biology Division for the “Care and Feeding of Orphaned Home Rabbits,” discovered right here.

It’s the best system we have now seen in caring for orphaned rabbits and will hardly be improved upon by the writer of this text.

Does A Male Rabbit Kill His Babies?

In contrast, to do, male rabbits don’t kill their babies. Nevertheless, they aren’t exemplified for their paternal instincts. So, in the event you depart the litter with a male rabbit, they’ll, in all probability, die of starvation.

Additionally, a male rabbit sees his babies as rivals, competing for the territory and mate. So, they are often hostile in the direction of them and assert their dominance as quickly as they get a possibility.

There’s another excuse why the male rabbits shouldn’t be united with his household. Pregnant or new rabbit mothers shouldn’t be impregnated for a minimum of a while.

However, the male will most likely be within the temper, whereas the does are not going to, which could find you in violent conduct.

do male rabbits eat their babies

How To Stop A Rabbit From Eating Her Babies?

It could be most acceptable in the event you took care of specific issues earlier than, throughout, or after a rabbit provides beginning to her litter beneath talked about preventative measures that could preclude the rabbits from cannibalizing their babies.

  • Do Not Breed Younger Rabbits

It isn’t a good suggestion to breed younger mammals that haven’t hit their reproductive maturity. The time when feminine rabbits hit adulthood varies depending upon the species. Nevertheless, on the whole, feminine rabbits mature quicker than males.

Additionally, don’t mate the doe except her younger ones are some weeks outdated, as it’d exhaust the rabbit and induce such a macabre.

  • Make The To-Be Mother Feel Safe And Calm

Pregnant females, be it a rabbit or a human, are sure to undergo hormonal modifications. Thus, throughout being pregnant, any females deserve all of the love and affection. Make your anticipating rabbits feel calm and safe by showering them with respect.

Doing so additionally feels them secure from predators, which prevents them from stress-killing and feeding on their babies.

  • Protein And Nutrition Rich Food During Pregnancy

Being pregnant and delivering each is extraordinarily draining on does. So, one should feed greater than typical throughout the previous few weeks of being pregnant to ensure that the bunnies don’t suffer from malnutrition.

Feed your pregnant rabbits loads of leafy greens, alfalfa hay, and rabbit pellets, and make clean water available to them. In case you’re feeling overwhelmed, learn some guides on rabbit pregnancies.

  • Observe Your Rabbit Once She Gives Birth

Rabbits usually eat the placenta after beginning. So, if the mother is younger and inexperienced, she may not differentiate between the placenta and litter and feed on her babies through the process.

So, be sure to observe the rabbit after beginning attentively and cease her a quickly as she begins to point out indicators of eating the babies.

  • Distract The Mother With Food Or Toys

If the bunny mother begins displaying curiosity in having her infants for the next meal, distract her with different food or toys in the interim. Such cannibalistic pursuits in rabbits are sometimes fleeting and can, in all probability, cease after a while.

Entertaining rabbit mothers with toys and meals will calm them down and distract their consideration from their newly-born babies.

Furthermore, breeders believe that feeding them with a calcium-rich weight loss plan additionally reduces stress. So, if potential, make some modifications to the weight loss plan as properly.

  • Keep The Doe Away If Nothing Helps

If not one of the above measures appears to prevent the brand new mother from trying to homicide her litter, it’s lastly time to preserve her away from her family.

Round after 24 hours, it is likely to re-introduce the mother to her babies. But when the try persists, preserve the doe away for a minimum of some weeks.

You possibly can contact somebody educated to learn how to increase the litter of rabbits. However, let the mother feed milk to her babies each day as per necessity, below strict supervision, after all.

do rabbits eat their babies if you touch them

Does Your Rabbit Keep Eat Babies?

One can flip a blind eye to rabbit consuming their infants a couple of times, however not at all times. If such cannibalistic motion persists each time the rabbit provides beginning to younger ones, then it’s futile breeding them time and again.

Though virtually all females can give birth, there are females in almost every species who don’t need to embrace motherhood.

So, if your bunny rejects motherhood and infants each time she provides beginning, it’s time to cease breeding them. It isn’t an illness, and there’s no remedy for it.

Does Human Scent On Babies Trigger The Rabbit To Kill Them?

There’s a typical false impression that rabbits eat the babies on which they scent the human scent. However, many breeders and rabbit homeowners contact the litter after birth to count them or search for any problems, and the rabbit does ultimately not hurt them.

As we’ve mentioned above, there are different causes, reminiscent of stress and lack of vitamins which induces rabbits to inflict ache on their younger ones.

So, except there aren’t any such underlying causes, the human scent alone isn’t sufficient to set off such conduct in rabbits.

Animals, together with rabbits, have maternal instincts, and so they defend their younger ones. So, the human scent or scent of bigger animals and predators is likely problematic to them.

Thus, one shouldn’t go touching and participating with just-born bunnies. However, handling them when it’s essential must be no large deal.


The time surrounding your mother rabbit’s first litter might be nerve-racking for animals and humans alike.

We hope that this information has been helpful to you in shedding gentle on the underlying causes of rabbits consuming their younger and ready you with everything it is advisable to know to prevent this from occurring.

By taking the proper steps in preparation for birth, you can decrease the stress and hazard of each animal.