How to Get Your Kitten to Stop Biting?

There’s no denying that kittens are adorably cute, fluffy, and playful! Generally, that playful streak can cross over into biting their house owners. If your kitten has been biting you, now could be the time to cease them of their tracks.

How to get your kitten to stop biting? There are many ways to cease your kitten biting, and this article is designed to help you work out tips on how to use these tools in your house.

Whereas it might sound cute and innocent when your kitten is tiny, this behavior can quickly turn out to be ingrained as your kitten grows right into a mature grownup.

Taking the time to alter such habits whereas your kitten remains to be younger is a good thought and one which your future self will thank for! First up, why do kittens chew in the first place?

how to get your kitten to stop biting

How to Get Your Kitten to Stop Biting?

Your kitten won’t look that threatening; however, they consider themselves a tiger! It’s in your kitten’s DNA to need to chew and scratch issues this playful behavior is a precursor to having the ability to search out their meals within the wild.

Biting is an evolutionary trait and is one thing that every kitten does, whether or not they’re a home shorthaired or a lion. So, we can count on our kittens to cease biting. However, there are numerous choices to guarantee that they don’t bite us.

Check Your Kitten’s Behavior

Whereas most kittens are merely biting because they’re hunters and your hand occurs to be the goal biting can generally be an indication of an underlying problem that is likely to be inflicting your kitten ache.

Gently check your kitten by petting them. Take observe if they reply to you touching them in a particular place by yowling, turning, orbiting. If they’re exhibiting these indicators constantly when petted in the same spot, their biting could point out pain. It’s price reserving a check-up along with your veterinarian on this scenario.

If a little one or different member of your loved ones is complaining of being bitten, see should you can observe your kitten interacting with them. It’s more challenging for kids to know that kittens are small and delicate, so check that they’re not taking part in along with your kitten too roughly.

Different older family members won’t know tips on how to play with a kitten, reminiscent of backing them up right into a nook or by no means letting them catch their toy. In this case, your kitten could feel threatened or annoyed and consequently bite.

When you’ve dominated out any of those situations, you possibly can put plans in place to assist scale back the possibility of being bitten by your kitten.

Don’t Use Your Hands as Toys.

Whereas it may be tempting to tickle your kitten’s tummy till they bunny-kick your fingers or wiggle fingers for them to chase, using your fingers as toys isn’t an excellent thought.

Your kitten will begin to consider this as normal behavior. The identical goes for toes! Wiggling your toes beneath the covers might sound cute till your kitten manages to attract blood! So, no human digits as toys. What can your cat play with?

Use a Range of Moving Toys

Earlier than you convey your new kitten house, put money into a collection of toys to keep them entertained. Provided that your kitten is a hunter, we need to use their toys to stimulate the joys of the hunt. Kittens love to stalk, catch, and “kill” their toys, utilizing all the talents they might out within the wild.

Experiment with totally different toys. Wands with toys on the top of a string work properly, as do balls, mazes, and mushy toys that your kitten can bunny-kick and chase throughout the ground. Using a variety of toys that transfer in numerous methods will keep your kitten engaged.

The important thing right here is to play with your kitten actively, seeking to keep their curiosity by altering how you progress their toy to maintain their curiosity.

Observe how your kitten units themselves up for a good bounce: Possibly they get pleasure from stalking their toy earlier than an explosive run, or maybe a cute little butt wiggle earlier than an enormous bounce is their signature transfer.

If your kitten does occur to pounce in your hand, don’t reward that behavior. Maintain your hand and attempt to distract them with one in all their toys as an alternative.

It’s the motion that’s encouraging your kitten to chew, so by eradicating this stimulus, your kitten ought to discover taking part in with their toy as an alternative rather more rewarding.

Do not forget that kittens will tire simply once they’re younger. A play session lasting between 10-15 minutes will likely be sufficient to go away them happy and tired.

As your kitten begins to affiliate their toys with playtime, the temptation to chew you as an alternative will begin to lower.

Let Your Kitten Catch Their Toy

The entire motive behind your kitten’s taking part in and biting is that they need to catch their prey from an evolutionary perspective. Doing so offers them an excellent sense of satisfaction!

So, be sure you let your kitten correctly catch their toy, as it can give them a thrill and make them feel like a tiger. For those who’re utilizing a toy like a laser pointer which they will catch throw them one other toy at the end of your play session to allow them to feel that very same sense of satisfaction.

Don’t Scold Your Kitten.

Whereas being bitten by your kitten can damage, there’s little worth in telling them off verbally. Your kitten won’t perceive being scolded, so attempt to avoid this tactic.

Hunt, Catch, Kill Repeat

Kittens and grown cats are creatures of behavior who thrive on a daily routine and mimicking that in our properties will assist your kitten to feel happy.

The creator Jackson Galaxy suggests that a kitten’s routine ought to include “hunt, catch, kill, eat, groom, sleep.” So, if your kitten is taking part in toys to simulate searching, after a 10-minute session, they’ll be able to catch and “kill” their toy.

Now is an efficient time to feed your kitty a small meal earlier than permitting them quiet time to have a groom and a pleasant lengthy nap. Your kitten will need to repeat this cycle all day lengthy!

Security in Numbers

Why not get two for those who haven’t but introduced your kitten house? Having two kittens rising collectively is ideal because they can play collectively earlier than snuggling up for a comfy sleep.

Kittens will typically reprimand the opposite if they’re taking part in too roughly, so cats who develop up collectively can have a more excellent thought of their limits in the case of playtime.

There you’ve it! We hope that you just found this article helpful and might implement just a few of our suggestions to assist your playful kitten in redirecting their enamel to the precise place!

Cats are predators, so it’s entirely regular for kittens to specific their natural intuition to assault, chew, and gnaw. Starting around four weeks of age, kittens will visually monitor objects that seem like prey and follow their pounce. Biting is an entirely good habit for a kitten.

However, that doesn’t mean we wish them attacking our fingers or bare feet! We need to encourage kittens to follow these behaviors on a good goal as an alternative. Thankfully, kittens are very adaptive and might study shortly with somewhat help.

Kittens Need to Bite Something

The rationale kittens chew us is straightforward: they’re pure predators. They usually need to follow their assault on a moving object.

Kittens are biologically wired to assault an object that strikes, so it’s vital to show them tips on playing with toys not fingers or feet from a younger age.

Actively taking part in several occasions a day earlier than meals is an excellent way to assist kittens in developing their motor expertise, studying good habits, and getting out pent-up vitality.

Reward Good Behavior

First, transfer the toys in an exciting trend, encouraging them to stalk, chase, pounce, and catch. As soon as the kitten catches the toy, let her chew and bunny kick it earlier than transferring it once more.

When the play session has ended, reward the kitten with a treat or meal to simulate the satisfying expertise of consuming after a kill.

As tempting as it’s to wiggle your fingers or tickle their bellies, this teaches them that it’s okay to follow their hunt in your pores and skin. Even should you don’t thoughts the playful assaults, potential adopters could mainly because the kittens get larger?

There’s nothing cute about a 12-pound tabby stalking your ankle! Due to this fact, Kitten caregivers must assist kittens set up good biting behaviors from a younger age because it’s simpler to build an excellent behavior than to interrupt a nasty one.

When a kitten assaults your fingers or toes, if you move, merely disengage and redirect them to an extra appropriate object.

Quick Tips

  • Plenty of Stimulation – Be sure that your kitten has plush toys, wand toys, crinkle balls, tunnels, and different enrichment items to play with. Provide a wide range of toys that mimic several types of prey. You may even make your toys at the house!
  • Every day PlayActively play with the kitten on several occasions a day using toys you may make wiggle and flutter. Please don’t count on the kitten to play on their lonesome! For those who by no means make toys move and entice them to hunt, then the one transferring targets the kitten has to follow, searching on are your fingers and feet.
  • Reward Good Habits – Enable the kitten to catch the toy, then give a chance for biting and bunny kicking. Let the kitten know she did an excellent job by rewarding her with a deal with or meal after playtime. This tells the kitten that she’s an excellent hunter!
  • Remember to Redirect – Redirect any biting behaviors toward a good goal. It’s vital that each time you give a kitten a ‘no,’ you give them an equal or extra engaging ‘sure.’ Don’t concentrate on penalizing a kitten with a “no.” Merely acknowledge that the kitten is searching for a selected form of stimulus and supply them with a bitable difference. For those who do this, your kittens may have their pure urges happy—and also, you’ll be bite-free very quickly.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, if the kitten is solo, you could need to contemplate getting her a good friend. Kittens are happiest, and greatest behaved once they have a buddy!

Kittens will play hunt with each other, get out their vitality collectively, and even teach one another vital biting boundaries. Read more about why kittens do best in pairs!