How To Get Rid Of Bird Mites On Parrots?

Parrots are lovely, intelligent creatures that may change into beloved family members. Unfortunately, they also have their justifiable share of pests to take care of. One such pest is the bird mite which may be found on parrots in many states throughout America and worldwide.

How to get rid of bird mites on parrots? If left untreated, these mites could cause severe hurt to your bird and even be deadly, so all owners have to know how to do away with them earlier than they do any harm!

In this blog post, we’ll go over what bird mites are, the place you find them in your parrot, the way to know if they have contaminated your chicken, and at last, totally different strategies for eliminating these pesky critters!

how to get rid of bird mites on parrots

How To Get Rid Of Bird Mites On Parrots?

Bird mites are tiny insects that dwell off of birds. They are often found in your parrot in many alternative places, together with their wings, legs, toes, and eye sockets. They’re concerning the size of a dot and are usually hard to see with the bare eye.

Bird mites are mostly discovered on parrots that have fallen prey to wild birds. The parasites feed off your bird, whereas it sleeps at night, getting all the vitamins they want. If these mites change into too quite few for your parrot to handle, they will leave and find a new host to feed off of.

These mites could cause hurt with simply their saliva, so it’s essential to do away with them as rapidly as potential earlier than they unfold to different birds. They will additionally cause your parrot to get sick with a bacteria or virus that they carry.

Are Bird Mites Harmful to People?

The reply to that query might be not! Bird mites solely feed on birds. They continue to be there during their feeding and mating, after which they die off.

Because parrots are sometimes out-and-about with their owners, a stray bird mite may wander onto your clothes or person for those who spend time around your parrot, whereas it’s contaminated. These mites are very small, so they aren’t prone to bite you or crawl inside your physique!

If they do get in your clothes, give it wash and dry earlier than letting anybody else carrying that piece of clothing use it once more!

What Are the Signs of a Mite Infestation?

Reddening Eyes and a Crusty Nose

The Bird Mite will start dwelling on the beak of your parrot. This may increasingly cause the brim to seem crimson and swollen.

However, it should additionally create a crusty layer on high. If they attain the eyes, they might bite around your bird’s eye socket, inflicting redness and pain.

Scratching and Bald Spots

The Bird Mite makes tiny holes in your parrot’s pores and skin, inflicting them to bleed out whereas leaving a hard scab that may be hard to take away.

This is among the main methods you’ll know these critters have contaminated your parrot. Your parrot will preen itself excessively, attempting to remove undesirable friends from its physique. That conduct may lead to them going bald in some aspects of their body!

Your Bird Has Diarrhea

One other symptom of a mite infection is for those who notice that your parrot has developed diarrhea.

This happens each time the chicken mites move from place to position, eating up increasingly of the vitamins in your bird’s body till it turns into malnourished. Regulate your parrot’s weight, and ensure it’s not dropping too rapidly.

Respiratory Issues

If you notice extreme respiration, wheezing, or gasping for air, this may very well be one other sign of mites in your bird’s body.

This happens when the bird mites block your bird’s respiration by hitching an experience in its lungs. Scary!

How to Treat Mite Infestations?

When you’ve recognized the issue and have a diagnosis, it’s time to choose the way to treat your parrot’s mite problem!

There are two methods to treat your bird with bird mites. You need to use both pure treatments and synthetic medication.

Generally talking, using all-natural products is safer because they don’t comprise dangerous chemicals and toxins that cause your additional parrot problems.

The perfect half is that you could attempt using the treatments on this checklist to treat your parrot’s mite problem without taking it to a vet to get professional help!

Use Baking Soda

One of the vital common treatments for mite infestations is to soak your parrot in a bath stuffed with heat water combined with baking soda.

Add simply good baking soda till you see it fizzing, and don’t neglect to cover your bird’s head as effectively, or else it would drown!

Leave your bird within the bathtub with the baking soda fizzing for 20 minutes, after which rinse it off. Repeat this course of each day till all traces of mites are gone. Some people like to add vinegar into the combo for additional energy in opposition to the mites.

Tea Tree Oil

One other efficient treatment to rid mites out of your parrot is through the use of tea tree oil! Combine one drop of tea tree oil with two tablespoons of olive oil.

Then slowly rub the combination in your parrot’s pores and skin and depart it for 20 minutes earlier than rinsing it off.


Garlic is another efficient pure treatment to remove mites from your pet bird’s body! Merely chop up five garlic cloves, then add them to 2 tbsp of olive oil in a bowl. Let it sit for two days, after which combine the combination with one tbsp of vinegar.

Apply this combination to your parrot’s wings and physique and depart it for at least 20 minutes earlier than rinsing off the mixture with heat water!

Repeat this course of each day afterward till all traces of mites are eliminated out of your bird’s physique. Don’t forget to clean the cage when you’re at it with a 50/50 combination of vinegar and water!

Vitamin A

One other efficient natural way to treat mite infestation on a Parrot is by including more Vitamin A in its diet.

You can provide your Parrot Vitamin A by including wealthy Vitamin A meals similar to Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, and Peas. Repeat this course of days per week to rid your chicken of the parasites entirely!

Synthetic Treatment

If you can not find natural treatments or want a more immediate impact, synthetic treatment is the best way! It will assist in clearing bird mites out of your bird’s body in lower than seven days.

You’ll find this remedy at your native pet retailer underneath the name of Ivermectin. Ivermectin works by paralyzing the mites, after which killing them.

All the time, keep in mind to seek the advice of your vet earlier than using synthetic medicines in your parrot!

how to get rid of mites on parrots

When Should You Visit a Vet?

For those who’re not in a position to get your Parrot’s bird mites underneath management using a synthetic or natural remedy, then it’s time to go to a veterinarian. Not all instances of mite infestation are the same!

Some birds might need more extreme instances than others, and that’s the reason it’s necessary to keep watch over your bird’s situation as you go about treating it for chicken mites.

When your parrot’s pores and skin begins shedding pounds, or if the droppings begin to take a distinct form altogether, it may be time to speak together with your vet! They will know precisely what your bird must be cured of mite infestation.

Preventive Measures

Preventive motion is the best strategy to treat instances of mite infestation, particularly when you’ve got several birds in your Parrot family!

All or most of those preventive strategies require several efforts in your half. However, it will likely be valuable if the result is healthy and completely satisfied birds!

Change The Parrot’s Cage Paper in Once a Week

Mites love dirty environments, and they usually breed in a short time in filthy cages. Ensure you change the paper in your bird’s cage each day or at the least as soon as per week.

It will help prevent the mites from spreading, mainly if several birds are in your home or family! For those who’ve tried altering the paper without success, then it may be time to clean down the within of your cage with heat water and cleaning soap.

Keep in Mind To Clean Your Parrot Cage One or Two Weeks

If you have a non-porous cage, then it may be okay so that you can wash your parrot and its cage every two or three months. However, if your bird’s cage is a steel or plastic product, then it’s best to wash it as soon as per week!

It will help take away dirt that may appeal to mites into your private home, and it’ll help your parrot’s feathers keep cleaner.

Limit Outside Exposure

For those who’re not in a position to prevent publicity entirely, then restrict your parrot’s time open air! Ensure that the cage is positioned in a shaded area that doesn’t get plenty of sunlight.

Without contact with the outside hosts, your bird is far much less more likely to catch mites.

Make Sure You Vacuum Every Day

Mites thrive in chaotic environments. For those who don’t have sufficient time to scrub your home each day, then attempt vacuuming it as soon as per week.

It will remove all the dust and dirt that mites love and unwanted friends like bugs and larvae.

Final Thoughts

There are many different approaches you possibly can take regarding treating mite infestation. However, none of them are as efficient as prevention!

For those who’re not in a position to prevent bird mites from spreading, then contact your vet instantly! Ensure that your parrot’s cage is clean and dry continuously, and ensure there aren’t any mites within the environment.

If you end up in the unfortunate predicament, the place prevention wasn’t sufficient, and then you’ll want to use the strategies above together with those of your vet.

Hopefully, this article on eliminating bird mites helped you perceive this nasty problem. We even have tons of reading materials on different issues, so feel free to search the weblog!