How To Feed Cat Wet Food While Away?

Leaving your cats alone and worrying if they’ll go hungry will be very anxious, but it surely doesn’t need to be! There are various methods of holding your cat’s feed when you’re away, even when they eat his wet food.

How to feed cat wet food while away? If having each wet and dry food out there isn’t a possibility in your cat, then the smartest thing could be an automated wet food feeder. The precise feeder might preserve wet food contemporary when you’re at work. However, if you’re planning a long journey, you’ll want a cat-sitter.

However, there are still plenty of different choices to discover! Let’s breakdown other methods you’ll be able to preserve your cats pleased and healthy with wet food even if you’re away.

how to feed cat wet food while away

How To Feed Cat Wet Food While Away

Whether you’re leaving for a day or longer, it’s advisable to have feeding plans in your feline companion. Cat’s may be impartial creatures and pure survivors; however, they still should be handled with care and affection.

Wet food will be complicated, so the following strategies might present you the few steps you could take to feed your cat wet food whereas away.

  • Professional Cat Sitter

Leaving your cat alone for the day or a few days should be utterly manageable with an automated wet food feeder; however, what occurs when it’s a must to be away for much longer? Properly, in that case, the best choice could be a cat sitter.

Earlier than you go on the internet, searching for a professional cat-sitter, maybe consider a less expensive possibility for this accountability.

I’m fortunate to have a keen brother who steps in to assist me when I have to go on a visit. Having a relative aware of your fur infants is an effective way to make sure you’re leaving them in good arms.

  • Automatic Cat Feeders

The following technique might be your most acceptable cat investment up to now! An automated wet food feeder is a modern way of ensuring your cat is fed all through the day.

Even if you’re not spending long hours away from the house, this sensible technology might still free your thoughts and your to-do record.

How does an automated food feeder work? Properly, there are just a few different variations; however, mainly, these machines work by setting the time on the internal timer of the gadget.

The containers are sealed to maintain the saved food contemporary, and so they release every portion on the set time.

  • Have Both Dry And Wet Food

If you’re planning to be away from the house for more than ten hours, then maybe you need to consider switching to dry food as a lot as attainable, particularly when you’re not around. Dry food retains longer, and it’s a lot simpler to treat the portions when you’re gone.

If your cat doesn’t like dry food, there are methods to vary its thoughts. Switching meals unexpectedly is rarely a tactic, instead, go slow and be patient. Try introducing dry foods together with wet food.

Grow the dry meal parts each day and make the wet food portions smaller. When you see that your cat is used to their dry meals, you could go away with the wet food as their first and final meal of the day.

Whereas wet food is excellent for our cats, dry food also has advantages. Several researchers have identified that dry food is answerable for the elevated manufacturing of saliva, which is responsible for the higher use of the immune system and the prevention of oral well-being points.

  • Ask Friend Or Relative

Having a family member or a good friend as a cat sitter is usually a blessing; however, it won’t be a possibility for many people.

Fortunately, you don’t need to cancel your holidays. Instead, you could rent a professional cat sitter. They’ll know the way to are inclined to all of your cat’s wants, like maintaining their routine, whether its feeding time.

Whether it’s your relative or considered one of your friends, you need to be sure that this person is reliable. Try choosing somebody who your cat is aware of.

Somebody keen to spend some additional time taking part in and interacting with one another, to keep away from your cat feeling utterly deserted. Ask them to come back over a minimum of two days to wash their litter and fill their automated wet food feeder.

how to feed my cat wet food while away

How To Keep Wet Food Fresh

Earlier than we have a look at the methods, you could feed your cat wet food whereas away, it’s necessary to know how to make it final. Irrespective of how excellent wet food is, it’s exhausting to maintain it fresh as soon as it’s open.

Most manufacturers declare that wet food can keep contemporary for one to 2 hours. This time restriction can even rely on your apartment’s temperature and the person’s brand.

To help delay this advisable time restriction, you could put the wet food into the fridge just a few hours earlier than serving it. This way, you could prolong the longevity of the food by up to four hours.

Once I know I’ll be away for the entire day, I freeze my cat’s food, and I leave it out after I’m about to go away. This way, I know they’ll nibble at it all through the day without it going unhealthy. I additionally use the freezing method throughout summertime to maintain my cats comfy.

Health Benefits Of Wet Food

Particularly while you understand that some cat owners are simply leaving some dry meals out and calling it a day!

However, there’s a long list of advantages for wet food, and I needed to put them out to remind us why we undergo all the difficulty to feed our cats wet meals while we’re away!

  • Hydration

Water is important for, properly, everybody. Water makes up about 80% of a cat’s physique, so maintaining correct hydration is essential. Within the wild, cats depend on meals and water for hydration; however, issues are a bit more sophisticated for domesticated cats.

Often, wet food consists of 75% water, whereas dry food is just about 10%. If your cat is just given dry food, they’ll need to compensate by drinking several ounces of water a day.

An achieved veterinarian, a 10-pound grownup cat on dry food, will want a day’s cup of water. However, as a result of cats tending to hunt hydration from their meals, you would possibly discover your cat ingesting much less water than wanted.

  • Lean Body Mass

Wet food isn’t simply 75% water, and it’s additionally excessive in protein, which helps preserve your cat’s muscle mass as they develop. Cats are metabolically tailored to use protein and fats as vitality sources preferentially.

Research also shows that meals with excessive protein help preserve your cat’s lean body mass. Muscle tissue, bones, ligaments, organs are a part of the LBM, and they’re the main supply of metabolic exercise. This exercise helps essential actions like mobility, immunity, and more.

  • Prevents Health Issues

To help your cats lead a long and healthy life, a correct diet is essential. Wet food has the same nutritional vitamins and minerals as dry food, but it indeed’s additionally highly digestible. Be sure to decide on wet food with iron to help healthy blood and tissue.

Zinc can even help develop the immune system, and it helps preserve the pores and skin, eyes, and bone. Biotin additionally helps regulate the discharge of vitality from meals promotes healthy skin.

Final Thoughts

As cat parents, we’ve got to think about all of the attainable methods we can keep our kitties happy, together with the times after we’re away. Fortunately, there are solutions to each problem, even with holding their wet food fresh.

Whether it’s one of the best automated wet food feeders or getting a cat sitter, cats are understanding companions, and so long as we are inclined to their wants, they shouldn’t thoughts too much.