How to Clean Rat Urine and Feces? (Full Guides)

The minute you odor rodent urine it. It’s an undeniably sturdy and unsightly odor that may linger for months and even years after the mouse or rat has moved on. And it appears the longer it sits, the more difficult it’s to pick up.

How to clean rat urine and feces? Fabrics, wooden upholstery, and nearly every other floor can fall sufferers of rodent urine smells, even if you have pets that you recently cleaned up after. Maintaining up with mice and rats doing their business 50+ times a day may be challenging.

how to clean rat urine and feces

How to Clean Rat Urine and Feces?

Mouse and rat waste is extremely harmful to deal with. Always place a layer of safety between you and the droppings or urine. We suggest sporting thick disposable gloves so that you don’t make deal with the urine. That is needed for your safety, and please put on a face mask properly.

Additionally, you will have some disinfectant for relevant areas. You’ll be able to select store-bought products or make your personal; however, sanitizing is vital to eradicating smells and microorganisms.


It isn’t uncommon to see mouse and rat exercise when you’ve got a car that sits greater than it’s pushed. You’ll be able to blame the little critters. Vehicles, campers, and different autos make fairly cozy shelters.

However, you won’t need them elevating families or having little mouse communities in your autos. It’s time to behave should you just lately smell mouse pee or discovered droppings.

Earlier than any cleaning takes place, it’s essential to take away any bedding or nest supplies they’ve. Since illnesses are prevalent and unfold by way of waste, be sure to by no means touch the remnants with bare pores and skin.

We suggest a heavy-duty business cleaner scale back the odors to remove smells from vehicles. Because it’s onerous to inform how old the urine is, you may need to wash the world several occasions earlier than you notice enhancement.

Should you don’t need to use a heavy-duty cleaner, you should utilize a bleach concoction measuring one part bleach to 9 elements of water. Use a sprig bottle to cowl totally and evenly on affected surfaces.

If the mice or rats have made a house on the engine or air filtration system, you may need to dismantle specific components of the car to achieve these spots. Should you aren’t too savvy with instruments and such, you might need help from a good friend or watch a couple of movies online for use.


It isn’t a bit uncommon to see mice and rats in houses. Our houses are heat and comfortable—plus, they’ve tons of meals and nesting supplies to select from if they’ll handle to remain out of sight.

You’ll doubtless need to set traps for mice and rats. Whereas it could appear relentless, it’s most acceptable for the security of your loved ones. If you oppose killing traps, you should purchase stay traps and relocate the rodents someplace removed from your private home.

However, understand that the place there’s one, there are often many. If you select any rat poison, ensure that your pets can’t enter the product. That is harmful to pets, mainly if they catch or kill a poisoned mouse.

When you’ve discovered droppings, you might want to take your sanitizing selection agent and saturate the world. Let it sit for roughly 5 minutes to remove germs from the world entirely.

With gloves on, wipe up the spots, and dispose of the paper towels or rags in rubbish baggage. Once more, you can use a business energy disinfectant or a bleach situation you make yourself. When you clear up droppings or urine, saturate the world to disinfect to be secure.


Outbuildings will be pretty tricky. Rodents can often enter these buildings way more simply, making it almost an assurance that they may get in some unspecified time in the future or one other.

You’ll be able to have already got security measures in place, similar to repellent and traps. However, rodents are fairly darn artful and clever. They will bypass your measures regardless of your efforts. The method might be like the options above if you odor urine or see droppings in your outbuilding.

First, you might want to attempt to do some digging to see the place they’re hiding and the way they’re getting in to stop future contamination. When you find the nesting spots or affected areas, protect your skin, and clear up any supplies as needed.

Using a business cleaner or bleach concoction, spray or saturate the affected areas. Don’t simply go to the city on something, as son surfaces and supplies can’t get moist and would possibly discolor.

Non-Washable Surfaces

What stinks is when rodents do their enterprise in areas you possibly can’t so simply clean—like paper products and another supply.

When you’ve got some objects which were dirty and cleaner isn’t a possible possibility, it’s time to let the UV rays work their magic. Place this stuff in direct daylight for as many as five days.

This process will kill any microorganism that would lead to an infection or illness. It may not care for the odor; unfortunately, it will remove the potential of selecting a nasty virus by way of publicity. Daylight is particularly efficient in opposition to the hantavirus, widespread in rodent waste.

Is Any Health Risk If I Do Not Clean Rat Urine And Feces

Mice and rats can carry all doubtless harmful ailments of their feces and urine. Should you make contact without realizing it, you are in danger of contaminating yourself and others.

Whereas it’s unlikely you’re unfolding the black plague once more, certain bacteria and ailments will be hazardous to people and different pets.

Even domesticated rodents can carry ailments like their wild cousins. A few of these embrace tularemia, leptospirosis, and salmonella.

When you’ve got pet rats or mice all the time, totally wash your palms after dealing with them and preserve their area clean. When your pet is out of the enclosure, search for any waste messes and clean them up as wanted.

In Summary

Should you find mouse or rat waste. In just some months, rodents multiply quickly and might grow to be a full-blown infestation. When you clear up the urine and feces, keep in mind to place a prevention methodology in place.

Remember that rodents (even our beloved pets) can carry some pretty depraved ailments from their waste. So, we can’t share identical living areas for your hearth and residential security.