How Much Does an Amazon Parrot Cost? (Amazon Parrot Price Information)

Your first expertise with a pet bird is an unforgettable one. Should you go over to a good friend’s home or pet retailer and have become mesmerized by their bright colors and spectacular vocals, then it’s no surprise you’ve decided to purchase a parrot.

How much does an amazon parrot cost? Amazon parrots create sturdy bonds with their owners. However, it’s good to remember to afford one earlier than you jump into buying one.

Affording a bird isn’t a one-time value. There’s quite a lot of minor particulars that you just may not have thought of earlier than making this decision.

We’re right here to help in guiding you through the buying course and provide you with a practical version of what it prices to personal an Amazon Parrot yearly.

how much does an amazon parrot cost

How Much Does an Amazon Parrot Cost?

The one-time price you’ll have when proudly owning a pet bird is the worth you pay to deliver them residence. Amazon parrots are lovely species, with a couple of subspecies accessible properly.

When you determine the type you need, you want to perform a little research to discover a respected pet retailer or breeder that sells them.


You’re only more likely to find a free Amazon Parrot if the proprietor has handed or given up custody.

Because parrots turn so connected to at least one person, this may very well be a traumatizing time for them. You’ll get them checked out by a vet and ensure everything is okay earlier than bringing them a house.


  • $100–$300

Amazon parrots are rarer in comparison with different pet bird species. Due to their demand, you may count on paying more considerable adoption charges as properly.

Should you happen to search out one, be sure they’ve documentation of their historical medical past and organize for a gathering with the bird to make sure they’re the correct fit.


  • $1,000–$3,000

As we discussed before, Amazon Parrots are pretty uncommon, and their pricing will be somewhat excessive.

Should you purchase one from a top-quality breeder, an Amazon Parrot will value no less than $1,000. For you, a subspecies with entirely different colors, the costs might go a lot larger than that.

Initial Setup and Provides

  • $630–$700

You can’t deliver a bird residence without being ready to have them there. You’ll have to purchase a mess of various items like a provider to move them in, a permanent cage, preliminary vet check-up, microchip, toys, grooming provides, and food and water holders.

Listing of Amazon Parrot Care Provides and Prices

Initial Check-up $100
Microchip $50-$60
Cage $250
Nail Clipper (optional) $10
Toys and Accessories $100
Carrier $100
Food and Water Bowls $20

How Much Does an Amazon Parrot Cost Per Month?

  • $55–$130 Monthly

You’ve seemingly already realized that proudly owning an Amazon Parrot is a way more expensive process than you initially thought.

With vet payments, meals, toys, insurance coverage, grooming instruments, and different monthly prices, these pets are ones that seemingly aren’t for you if you’re on low funds.

Health Care

  • $40–$105 Monthly

Health care features a multitude of things. Amazon parrots will need the proper diet, water, vet visits, insurance, and grooming practice.

Without these fundamental wants, your bird won’t dwell a healthy life, and also, you’ll be robbing them for years of their lifespan.


  • $15–$25 Monthly

Amazon Parrots aren’t significantly massive. However, they do have hefty appetites. These birds depend on a wide range of seeds to gas them.

Apart from seed mixes, there are additional avian pellets that additional nourish their bodies. You may as well give these birds contemporary fruits and veggies because they occasionally treat. Typically, this might cost you as much as $25 each month.


  • $5–$10 Monthly

You wouldn’t assume that birds want a complete lot of grooming. However, that isn’t true. Amazon parrots benefit from weekly baths with a mild shampoo protected for birds.

Their claws should be trimmed each couple of weeks, and it’s a must to clip their wings free from the old feathers to permit new ones to come back in.

Medicines and Vet Visits

  • $10-$40 Monthly

Most Amazon Parrots don’t require many journeys to the vet or medicines. However, there are situations place birds get sick, and also, you might need an expensive invoice in your arms.

Once you break it down into a particular person’s monthly funds, it isn’t too costly, but it additionally isn’t one thing you want to disregard.

Pet Insurance

  • $10–$30 Monthly

Pet insurance is very advisable when you’ve gotten an avian pet. Medical insurance covers accidents, accidents, and diseases that happen throughout your bird’s lifetime.

However, most pet insurance firms don’t help cover annual visits, and this value must come out of your pocket.

Environment Maintenance

  • $15–$25 Monthly

Should you’ve by no means owned an Amazon Parrot or bird of some other form earlier than, you then, in all probability, don’t know what goes into taking good care of them.

Birds like clean cages, which means you’ll have to vary their bedding incessantly and take away feces from their cage equipment.

On top of that, birds have highly effective beaks, so they love nothing more significant than chew on all their toys. These toys take a beating and must get replaced incessantly.

Bedding $5-$10/month
Toys $10-$15/month

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Whole Monthly Cost of Owning an Amazon Parrot

  • $55–$130 Monthly

After you’ve factored within the prices of all the things concerned with proudly owning an Amazon Parrot, you conclude that having a pet bird goes to take no less than $55 out of your pocket each month.

That is inexpensive for some folks, but not for all. If you aren’t capable of affording the monthly prices of an Amazon Parrot.

You would possibly search for birds that value relatively less or search for a less expensive pet altogether. Though lovely, birds have wants that should be met, or they may get severely sick.

Additional Prices to Issue In

One of many most significant points that come up when owning a pet bird is finding somebody to take care of them while you’re away.

These animals should have been cared for daily, and they’re even known to get depressed and rip their feathers out if they’re alone for lengthy durations of time.

You’ll be able to count on paying a bird sitter about $20 daily that you’re gone. You’ll additionally want to use somebody you believe, and that isn’t afraid to be around them.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Parrots are majestic-looking creatures and the primary time you’re round one is an exciting experience. It’s attractive to wish to go out and purchase one as quickly as you may; however, there must be an excellent quantity of thought that goes into the method earlier than you make any concrete plants.

Birds are loving animals that deserve a lot of time and a spotlight from their owners. In addition, they have quite a lot of wants that you may not be aware of.

Between vet visits, meals, cleaning cages, and different monthly expenses, it’s easy to get in over your head just a few weeks after you bring your birdhouse.

If you’ll be able to afford an Amazon Parrot comfortably, there isn’t a purpose you need to keep away from buying one. These are lively, humorous, and affectionate animals with much love to provide.