How Much Does An African Grey Parrot Cost? (African Grey Parrot Price Information)

African Grey Parrots are a favorite amongst bird lovers because they’re brilliant, making them tremendously enjoyable and talented. To not point out, they have a placing appearance that makes them stand out from the group.

Like many different unique birds, African Grey Parrots are costly in one-time prices and recurring monthly funds. If you had been to get an African Grey Parrot, you must be ready for this lifetime monetary dedication.

Ask any present African Grey Parrot proprietor, and they’re going to let you know that the value is effectively worth it for these clever, graceful, and curious creatures. Let’s check out all the prices related to African Grey Parrot possession.

how much does an african grey parrot cost

How Much Does An African Grey Parrot Cost?

Every time you first get the African Grey Parrot, there are a variety of one-time prices you’ll have to pay for. The prior year of ownership is the most costly due to these one-time prices. The bird would be the most expensive item on this listing.


If you are expecting to find an African Grey Parrot without spending a dime, we’re sorry to tell you that this dream shouldn’t be rooted in actuality. It’s unattainable to find these birds free of charge. You may look online. However, you’ll likely not find something.


  • $500–$1,000

You might be able to discover a beforehand owned African Grey Parrot for adoption. People often purchase one among these birds, only to find out they don’t have the sources or time to decide to it.

Adopting an African Grey Parrot is more reasonably priced than shopping for one from a breeder. However, it’s still worth paying. At the very least, you might be shopping for a parrot that wants the home and is already accustomed to people.


  • $500–$4,000

If you’d like a best-in-class African Grey Parrot, you’ll need to purchase one from a breeder. Breeder costs shall be costlier. However, they typically provide free transport, a journey cage, and toys with the bird.

The precise value of the bird will depend upon kind, age, gender, and so forth., however for an African Grey Parrot, anticipate a price of $500 to $4,000. Store round to find an African Grey Parrot that matches your price range.

Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $231–$700

Along with the fowl itself, you’ll need to arrange its cage and residential. We suggest shopping for a new parrot cage instead of a used one to keep away from the spread of diseases (except it was your bird’s cage from the earlier proprietor). A superb parrot cage of ample size for the African Grey Parrot prices $120.

You also want to purchase items in the cage reminiscent of stainless-steel bowls, perches, wooden, transportation, licenses, and permits. If you are bringing the parrot into the US, you’ll have to pay an import to allow price too, which may value between $111 and $565.

You’ll likely need to pay for a health certificate as effectively. To do that, a veterinarian should carry out an analysis. The well-being certificate’s value will depend upon the vet you go to.

List of African Grey Parrot Care Provides and Prices

Permits $111-$600
Cage $120
Cage Setup Items (like Perches) $20-$50
Transportable Cage Typically free with buy of the bird; $80 in any other case
Meals and Water Bowls $10

How Much Does an African Grey Parrot Cost Per Month?

  • $185–$1800 monthly

Like another pet, there are monthly charges related to African Grey Parrots. Fortunately, these birds should not be as costly as dogs or cats to look after every month. You primarily only want to supply them meals, leisure, and health care if mandatory.

The one-time monthly bills should be excessive if your African Grey Parrot gets sick and requires veterinarian consideration. For that reason, we extremely suggest unique pet insurance coverage.

Health Care

  • $0–$250 monthly

The important thing to a healthy African Grey Parrot is a nutritious diet, bodily stimulation, and psychological stimulation. If you provide the best meals and a clear cage, the African Grey Parrot ought to be healthy.

That being mentioned, you do have to take the bird to a unique vet annual checkup. You must only pay between $100 and $250 a year in your parrot’s health care in the mildest case. It would help if you didn’t have to pay for it monthly, except for old or sick.


  • $45–$70 monthly

The apparent monthly expense is the African Grey Parrot’s meals. The common monthly grocery invoice in your African Grey Parrot is between $45 and $70 a month. That is about the identical value as feeding a cat or dog monthly, possibly much less for more giant dog breeds.

About 80% of your parrot’s food plan should come from pellets. The remaining 20% should come from the occasional fruit and veggies for treats and nutritional vitamins. Sometimes, you can feed grains, seeds, and nuts.

Medicines and Vet Visits

  • $100–$1,450 monthly

If your African Grey Parrot gets sick, health care costs can go up a bit since these birds are very distinctive. Emergency takes care of these birds sometimes prices between $300 and $1,200, depending on the sickness.

Remember that you must pay for the person the vet goes to as effectively. Most unique vets cost between $100 and $250 for a single visit.

baby african grey parrot price

Pet Insurance

  • $20–$40 monthly

If you spent the money and time buying an African Grey Parrot, we extremely suggest pet insurance coverage. It will possibly value between $200 and $400 a year. That comes out to about $20 to $40 a month.

You possibly can additionally create a financial savings account in your parrot. This financial savings account will assist out at any time when your parrot will get injured, but it doesn’t require you to pay an insurance coverage firm both. Both approaches positively have a backup for if your bird will get sick!


  • $20–$50 monthly

One big expense that you simply most likely haven’t thought of is entertainment. African Grey Parrots are extremely intelligent.

Consequently, they want leisure to remain stimulated. If you don’t provide sufficient psychological stimulation, these birds will develop into depression and damage.

Sadly, the birds will possibly destroy the toys while playing with them. So, you’ll need to purchase new parrot toys incessantly. It’s a massive expense. However, it’s a necessary one.

Total Monthly Cost of Owning an African Grey Parrot

  • $185–$1800 monthly

As you possibly can see, proudly owning an African Grey Parrot isn’t that instead more costly than owning a canine. In reality, it’s possible extra reasonably priced.

Assuming that the parrot is healthy, you most likely won’t pay any greater than $200 a month. However, costs skyrocket if the bird gets sick or injured.

Due to the excessive vet and medical costs, pet insurance coverage is advisable for these birds. At the very least, open up a financial savings account for a wet day.

Extra Costs to Issue In

Along with common monthly costs, there are different bills you need to consider. For instance, you’ll need to board your bird whenever you go on the trip.

If you are fortunate, you could have a friend who knows to take care of birds. However, that is dangerous. We suggest paying for vacation boarding as a substitute.

Owning an African Grey Parrot on a Funds

If you are on a tight budget, buying an African Grey Parrot is probably not the most effective place to start. Despite everything, these birds are very costly initially. However, there are methods to lower your expenses in the course of the original purchase.

For instance, you possibly can adopt a grown African Grey Parrot who must be rehomed. It is an excellent technique to adopt a bird in want without paying a fortune. The unique proprietor shall undoubtedly be pleased to provide you with the bird’s cage and toys.

Saving Money on African Grey Parrot Care

As a result of it’s already so reasonably priced to personal an African Grey Parrot every month, it’s onerous to cut the monthly value down much more. However, it may be extra reasonably priced if you’re diligent in purchasing for sales.

For instance, food is a considerable expense. Use coupons or offers to get meals at extra reasonably priced costs. That is an essential possibility for the contemporary fruit and veggies you feed to your parrots.

Moreover, pet insurance coverage is a should with a bird of this kind. If the bird gets sick or injured, monthly costs skyrocket. Though paying a monthly invoice could also be annoying, it truly is one of the best ways to protect yourself.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you first purchase an African Grey Parrot, anticipate initially putting out some considerable cash. The bird itself can price as much as $4000. In the meantime, the opposite initial first-time expenses can price as much as $700.

Fortunately, the monthly bills for an African Grey Parrot are somewhat more reasonably priced. You’ll likely pay around $200, except the bird will get sick.

If the bird gets sick, you’ll probably have to pay somewhat more per month. We suggest getting unique pet insurance to cover yourself within the case that should happen.