How Much Does A Quaker Parrot Cost? (Quaker Parrot Price Information)

The colorful Quaker Parrot is a social, clever, and fun-loving bird. If you’re fascinated with getting certainly one of these parrots, you most likely have just a few questions together with what it prices to a personal one.

Proudly owning a Quaker Parrot price is more than simply the initial buy value. The cost of the parrot alone might be lots of {dollars} however can differ significantly depending on the color, the breeder you select to make use of, the place they live, and the age and gender of the bird.

How much does a quaker parrot cost? An important factor to remember when searching for a Quaker Parrot is that these birds are usually not legal to maintain in each state.

Some states don’t enable these birds to be stored as pets because they’re seen as a possible menace to crops and agriculture. Be sure you test your state’s legal guidelines to make sure it’s authorized so that you can hold a Quaker.

how much does a quaker parrot cost

How Much Does a Quaker Parrot Cost?

If you’re planning on bringing house a Quaker parrot, there are just a few prices to know about. Whether or not you’re getting a Quaker free, adopting from a shelter, or buying one from a breeder, you need to be able to pay some charges or a value in your bird.

Many components can affect how a lot your parrot prices, just like the bird’s age, its physical health, and shelter charges. Let’s dig deeper into these components to see the possible costs.


Unfortunately, some people get Quaker parrots without placing an entire lot of thought into it. These individuals merely don’t do sufficient analysis earlier than getting their birds and find out later that there’s a whole lot of responsibility that comes with proudly owning a Quaker.

For this reason, it’s attainable to search out somebody who needs to rehome a Quaker parrot they don’t need to take care of any longer.

When you’re fortunate, you’ll find somebody in your space that may gladly provide you with their Quaker parrot without charge, in addition to the hen’s cage and equipment. Search each online and off and see if you’ll find a free Quaker.



Adoption is an economic strategy to personal a Quaker parrot. Not solely will an adopted Quaker cost you much less; however, you will also be offering a superb house to a bird that’s really in want.

There are a lot of methods to adopt a Quaker parrot. You may check with native bird sanctuaries, animal shelters, and non-profit parrot rescue organizations within the USA to see if you’ll find Quakers that want new houses.

Earlier than you dive in and adopt a hen you’ve gotten your eye on, make sure you ask for background info on the hen to make sure it’s the proper match for you.

You’ll probably find younger and older Quaker parrots up for adoption that may both be very healthy or have some health concerns.

You have to be sure that you may take care of the bird you resolve to undertake, whether it’s a younger and wholesome bird or one which’s older with some health points.



Quaker parrots from respected breeders are usually well-adjusted birds that might be pleasant and used to people. Whereas getting a Quaker from an excellent breeder price is more significant than adopting certainly one of these birds, the additional cost is often correctly worth it.

An experienced breeder usually spends quite a lot of time with their birds to make sure they can go to new houses.

Once you purchase a Quaker parrot from a breeder, you’ll be given all of the backgrounds on the hen together with any health points it might have so that you’ll know numerous details about your new bird.

Initial Setup and Supplies


There’s more money concerned with owning a Quaker parrot than simply the price of the bird you get. You’ll need to buy a birdcage that’s appropriate for a Quaker, perches, ladders, toys, and meals dishes, to call just a few.

It’s at all times a good suggestion to set some money apart every month to cowl the price of provides. Like different parrots, Quakers tend to choose and chew, which suggests they’ll rapidly destroy issues like meals dishes and bird toys.

Listing of Quaker Parrot Care Supplies and Prices

ID Tag (ankle band) $7
Spay/Neuter N/A
X-Ray Price $50–$140
Ultrasound Price N/A
Bed/Tank/Cage $100-$300
Perches $25-$35
Toys $30
Backup/Travel Cage $60-$100
Food and Water Bowls $15

How Much Does a Quaker Parrot Cost Per Month?

$130–$200 monthly

When thinking about getting a Quaker parrot, one factor you have to consider is how a lot it’ll cost you each month to take excellent care of your bird.

You’ll need to feed your bird a high-quality pellet diet together with some recent vegetables and fruit, purchase new toys at times, and foot the invoice for different issues like wing clippings and nail cuttings. Right here’s a breakdown of the projected monthly prices related to having a Quaker parrot as a pet.

Health Care

$20–$30 monthly

To maintain your Quaker healthy and completely satisfied, you need to take your bird to the vet annually to ensure no health issues lurking within the shadows.

If your bird gets sick or wants some medical care, the veterinarian prices might be sky-high. That’s why it’s sensible to buy pet insurance for your bird that will help you cover any needed healthcare prices.

Take a while to match healthcare plans between insurance coverage carriers so you’ll find an affordable plan that meets your finances.


$25–$30 monthly

A Quaker parrot should be supplied with a high-quality pellet diet and plenty of recent vegetables and fruit. This bird should be fed about three tablespoons of pellets daily together with ¼ cup of contemporary vegetables and fruit.

Whereas parrot pellets tend to stay the same in value, the price of recent vegetables and fruit can fluctuate and rise, particularly once they’re not in season. To be protected, plan on spending at least $25 monthly feeding your pet, Quaker.


$13–$25 monthly

When you provide your Quaker parrot with a spot to bathe, you won’t want to help him preen because he can clean his feathers. So far as grooming a Quaker goes, this parrot wants his nails and wing feathers trimmed two or thrice a year, and for that, he’ll want your help.

When you don’t have expertise in trimming bird nails or feathers, you need to take your bird to the vet or a groomer who has expertise with parrots.

A Quaker’s feathers ought to be trimmed sufficiently to limit flight, however not utterly forestall it. Trimming a Quaker’s nails is most OK carried out using an emery board or a small Dremel-like device with a sanding attachment.

The price of having a vet or groomer trim your bird’s nails and wings when wanted can differ; however, expect to pay at the most minor $200 a year. When damaged down monthly, the grooming will value around $13,

Medicines and Vet Visits

$15–$25 monthly

So far as vet prices go, most parrot visits value between $30-$100.  If your Quaker has a health problem and desires medicine and doesn’t have pet insurance that covers the treatment, expect to pay $10-$30 per medicine.

When it’s time to provide your Quaker mediation, it’s often done orally using a syringe. If your bird requires long-term treatment, you’ll need to foot the invoice for needles which fortunately aren’t very pricey.

Pet Insurance

$10–$50 monthly

Identical to canines and cats, you should buy individual animal insurance in your Quaker parrot. Veterinarians might be very costly, and if your parrot isn’t lined by insurance coverage.

You possibly can find yourself with an enormous invoice if your feathered buddy turns into sick. Parrot insurance usually covers issues like:

  • Accidents and injuries
  • Illness
  • Coverage if your parrot escapes or is stolen
  • Life insurance
  • Price savings on exams, prescriptions, and lab work

Whereas the price of hen insurance varies depending on the corporate and policy you select, you’ll usually need to pay from $10-$50 monthly.

Environment Maintenance

$4–$8 monthly

Environmental maintenance for a Quaker parrot is usually cheap as these birds are low-maintenance animals relating to their housing.

You will often want to purchase cage liners and change items like cuttlebones, wooden blocks, and toy puzzles, so your hen at all times has one thing to do. It’s at all times a good suggestion to top off on quite a lot of hen toys so that you don’t run out.

Instance (for cats):

Cage liners $10/month
Chew toys $20-$40/month
Dedicated Trash Can $30/month


$50–$175 monthly

Because the proprietor of your Quaker parrot, it’s as much as you to supply your bird with entertainment items he can use for mental and bodily stimulation.

Quakers can chew by way of things rapidly like climbing ropes and ladders so that you’ll have to switch the issues your bird ruins.

Quakers prefer to rotate their toys at times as they rapidly get uninterested in the identical previous stimulation. This is why you should purchase a daily provide of leisure items like ropes, chew blocks, ladders, and puzzles.

A great way to economize on parrot toys, strings, and ladders is to search for 2-for-1 specials or different friendly offers once you purchase multiple parrot accessories.

Whole Monthly Price of Owning a Quaker Parrot

$130–$200 monthly

When factoring within the food your Quaker wants together with pellets, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, cage liners, hanging toys, and pet insurance, the monthly value of proudly owning a Quaker can rapidly add up.

Just meals alone for a Quaker might be $30 a month. If one thing suddenly pops up, like needing to replace a family item your hen has ruined, this monthly value can shoot proper by way of the roof.

Additional Costs to Issue In

Whereas we’ve lined many of the prices concerned with owning a Quaker parrot, there are some different prices to think about.

For instance, if you’re planning a trip and can’t take your bird alongside, you’ll need to pay a pet sitter to take care of your parrot.

Different prices that would come up include behavioral training if your Quaker wants it and repairing any family damages brought by your bird.

When you don’t get pet insurance, you’ll additionally need to think about emergency medical care if your Quaker turns into ailing or injured.

Do keep in mind that emergency parrot care can value a small fortune. It’s higher to pay just a few {dollars} a month for hen insurance reasonably than getting caught with an enormous emergency vet invoice!

Owning a Quaker On a Budget

If all these prices appear overwhelming, some methods can help personal a Quaker parrot on a budget. To begin with, search for a free hen somebody needs to rehome or undertake a Quaker from a shelter. You can save some huge cash by buying a used birdcage and even used toys and equipment.

Another way to economize is to purchase pellets and recent fruits and veggies in bulk. You may chop up and freeze many varieties of vegetables and fruit to not spoil in your fridge between feedings.

Remember that you won’t essentially need to pay all these prices. We’ve laid out all of the possible prices concerned with owning a Quaker, so you recognize what you’re getting into once you decide to get certainly one of these superb parrots.

Saving Money on Quaker Parrot Care

As talked about above, the most effective way to save yourself some money is to purchase your parrot meals in bulk. Each penny counts to protect a Quaker parrot that may live for many years.

One other manner to save some money is to make your bird toys, perches, and stands. You may find DIY directions proper online to walk you through each step. You can skip the cage liners and line your cage with newspapers to save a bit of money.

Last Words

Owning a Quaker parrot entails money, identical to proudly owning any animal like a dog or a cat. From the one-time prices of buying the bird and its cage to the monthly value of meals, toys, and equipment, a Quaker parrot isn’t the most affordable animal to maintain as a pet.

However, your Quaker parrot will turn out to be part of your loved ones and be a pet you’ll cherish for years. These colorful birds are loads of enjoyable to look at, they usually make superb companions!

It’s always an excellent suggestion to take a close look at your budget earlier than getting a Quaker parrot. Be sincere with yourself when deciding whether or not you’ll be capable of the foot all of the attainable payments. Only get a Quaker if you’re 100% assured you may afford to maintain an exotic bird as a pet.