How Much Does a Parrot Cost? (Parrot Price Information)

Parrots make fantastic pets, and since most species of parrots have lengthy lifespans, generally as much as 80 years or more! It’s a pet that shall be with you for a very long time to return.

How much does a parrot cost? A parrot could appear to be a good pet at first look, particularly smaller birds. However, the fact is that proudly owning a parrot can turn into a costly affair.

Relying on the parrot species, you personal, the amount of cash you spend over the bird’s lifetime can run into thousands of dollars. Smaller birds are cheaper to take care of than massive species like Macaws.

However, they’re nonetheless comparatively costly pets to personal. Additionally, proudly owning any parrot species is significant accountability, and the excessive prices aren’t a choice to be entered into lightly.

In this article, we’ll break down all the prices concerned in proudly owning one in every one of these distinctive birds and simply how a lot it’s more likely to price you all through their lifetime. Let’s get began!

how much does a parrot cost

How Much Does a Parrot Cost? One Time Prices

The one-time prices of your parrot will embrace not only the bird itself but in addition its cage, toys, meals, and equipment.

The cost of the parrot you select will depend totally on the species, and birds like Macaws or African Greys are a fantastic deal costlier than a Cockatiel or Budgie, for instance.

Housing and feeding will also price extra, as more giant birds have more distinctive wants than smaller species. All the pieces from cages and stands to toys will price more the more significant the parrot you resolve to buy.


Many would-be parrot homeowners didn’t take all of the aspects of proudly owning considered one of these birds into consideration.

Lots of them are prepared to provide these birds (plus equipment) away totally free because the accountability is simply an excessive amount. Check your native classifieds; you could be shocked at how many people are prepared to provide away costly birds free.


  • $20-$1000

If doable, adoption is one of the simplest ways to go. Not only will adopt parrots price much less, but you’ll even be giving a loving house to a bird in want.

Do not forget that there are over 350 different species of parrots, all with entirely different personalities, temperaments, and wishes. You must analyze the bird you intend to deliver house earlier than diving in and adopting one.

There are many parrot rescue organizations in America, and non-profit organizations, just like the Avian Welfare Coalition, are a fantastic place to begin the adoption process.


  • $20-$3,000+

When purchasing a parrot from a breeder, you need to go to the premises to check how they’re raised and cared for. The breeder you select ought to have a genuine love for these birds and may have expertise in raising and breeding them too.

Watch out for low-priced parrots, as these are sometimes from breeders who’re in it for the cash relatively than from a spot of genuine ardor for parrots. A parrot can price as much as $3,000 or more from an excellent breeder in some circumstances.

There are some hundred species of parrots. However, the next are popular ones kept as pets and their common costs:

Macaw $1,000-$3,000+
African Grey $800-$3,500
Amazon parrot $500-$2,500
Senegal $400-$800
Conure $250-$3,000
Cockatoo $800-$3,000
Cockatiel $50-$300
Lovebird $50-$200
Parakeet $50-$800
Parrotlet $150-$350
Mini Macaw $700-$2,500


  • $300-$1,000

Moreover, for the parrot you select an initial price, you’ll also want a suitably sized cage, service, toys, perches, and stands.

Once more, these costs can range extensively depending on the scale of your bird, and gear for small Parakeets or Lovebirds is vastly totally different than what’s wanted for Macaws or African Greys.

how much does a talking parrot cost

Listing of Parrot Care Supplies and Price

Cage $70-$1,000
Meals and water bowls $5-$50
Perch $10-$30 every
Toys $20-$100
Ladders $10-$30 every
Swing $10-$40
Bath $10
Nail Clipper (optional) $8-$12
Wing Scissors (optional) $8
Cleaning supplies $20-$30
Food $10-$30
Journey Carrier $30-$80
Preliminary Veterinary Exam $50-$200

Annual Expenses

  • $450-$2,500 per yearly

Whenever you collectively add the prices of meals, vet care, and insurance coverage, the annual cost of protecting a parrot can swiftly become large, particularly for giant birds like Macaws. Remember that the costliest birds are the most extended living and shall be with you for many years.

However, even small parrot species can stay long, and the prices can rapidly add up.  It’s essential to think about the truth that while you could afford the introductory price of a parrot, you’ll have to budget for years of huge costs too.

Health Care

  • $120-$400 per yearly

Your parrot will want an annual examination to ensure everything are ok with their health, in addition to grooming two or thrice per year. If they get sick or want any medical care, the annual prices can rapidly skyrocket.

An avian healthcare plan is a superb concept, particularly for more significant, costlier birds, as they are often expensive if they need to fall in poor health. We extremely recommend keeping $200 aside for a wet day.


  • $100-$250 per yearly

An annual veterinary checkup in your parrot is very advisable, as birds tend to cover sickness effectively. That is possible because of an adaptation to predators within the wild preying on weaker birds, and by the point they present signs, the disease could have already progressed past assist.

Most homeowners will take their birds for a checkup a minimum of yearly. However, every six months is probably a better choice, particularly for older birds.


  • $30-$60 per yearly

There is just one vaccine out there for pet birds. However, caged birds are not often, if ever, vaccinated. This vaccine is for Polyomavirus and is essential for birds with infrequent close contact with different parrots.

Must you resolve to provide your bird with this vaccine? It’s best achieved at a younger age, around 4 to 8 weeks old, with yearly booster doses afterward. An initial double amount is required if you have an older bird, with subsequent annual boosters.

Treatments for Parasites

Several different parasites are common to birds, and it’s very important to ensure they’re getting a nutritious diet that strengthens their immune system to assist them in struggling off these infections efficiently.

Giardia is a commonest infection within the parrot family and may even be handed on to people. If your parrot is not continuously exposed to different birds, that is often nothing to worry about.


  • $300-$2,000

As with many different prices, when you’ve got a big parrot like an African grey or Macaw, emergency vet prices are more likely to be far more significant, as much as $2,000 in some cases.

If you have several pet birds or different pets in your house, accidents can occur, diseases could strike suddenly, and it’s finest to be ready. To be on the secure aspect, it’s good to apply to place away $300-$500 in case of any sudden emergencies.


  • $50-$360 per yearly

Depending on the cover that you resolve to go together with, insurance in your good feathered friend can start at as little as $5 and go as much as $30 monthly.

An excellent plan will often cover the prices of sickness, accidents, theft, and loss of life, in addition to any unplanned emergencies.

In case you have massive, costly birds like Macaws, we extremely recommend getting insurance coverage because they are often exceedingly expensive to treat in emergencies.

Smaller parrot species could only require a rainy-day fund; however, for as little as $5 monthly, insurance is value it, particularly for older birds.


  • $300-$1500 per yearly

Your annual meals prices will depend upon the scale of the parrot you personal. A wholesome parrot can price between $25-$100 monthly, relying on the species, which doesn’t even embrace treats or contemporary meals!

We advocate shopping for meals in bulk, which will prevent an enormous chunk of cash in the long term.

how much does a baby parrot cost

Environment Maintenance

  • $50-$100 per year

Environmental maintenance in your parrot doesn’t price a lot, as they’re pretty low-maintenance animals regarding their housing. They’ll want cage liners, even newspapers will do, and common chew toys like wooden blocks or cuttlebones.

Massive parrots like to chew and can swiftly tear into something that they’ll get their beaks on, together with toys, furnishings, wallets, and picket furniture, so it’s good to apply to budget these prices in too.

Cage liners $20-$30 per year
Chew toys $20-$50 per year
Miscellaneous $50
Dedicated trash can $30


  • $50-$200 per yearly

Parrots like to climb; they usually like to chew, and as such, you’ll want to supply them with the mandatory leisure to maintain them mentally and bodily stimulated.

With massive parrots, remarkably, they’ll rapidly chew using toys and ladders, and also, you’ll possibly have to change them frequently. Parrots additionally want a daily rotation of various toys, as they’ll rapidly become uninterested in the identical old stimulation.

Ropes, perches, ladders, and wood chew blocks are all a part of everyday entertainment for parrots, and the prices can rapidly add up all year long, depending on what you purchase.

Total Annual Cost of Owning a Parrot

$1,000-$2,000 per yearly

When bearing in mind meals, vet checkups, and changing toys, the annual price of proudly owning a parrot can rapidly add up, and that’s moreover the initial set up costs and any emergencies which will come up. You possibly can expect to pay a minimum of $100 monthly for meals alone for a big bird.

Owning a Parrot On a Budget

Keeping a parrot can appear costly; easy methods can lower costs, particularly for giant birds. Adopting a parrot from a shelter won’t only prevent cash but also give a house to a parrot in want.

Buying secondhand cages and equipment can be an excellent way to cut back preliminary prices, and these can be found readily online and in your native classifieds. Perches and play gyms are additionally extensively out there secondhand.

Saving Money on Parrot Care

The most important way to save money on primary parrot care is to purchase meals in bulk. Whereas the prior buy can appear excessive, buying in bulk will prevent in the long term parrots can live for many years, and this small saving will add as much as a considerable quantity over time.

Another way to save money is do-it-yourself perches, stands, and toys. These are simple to make and price nearly nothing. Using newspaper to line your parrot’s cage can be an easy money-saving resolution.


The introductory price and regular prices of proudly owning a parrot depend upon the species of parrot that you resolve to purchase.

Bigger parrots will naturally be costlier to buy, home, and take care of, and they sometimes have for much longer lifespans, making the prices add up much more over time.

Regardless of the parrot species you resolve to purchase, protecting a parrot will not be a cheap endeavor, and these birds require a substantial amount of particular consideration and care.

They do make distinctive and great pets, though, and if you’re ready for the massive prices of owning considered one of these birds, the financial outlay is most definitely well worth the pleasure and unmatched companionship that a parrot can add to your life!