How Much Does a Conure Parrot Cost? (Conure Parrot Price Information)

Conures are small to medium-sized parrots. As probably the most well-liked pet birds, they’re well-known because of their vibrant and exquisite plumage.

They’re playful and pleasant and love spending high-quality time with their members of the family. With around 100 different species and subspecies of conures, this breed is likely one of the other diversified parrot breeds.

With correct care, this breed has a protracted lifespan, about 30 years or more, like different parrots. Because of their small size, it’s simple to imagine that these pet birds are low-cost. However, proudly owning a conure is a costly affair.

The amount of money you spend on considered one of these birds is determined by the species of parrot you go for. In comparison with larger birds like Macaws, smaller birds are typically cheaper. However, comparatively, they’re still costly pets.

Besides the buying value, parrots include plenty of responsibilities involving money. So how a lot does it price to personal a conure? Let’s break down the estimated prices and bills to inform you how a lot you might be likely to spend on these distinctive birds.

how much does a conure parrot cost

How Much Does a Conure Cost? One Time Prices

After buying a conure, you’ll also need to buy some bird-provided equipment. These bills can add up over the lifetime of the bird. One-time expenses embrace the price of the parrot itself, toys, birdcage, perches, and equipment. These are the objects you need to must keep the bird comfortable.

The expenses for these smaller breeds are often relatively decreased than that of bigger birds. The bigger birds have more distinctive wants, require more meals, and are more excellent cages.

Getting a conure will want you to think about all these one-time prices to make your pet bird comfortable. Listed here are the one-time prices to contemplate.


It’s attainable to get a free conure in your native classifieds. Many parrot homeowners are keen to provide out their pet birds free, together with the equipment, as soon as they understand how much work is concerned with caring for this bird.

Due to this fact, take a look at these places first if you don’t need to purchase a new bird from the pet retailer or breeders. Excessive possibilities, you’ll get somebody giving away their bird.

However, you’ll want to take over the expenses when you get the bird. You may still incur prices similar to medical, meals, and buying equipment if the earlier proprietor doesn’t give them to you. As a lot, because it sounds exciting, getting a free conure comes with hidden prices.



There are about 100 different species of conures. All these species include entirely different wants, personalities, and temperaments. Due to this fact, you’ll be able to select which bird will suit your house greatest by researching and visiting adoption facilities to source for one.

Adoption is an efficient selection. Besides getting the pet bird a loving house, the bird prices are relatively decreasing.

Before going to the pet retailer or a pet breeder, contemplate visiting an adoption middle to check the available choices. The prices of buying this bird will only cover the expenses incurred by the group while caring for the pet.

To keep away from getting a pet bird with many medical points. Many parrot rescue organizations have healthy birds.



The worth range for conures is extensive due to the numerous varieties of species obtainable. This value additionally changes depending on the provision of the bird, with the rarest species costing extra. However, you need to expect a conure to price between $200 and over $3,000.

Before purchasing a conure from the breeder, make sure you go to their physical location. This visit will allow you to see how the bird is cared for. Like every pet, birds additionally want particular care; due to this fact, you’ll need to go to a breeder that’s respected to get a healthy bird.

When buying, watch out for extremely low or excessive costs exterior of the conventional range. Expensively priced conures should have genetic purity or include further bird provides; the breeder may be greedy in any other case. However, meager costs are suspicious.

Low-priced birds may both have ailments or conduct issues. This might additionally point out that possibly the bird is being traded illegally. If the prices are too low, it’s higher to search for another breeder or different choices that may get you a healthy bird.

Respected breeders may be extra pricey. It’s because they take precautions and invest their time and assets in elevating healthy pet birds.

Initial Set-Up and Supplies

$300- $800

After getting the bird, it’s worthwhile to get provides to make them comfortable. These embrace stands, perches, suitably sized cages, and carriers. The costs of those provides will fluctuate depending on the size of the equipment you purchase.

As well as, totally different stores can have extra costs. Due to this fact, it’s higher to buy at online stores and platforms that supply reasonably priced pricing if you’re on a budget.

Other than the pricing, additionally, contemplate the standard. High-quality will last more and prevent further prices within the coming years.

how much does a conure cost

List of Conure Care Supplies and Prices

Bird Cage $70-$1,000
Bird Perch $10-$35
Food Bowls and Water $5-$50
Ladders $10-$30
Bath $10-$20
Nail Clipper (optional) $10-$12
Toys $20-$100
Cleaning Supplies $10-$25
Travel Carrier $30-$80
Food $10-$30
Wing Scissors (optional) $10
Initial Vet Check-Up $50-$200
Swing $15-$40

How Much Does a Conure Cost Per Month?

$35-$210 monthly

The total prices of caring for a conure embrace vet care, meals, insurance, grooming, and leisure. All these expenses can turn into big, particularly if your pet bird has lots of needs.

It’s essential to remember that parrots have an averagely longer lifespan than different birds. Due to this, they may live with you longer, which provides up the prices. This applies even to small birds similar to conures.

When you pay the acquisition value, you’ll want to begin budgeting for the more significant bills, which can be recurrent. You’ll be able to control how excessive these expenses go by selecting cheaper, however high-quality options. By having a plan, the monthly prices of caring for your bird shall be lower.

Health Care

$12-$35 monthly

Like every other pet, the health care of your conure is essential. You’ll have to take your parrot for an annual exam to ensure their health is ideal. These prices can considerably improve if your bird is sickly or requires common medical care.

It isn’t easy to stick to a strict budget with medical expenses due to the unpredictability. You probably have several pet birds, and accidents can occur; due to this fact, it’s greatest to be ready. To be protected, you need to hold some emergency funds about $200-$500 apart to cater for sudden sickness.

This bird species additionally must be vaccinated, particularly if they’re in contact with different parrots. But it’s not obligatory when your bird is usually caged by itself.

The Polyomavirus vaccine needs to be given at 4 to 8 weeks and boosted with yearly doses within the subsequent years. Older birds will get an initial double amount and annual boosters.


$25-$100 monthly

Pet birds eat by their sizes. An enormous bird would require more meals which may improve your budget. However, for small birds similar to conures, the monthly meals expenses shall be a lot lower.

For your pet to be healthy, you’ll be able to spend $25-$100 monthly. These prices don’t embrace treats and different recent meals. Due to this fact, when you add the extras, the finances will go up barely. To manage these expenses, guarantee your pet will get a balanced diet and only what they want.

As well as, when buying commercial foods, it’s advisable to purchase in bulk. This strategy will lower the expenses you incurred buying a refill each time.

Medication and Vet Visits

$30-$150 monthly

Birds are good at hiding sicknesses; subsequently, it’s greatest to schedule an annual vet check-up. They develop this hardiness from their wild background, the place they’re pressured to seem strong to keep away from predators.

Due to this fact, to keep away from detecting ailments late, you must take the bird for a check-up yearly and six months for older birds. Your conure can even want medicine in opposition to parasites. Birds are highly susceptible to assaults by parasites.

It might assist if you worked together with your vet to develop a nutritious diet that strengthens their immune system and fights infections. Have the vet check them for Giardia infections that affect parrots and will be handed to people if left untreated.

Pet Insurance

$5-$30 monthly

Insurance to your conure will be as little as $5 or go as much as $30 monthly. This cost varies depending on the cover you select.

You want an insurance plan overlaying theft, illness, emergencies, and demise to protect your pet bird adequately. Smaller bird breeds similar to conures are cheaper to treat in emergencies; subsequently, you’ll be able to go for the low-cost plan. This lets you treat your bird without incurring excessive prices.

Environment Maintenance

$5-$8 monthly

Conures are low-maintenance birds; subsequently, these prices are comparatively low. These birds want cage liners of their cage, which you’ll be able to improvise and use newspapers. In addition, they want to chew toys similar to woodblocks to maintain them occupied.

Budgeting for these prices is important because when birds can’t get chew toys, they may get into damaging behaviors like tearing into your furnishings.

Chew Toys $20-$50 yearly
Cage Liners $20-$30
Trashcan $25
Miscellaneous $50


$5-$20 monthly

If you hold a pet parrot, you must budget for toys, ladders, and perches. These birds like to chew and climb; due to this fact, and they may want these provisions to remain occupied and stimulated.

Conures and different giant parrot species are inclined to get bored by the identical toys rapidly. Due to this, they want an everyday rotation of toys; in any other case, they’ll begin searching for one other source of entertainment or start chewing on objects in your house.

Bigger parrots chew on the perches and toys, which might want to get changed typically. By recurrently changing these sources of entertainment, your pet expenses will go up all year long. For that reason, you need to at all times go for high-quality products to maintain them going for longer.

how much does a sun conure cost

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Conure

$80-$160 monthly

Depending on its wants, a conure can value you greater than $150 monthly. The monthly prices have all meals, vet visits, and changing toys in mind.

It would also help if you thought about emergencies and the preliminary set-up prices that drive your budget up.

As your pet bird grows older, the expenses may reduce. However, that depends on their health and conduct.

Additional Costs to Issue In

Pet birds will be damaging after they don’t get appropriate toys and a focus. As soon as they get tired of the chew toys, they flip in your furniture and different objects in the home.

You’ll incur prices when fixing these kinds of damages. As well as, if in case you have different pets in the home or many birds, accidents occur, they usually can interact in fights that end in accidents.

You additionally must issue within the prices of hiring a pet sitter if you end up not home. The bird must be fed and brought care of if you end up not home.

Owning a Conure on a Budget

Taking good care of a conure is pretty costly. However, you’ll be able to lower the purchase prices by selecting cheaper options.

For instance, you will get a parrot from the adoption facilities or rescue at a lower cost. You’ll give the bird a loving house while saving money.

As well, you will get accessories from native classifieds and online websites. You’ll discover many people promoting second-hand perches and cages which can still be of good quality. This tactic is one solution to reduce your preliminary prices and get too personal a conure on a budget.

Saving Money on Conure Care

Parrots similar to conures live for as much as 30 years or extra. You must provide and feed this bird for all these years. To cut down on the overall prices, you’ll be able to choose to purchase meals in bulk. With this strategy, you’ll maintain your bird for longer without having to buy more meals.

The opposite way to economize is by making some homemade perches and ladders. This may lower the expenses you’ll have incurred buying these accessories.

Finding inventive ways to build these things is a money-saver as well as, you should use newspapers as cage liners which is cheaper.

Final Thoughts

Conures make glorious pet birds. As a parrot species, they’re pricey to keep up. Because of their lengthy lifespan, they want lots of funding to keep them alive and healthy.

However, you can find ways to cut down prices by adopting a bird from the shelter or getting one from the native online classifieds.

These bird species want lots of toys and equipment similar to perches. Make sure you get quality ones because the birds can get very damaging.

When budgeting for a conure, contemplate the one-time prices and recurrent expenses. Additionally, have an emergency fund for sudden sicknesses and accidents. So long as you’re ready financially, proudly owning a conure is such enjoyable expertise.