How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Rabbit?

Rabbits like to eat; if it had been as much as them, they’d eat your entire day, notably if the meals have many greens and are contemporary.

The correct care of rabbits begins with what they eat; in some instances, they have issues with their intestinal tract, teeth, and molars due to incorrect feeding.

How many times a day should i feed my rabbit? Rabbits should eat 2 times a day. At midday, they need to eat hay, combining it with vegetables, and for dinner, you can provide them rabbit feed. However, I like to recommend rabbits accessing hay always.

We feed our rabbits with Vitamin Fortified rabbit meals to maintain them wholesome and glad. To correctly take care of a rabbit is essential to recognize the perfect meals on your rabbit; however, it is necessary to know what their everyday feeding rhythms and intervals are like.

how many times a day should i feed my rabbit

How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Rabbit?

Feeding your rabbit needs to be restricted to 2 times per day. It’s necessary to keep in mind that they’re pure grazers. That means they prefer to eat quite a bit.

Due to that, more often than not, rabbits are unaware that they’ve eaten good meals. So owners want to concentrate on how many meals their pet rabbit offers.

Within the wild, rabbits usually eat at dusk and dawn. Rabbits are crepuscular animals that mean they prefer to eat at night. However, I don’t assume anybody would wish to get up in the course of the night time to feed their pet rabbit.

To maintain each of you and your pet rabbit comfortable, we suggest that you feed them at night earlier than you go to the mattress and within the morning after you get up.

This can make your pet rabbit glad as they prefer to eat at night, identical to what they do in the wild. You also need to present them with a gradual provide of water that needs to be maintained usually.

Most rabbits want to drink in bowls in comparison with a sipper bottle. So contemplate testing out what your rabbit prefers.

It’s also necessary to maintain your pet rabbit’s meals clean and pest-free. In case your pet rabbit just isn’t eating the meals you left the final time you feed them, you must replace it with a current batch.

How Much To Feed A Baby Rabbit?

In the course of the first three weeks of your rabbit’s life, they may solely breastfeed. You can begin giving them pellets and slightly alfalfa from the fourth week. In the 2 and 3 months, you can provide them massive quantities of hay and a couple of tablespoons of pellets.

From the fourth month, begin introducing small quantities of vegetables a day (one sort of vegetable at a time), similar to carrot leaves or endive.

When the rabbit is six months old, the everyday vegetables should represent 10% of its weight. It would help if you gave younger rabbits only some handfuls of pellets a day. Vegetables will improve, whereas feed will lower.

You can provide it between 2% and 4% of its physique weight, or 25g of pellets for each kilo the rabbit weighs vegetables, more and more green, similar to radish leaves, grass, and endive.

What Vegetables Can Rabbits Eat?

Vegetables allowed: Swiss chard, watercress, lamb’s lettuce, endive, celery, chicory, green beans (without seeds), bell pepper, arugula, Chinese cabbage, clover, cucumber, carrot, beet greens, endives, borage, artichoke, and dandelion.

They have an excellent nutritional value; they need to be given not less than one serving of vegetables a day.

The specific factor is to make small salads, during which no less than three types of raw vegetables are combined.

Essentially the most appropriate are green leafy greens, though different greens or herbs may be added much less.

They can be given carefully: spinach, carrot, cabbage, tomato, broccoli, lettuce (green leaves only), contemporary fragrant herbs (parsley, basil, fennel, mint, sage, coriander, oregano, spearmint, marjoram)

What To Not Feed Rabbits?

Seeds will likely be prevented: nuts, legumes, and cereals. Nor will you give them dog or cat meals, cooked meals, meat, cheese, and dairy products, typically canned fruit or syrup.

Fruit and vegetables will all the time be raw. As an exception to this rule, they are often given in tiny portions.

Raw unsalted pumpkin or sunflower seeds, unsweetened flaked oats or barley, raw unsalted almonds, walnuts.

Can You Feed Your Rabbit Once A Day?

Sure. You can feed them as soon as a day. However, be sure you’re giving them the proper meals with the correct quantity of diet a rabbit wants.

Rabbits want a balanced food plan comprising protein, fiber, fats, and different nutritional vitamins and minerals to remain healthy.

When choosing the feed, you’re planning to purchase on your pet rabbit, contemplate trying it on again and checking if it has satisfactory dietary worth.

A rabbit can survive quickly by consuming as soon as a day; however, this isn’t advisable since its health will likely be affected over time.

It is suggested that it eat not less than two times a day, and the perfect factor can be to have hay out there always through the day.

how many times a day should i feed my bunny

Do Rabbits Stop Eating When They Are Complete?

Within the wild, rabbits are pure grazers, meaning they eat a variety of hay identical to cattle and different livestock.

They often know when they’re complete; however, because they’re pure prey, they’re used to eating quite a bit faster, after which hiding to survive.

Due to this, they often doest know that they’ve eaten good meals. So be sure you’re monitoring how a lot you’re feeding them.

One exception is hay, and they want a constant provide of the stuff. It’s the meals that strike their bowel.

So ensure that they have got a continuous feed of hay regularly. As a result of without it, they may develop intestinal blockage that’s deadly to rabbits.

What Time Should I Feed My Rabbit?

The time itself doesn’t matter a lot. However, I recommend that you have a hard and fast schedule in the morning and the afternoon.

How Much Should I Feed My Rabbit?

Rabbits eat based on their age and growth. Based on the different chronological classes, let’s look at the applicable quantities of meals.

As a result of a baby rabbit drinking milk, however, grownup rabbits can eat giant portions of meals.

How Much To Feed An Adult Rabbit?

Within the first year, your rabbit will feed in additional vital portions. You can put between 50 and 80 g of pellets every day; however, proceed to offer him all his everyday vegetables occupying between 5% and 6% of his physique weight.

Let’s say 150g of hay, 100g of vegetables, and 30g of rabbit feed per rabbit. With fruits, maintain it beneath three times every week for the remainder of its life.

What Do Rabbits Eat And Drink?

Keep in mind that the rabbit food plan is predicated on pellets, fixed greens, contemporary hay and oatmeal, and loads of freshwaters.

Like I stated beforehand, we feed our rabbits vitamin-fortified rabbit meals. It’s filled with diet and retains our rabbits healthy and happy. However, if you would like extra particulars, maintain reading.

How Much Hay Do Rabbits Eat In A Month?

It depends on the rabbit and his most well-liked type of meals and how you enable him to eat.

If it’s your first time feeding a rabbit, it is always good to have sufficient meals in your first month, and after, you’ll be able to adjust. However, typically, 20 to 30 lbs of hay will get you through the month.

How Many Pellets To Feed A Baby Rabbit?

A small child rabbit will feed solely on its mother’s milk for the first three weeks. After this time, you’ll be able to feed not more than 1/8 cup per day for every 4 pounds of rabbits.

Remember that grownup rabbits want lets pellets and extra hay and vegetables.


Rabbits should all the time have hay and water out there. They recognize a daily schedule in the remainder of their meals; the best is to feed them two instances per day at a hard and fast time.

A rabbit should eat a day a: minimum of 150g of hay, 100g of vegetables, and 30g of rabbit feed per rabbit. If your pet prefers to eat meals, you’ll be able to improve the number of vegetables and hay.

These quantities are a reference, every rabbit is different, so it’s important to regulate its weight by weighing it on a weekly scale.  Ask your vet what your rabbit’s preferred weight is to determine what it must consider precisely.