How Long Do Dwarf Rabbits Live?

Each cute and adaptable to human residing preparations, dwarf rabbits are well-liked pets. When you personal one in all these cuties, you are likely to be questioning how lengthy you’ll be able to count on your dwarf rabbit to live.

How long do dwarf rabbits live? While you might hope your good little friend lives eternally, the excellent news is that dwarf rabbits are inclined to live longer than their full-sized bunny counterparts.

Commonly, dwarf rabbits live about 8-10 years. Completely different dwarf rabbit breeds live longer than others, and correct care may help your dwarf rabbit extend their lives, typically even into their teenage year.

how long do dwarf rabbits live

Dwarf Rabbit Breeds and Their Average Lifespan

Opposite to what you would possibly think, a dwarf rabbit isn’t merely a smaller-than-usual model of a rabbit. Actual dwarf rabbits particularly have a gene for dwarfism. This gene not solely makes these bunnies smaller but produces different bodily variations as nicely.

Dwarf rabbits normally don’t weigh greater than four kilos; however, not each rabbit this small is a dwarf. Actual dwarf rabbits have shorter ears, a more compact physique, and a rounder head than full-size rabbits.

There are several dwarf rabbit breeds identified to be true genetic dwarfs. These are the breeds you’ll be able to count on to live longer than full-size breeds of rabbits. The typical life expectancy for some identified dwarf rabbit breeds is listed under:

  • Netherland Dwarf: 10-12 years
  • Dwarf Lionhead: 8-10 years
  • Jersey Wooly: 7-10+years
  • Dwarf Hotot: 7-10 years
  • Mini Rex: 8-10 years
  • American Fuzzy Lop: 5-8 years
  • Holland Lop: 5-7 years
  • Mini Satin: 5-8 years

Observing that these are common life expectations for these breeds is very important. Many dwarf bunnies can reportedly dwell for 15 years with the correct diet, housing, and veterinary care.

How Long Do Dwarf Rabbits Live?

The Dwarf Lop is a small-to-medium-sized dwarf rabbit that may weigh as much as 5 pounds. It has a median lifespan of 9 to 10 years. However, it can live longer with correct care and psychological stimulation.

Dwarf or miniature rabbit breeds live longer than more excellent or large breeds. Subsequently, Dwarf Lops are prone to live past ten years, not like French lops with a lifespan of only five years.

Most issues with dwarf rabbits are linked to diet. Your rabbit’s eating regimen ought to predominantly include hay. Pellets, fruits, and greens might be offered sparsely or as treats.

Dwarf rabbits are usually not susceptible to any hereditary well-being points. However, taking correct care of your pet can enhance the standard of your life and even scale back your vet payments.

Overgrown teeth, if left untreated, can grow into the jaws and mouth and trigger discomfort and life-threatening infections. Provide hay to your dwarf rabbit as this can naturally file down its teeth.

How Long Do Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Live?

The Netherland Dwarf is among the many miniature rabbits on the earth, weighing not more than 2.5 pounds. It could live as much as 12 years and even longer with correct care and housing.

There are a couple of severe diseases you might have to guard a Netherland Dwarf rabbits. Relying on the nation you reside in, and you’ll not need to vaccinate your rabbit. It’s essential to take your rabbit to a vet and test if it is prone to any ailments.

Many steps can assist you in making sure that your rabbit’s teeth are in a healthy situation. Feeding your rabbit hay and rabbit pellets can help in enhancing its teeth. Chewing toys are one other helpful gizmo for rabbit dental health.

Correct housing circumstances are additionally a should. Hold your rabbit’s cage in the space of your yard or house the place there aren’t any drafts or direct daylight.

Excessive temperatures and cold climate might be dangerous to small breeds, such because the Netherland Dwarf, so do your greatest to guard your rabbit against harsh climate situations.

How Long Do Dwarf Lionhead Rabbits Live?

The typical lifespan of the Lionhead rabbit is 8 to 10 years. The Lionhead rabbit is a small rabbit that weighs 3.5 pounds. The lifespan of this breed is very dependent on the care you supply it. A correct diet is another critical issue that may extend its lifespan.

Offering the best sort of housing that’s shielded from direct daylight, draft, and moisture may even play a monumental position in holding your rabbit healthy and content material. Due to their heavy coats, Dwarf Lionhead Rabbits can succumb to the warmth if housed outdoor in the summertime.

Train and play are equally important and may help stop stress in captive Dwarf Lionhead Rabbits. You are avoiding stress as much as you may improve your rabbit’s lifespan.

Spaying and neutering a rabbit additionally permits it to survive rabbits that haven’t been altered. These procedures are usually essential for controlling pet populations, and however, additionally, they help stop deadly cancers from creating in dwarf rabbits.

how long does dwarf rabbits live

How Long Do Jersey Wooly Rabbits Live?

A grown Jersey Wooly weighs 2.5 to 3.5 pounds, and it isn’t unusual for one to live as much as ten years. A Jersey Wooly’s lifespan depends upon quite a few components, together with care and genetics.

A typical fantasy about Jersey Woolies is that those who have had litters die sooner. However, this hasn’t been scientifically confirmed.

Numerous rabbit breeders report having healthy Jersey Woolies regardless of having several litters. They declare that those with litter live so long as those that haven’t had any infants.

However, this doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t spay or neuter a Jersey Wooly. Except you’re a breeder, altering your rabbit is an excellent way to add years to your pet’s life. Not fixing or spaying your rabbit can improve its danger of creating life-threatening tumors.

How Long Do Dwarf Hotot Rabbits Live?

The Dwarf Hotot is a tiny, compact dwarf breed that weighs not more than 2.25 to 3.5 pounds when grown.

The average lifespan of a Dwarf Hotot is 7 to 10 years; however, its small dimension can enable it to live nicely into its teenage years. The secret is to supply a nutritious diet and the best sort of care.

Except you propose breeding your Dwarf Hotot, it’s essential to spay or neuter your rabbits because it reduces their danger of uterine cancer, testicular cancer, and different reproductive system-related ailments.

Make it possible for your rabbits to be vaccinated against myxomatosis and viral hemorrhagic illness. It’s essential to check for ticks, fleas, and mites. Commonly deworming your Dwarf Hotot can also be advisable.

Check your rabbit’s teeth to ensure they haven’t overgrown. When you discover overgrown teeth in your Dwarf Hotot, embody extra hay in your rabbit’s food plan and supply it with gnawing toys. Malocclusion is a common concern in rabbits which will cause an overbite, underbite, or different malformations.

How Long Do Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits Live?

The Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit is a near-extinct species of rabbit that usually survives for as much as five years. Weighing lower than 1 lb, there aren’t any breed-specific or hereditary ailments that endanger this species. However, some components might play a task in its extinction.

Lack of pure habitat because of developments, fires and clearings are the principal cause for them worn out.

Even in perfect situations, the typical life expectancy of a Columbia Basin Pygmy rabbit is barely Three to five years due to their dimension, making them simple prey for predators. The mortality fee of grownup Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit is an alarming 88%.

One other issue that endangers this breed is their fee of reproduction. Not like its kin, the Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit isn’t a high-yielding breeder. To ensure survival, the breed was crossed with different pygmy rabbits in conservation packages.

Hybrids of Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits with about 75% of the breed’s unique genetic make-up have been launched to the wild. The final genetically pure Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit was handed away in 2009.

How Long Do Dwarf Angora Rabbits Live?

The Mini-English Angora Rabbit, often known as the Dwarf Angora, has a median lifespan of 6 to 10 years. It’s a small breed that weighs solely 3.5 pounds when grown.

As with every dwarf rabbit, most issues with the Mini English Angora Rabbit saved in captivity relate to poor diets.

A Dwarf Angora’s eating regimen should include 80 to 90% hay and 10% rabbit pellets, fruit, and greens. Understand that the number of meals ought to be decided in line with the scale and age of your rabbit.

Ear mites, mosquitoes, and rabbit fleas are widespread points on this breed. Screening your rabbit’s hutch and utilizing a flea powder in case your rabbit is uncovered to wild rabbits can assist.

A Mini-English Angora Rabbit might be vaccinated against Calicivirus if this illness is a matter in your space.

Mini English Angora Rabbits are susceptible to excessive warmth and cold climate, mainly if housed entirely outdoors. Conserving your dwarf rabbit outdoor in poorly ventilated or draughty circumstances will increase its danger of snuffles.

how many years do dwarf rabbits live

How to Increase Your Dwarf Rabbit’s Lifespan

Regardless that dwarf rabbits are tiny, their residing areas shouldn’t be small. Intention for a cage that’s not less than 18×24 inches and 14 inches excessive. When you’re together with a litter field, be sure you add extra space.

Dwarf rabbits need a larger cage. It’s because they want loads of houses to play, run round in and stretch. This provides them with psychological stimulation. Most rabbit house owners consider that holding a rabbit in a snug cage is sufficient to supply it with mental stimulation.

Whereas rabbits are well-capable of residing outdoor and indoors with massive areas to play in, they want loads of interplay with toys and even human companions. Providing them loads of toys to chew on and play with can assist them in keeping healthy and content.

Dwarf rabbits that aren’t given good houses and enrichment aren’t as healthy as rabbits. Therefore, if you’re trying to have a rabbit that lives nicely into its double-digit years, you must make it possible, for it has plenty of space.

Allow your rabbit to play exterior its cage not less than as soon as a day. You can do this in a well-protected and fenced space of your yard or a rabbit-proofed space of your own home. Hold wiring and plastic items away out of your rabbits as they’re eager gnawers.

Chewing on hazardous supplies could cause diseases in rabbits that may take away years from their lives. Gnawing at electrical cords may result in electrocution and death in rabbits.

When you haven’t already guessed, dwarf rabbits are tiny and intimidated. Be sure you present your rabbit with a peaceful and quiet house in your house or yard.

Excessive quantities of stress from loud noises, a boisterous pet, or children could cause shock in these tiny rabbits, ultimately resulting in their death.


Following the Guinness Book of Information, the oldest identified rabbit lived to almost 19 years old. While you shouldn’t essentially count on your dwarf rabbit to outlive for that record-breaking lifespan, residing into their teenage years isn’t out of the query for them.

Your dwarf rabbit’s genetics will issue into how long they dwell; however, you can do your half by offering glorious care and all the time following your veterinarian’s recommendation.

When you do, the likelihood is you, and your dwarf rabbit will be capable of taking pleasure in a few years collectively.