German Shepherd Rough Collie Mix | What You Need to Know!

A German Shepherd Rough Collie mix is also referred to as “Shollie”. Thought of as a designer dog, Shollies have grown to be popular with canine breeders within the final three decades. It’s a mixture of two large dogs, so count on it to be tall and protecting.

Regardless of its size, taking good care of a Shollie is easy. Each of its parents is recognized to be intelligent. This breed is highly trainable.

It’s important to groom it as soon as per week to maintain its coat healthy. If somebody has an allergy at residence, a Shollie may not be suitable for you because it isn’t hypoallergenic.

german shepherd rough collie mix

The German Shepherd Rough Collie Mix

If you are searching for a fantastic herding dog, you will get a German Shepherd Rough Collie mix. Each parent of this breed is a herding dog. Collies are recognized to be the most effective herding dog in Scotland.

Rough collies were imported from Scotland to the US within the early 1900s. Completely different breeders have tried to mix this breed with varying breeds of dog, producing a taller Rough Collie within the mid-1900s.

Nonetheless, it isn’t clear when Shollies began to seem or who did the primary breeding of a German Shepherd and a Rough collie.

German Shepherd Rough Collie Mix Personality

That this designer dog is intelligent identical to its parents. It’s also good, simple to train, and sound. They develop a deep bond with their dog’s owners. Coming from parents of herding dogs, Shollies are sturdy and highly effective. They’re alert too.

Collies are recognized for barking, so you’ll be able to count on a Shollie to be a barker too. In addition, they bark if there’s a potential threat around them. If you want a guard dog, get a German Shepherd Rough Collie mix.

For first-time dog parents, this medium to giant dimension hybrid is just not recommended. This kind of dog and its character is fitted to seasoned breeders and dog owners.

In the event you don’t love staying outdoors or taking walks, you shouldn’t get this very energetic canine too. Shollies are aggressive and energetic that you can’t confine them indoors. Don’t depart a Shollie with kids or smaller pets. Their energetic nature might be harmful generally.

About The German Shepherds

German Shepherds are medium to massive size dogs. They’re generally known as ‘working dogs’ that originated from Germany. Within the UK, it was referred to as Alsatian.

It’s categorized as a working dog due to its being skilled to herd sheep, look and rescue, offer incapacity help, and for military and police roles.

About The Rough Collies

Rough Collies are the long-haired sort of Collie. One other type of Collie is the excellent Smooth Collie. As a Rough Collie with a shorter coat. Each breed of Collies is trained to herd sheep in Scotland.

Rough Collies grew to become popular after the well-known motion pictures of Lad and Lassie. Rough Collies are medium to massive dimension dogs and are highly trainable.

German Shepherd Rough Collie Mix Weight and Size

You’ll be able to count on an adult German Shepherd Rough Collie to weigh as much as 95 pounds for a male and as much as 80 pounds for a feminine.

It might develop as much as 29 inches for a male and 25 inches for a female. It comes with a lifespan of as much as 15 years.

German Shepherd Rough Collie Mix Appearance and Grooming

The dominating colors of a Shollie are blue, black white, black saddle, black, sable, tan, or brindle. Pure-bred Shollies might be bi-colors or tricolors.

The German Shepherd Rough Collie mix comes with a medium to long coat. The coat of Shollies is thicker than its parents. They’re recognized to shed reasonably, so you have to brush its coat as soon as a day. They are grooming as soon as per week is highly recommended.

Bathing a Shollie is dependent upon want. It’s an energetic dog like its parents, but the bathtub is sufficient to prevent pores and skin dryness as soon as a month. Brush its tooth as soon as a day, too, and check its nails regularly.

All the time, check its pores and skin for redness or indicators of rashes. The Shollies have delicate skin; they usually develop skin infections mainly once they keep outdoors regularly.

In case you are planning to undertake a German Shepherd Rough Collie, get a vacuum too. This breed sheds regularly.

German Shepherd Rough Collie Mix Food

If you don’t want to give your uncooked dog meals since you hate to organize them, you need to use the record they offered as your information. You’ll be able to feed your Shollies with meals that are highly advisable to its parent – the German Shepherd.

Being a big dog, Shollies must eat lots. Its eating regimen should include low carbs, protein, fat, vegetables, and meat.

Keep in mind to be careful with the energy on the meals you might be giving and never the number of food. You’ll be able to combine a German Shepherd Rough Collie three times a day, mainly when you usually do outside activities.

Training A German Shepherd Rough Collie Mix

Due to its intelligent heritage, this breed is straightforward to train. It’s best to prepare your Shollie as early as attainable. When it’s correctly skilled, it reduces its aggressive habits and will get friendlier to kids and smaller animals.

Shollies decide a trick, particularly when given a positive reinforcement resembling treats. Keep in mind to not give too many sweets, although. They’re prone to turning into obese.

Facts About the German Shepherd Rough Collie Mix

Earlier than taking home a German Shepherd Rough Collie mix, listed here are some details about this breed that you ought to be conscious of:

  • It’s a loyal breed
  • It likes to herd small animals and other people
  • It’s simple to train
  • It doesn’t bite until it feels threatened
  • It’s playful
  • It’s an energetic breed
  • It requires space, so don’t get one if you live in a small house like a condo.
  • It requires common grooming
  • It sheds every single day
  • It’s not hypo-allergenic
  • It comes with minimal health points (obesity and dysplasia are among the many few health points related to this breed)

German Shepherd Rough Collie Mix Health

Shollies love to remain in a chilly setting. Don’t depart them outdoors, mainly whether it is too sizzling. Give it water regularly. The parent of Shollies, the German Shepherd, is thought of for one situation hip dysplasia.

Shollies are susceptible to creating hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia of their lifetime. To make sure that your Shollie is secure, ask your breeder for health ensures. Guarantee that the German Shepherd’s parent is from a household freed from dysplasia.

Obesity can also be frequent amongst large dogs. Don’t give an excessive amount of food to your Shollie, even if it is begging. Keep away from giving your pet food out of your desk.

Dogs don’t break sugar as people do; therefore, once they eat something candy, it accumulates in their physique, making dogs extra susceptible to obesity. Obesity additionally will increase the danger of creating dysplasia.

To cut back the danger of obesity and dysplasia, give your Shollies swimming classes. Swimming will preserve their joints stronger.

It can additionally take away the stress from their joints. Excessive joint stress is the primary reason behind dysplasia amongst dogs. German Shepherds can’t swim naturally; however, being energetic dogs, they love being within the waters.

Additionally, permitting your dog to play open-air, letting it run and leap can enhance its health situation. Have interaction with them in any bodily exercise, and they’re going to get pleasure from it.

A German Shepherd Rough Collie Mix at Home

Shollies love enjoying round. Don’t let it sit for hours because it will get bored simply. When bored, it will possibly tear something on its path.

As soon as you’re taking it out, you’ll be able to count on it to take a seat around afterward. A German Shepherd Rough Collie mix additionally likes to go couch potato after a tiring day.

Even when they love staying outdoors, don’t depart a Shollie open air in a single day. It’s a working canine with an extended and thick coat. However, it doesn’t do nicely in a frigid environment. At night time, it still prefers to sleep the place indoors it’s warmer.

Taking Care of a Shollie Dogs

Shollies present an excellent firm. If you are into climbing or jogging, you’ll be able to convey your Shollie with you. It is a superb family dog as nicely. It might guard your private home and your loved ones from any threats.

Being a big dog, thieves will suppose twice as soon as they hear your Shollie’s bark. Above all, this is likely one of the few hybrids that don’t have any medical issues.

If you understand how to care for your Shollie, you’ll be able to get pleasure from a decade and a half with it without worrying about its health.

Final Thoughts

Equally to GSDs, Rough Collies are extraordinarily clever and highly trainable dogs. However, they’re additionally much like GSDs in that they have a working mindset and aren’t at all times “down with the kids,” so to talk.

They may shield their residence and their proprietor fiercely. However, this behavior might be prevented with early-onset training and socialization.

Moreover, Rough Collies are naturally inquisitive dogs who don’t get pleasure from sitting with no job or a sport to play. This will typically result in destructive behavior. This is mainly if a Collie is saved cooped up without toys or different enrichment activities.

With all of this in thoughts, it’s seemingly that a German Shepherd Collie mix will have to be saved as a working or sporting dog until you can exercise him continuously and provide him with issues to maintain his busy brain focus.

You’ll additionally have to have plenty of time to devote to training and socializing a Collie Shepherd if you would like them to indicate a more social aspect.

Though a hybrid pet could also be an equal mixture of its purebred parents, there’s additionally the chance that the puppy will take after one parent extra so than the opposite. You’ll want to be ready to handle a situation like that, as nicely.