Do Ferrets And Rabbits Get Along?

Ferrets and rabbits share some bodily traits, which can have you ever questioning, do ferrets get together with rabbits? Unfortunately, no. Ferrets and rabbits don’t get alongside within the wild.

Do ferrets and rabbits get along? So they don’t get alongside pets. One of the best ways to keep each animal glad is always to keep them separated.

Let’s look a bit nearer at the relationship between these two animals, each of whom has seen rising recognition within the pet world.

do ferrets eat rabbits

Can Ferrets And Rabbits Live Together?

No, because of their reverse natures, ferrets and rabbits can’t stay collectively. Ferrets are carnivorous predators, whereas rabbits are herbivores, prey to most carnivores.

There isn’t a doubt that a ferret will assault a rabbit in this situation; the one query is when it’ll occur.

Do Ferrets Eat Rabbits?

Sure, a ferret will almost definitely kill and eat a rabbit; that’s the reason it isn’t beneficial to maintain them collectively. Rabbits are a part of the ferret’s supreme, pure diet, so a rabbit is in peril at any time when it’s close to a ferret.

Some ferret homeowners who feed their ferrets with a raw meat diet use rabbit meat (amongst different meat) as an excellent supply of vitamins, which reveals that ferrets see rabbits as a meal. This doesn’t imply a ferret is an aggressive animal, and it’s of their nature to behave that manner.

Do Ferrets And Rabbits Get Along

Though they might sound like a match made in heaven, rabbits shouldn’t socialize with ferrets under any circumstances. This will display a bit harsh; however, it’s a fact. Before we clarify why this isn’t a good suggestion, let’s share some basic details about each animal.


Rabbits are small mammals from the Leporidae family. Rabbits are herbivores that eat grass and leafy crops, and they broadly unfold everywhere in the world.

There are wild and domesticated rabbit species. Domestic species are used as livestock and pets, whereas wild species could be thought of as pests.


Ferrets are small mammals from the Mustelidae family. Ferrets are carnivores, which implies that they must eat meat to outlive. They share a family with polecats, stoats, weasels, and otters.

Ferrets are domesticated animals primarily used as working animals and as pets. Their wild cousins are predators.

Ferrets & Rabbits in History

Ferrets and rabbits share historical pasts, however not in a significant way. All of it occurred greater than 2,500 years in the past when people began domesticating ferrets’ ancestors.

The explanation for their domestication was to hunt rabbits and different pests, and that job continues to be happening immediately in some components of the world. There are still locations where people hunt rabbits with the assistance of ferrets.

How Did it All Begin?

Since ferrets are carnivores, they need to eat meat. One of many daily meals for ferrets is complete rabbits alongside different small animals like mice, rats, small birds, and even reptiles.

As soon as people discovered the benefits of ferrets’ bodily traits, they determined to cultivate them. Because of ferrets’ strong prey drive, they had been thought of as excellent hunters.

Due to their lengthy and versatile physique, they managed to observe rabbits into tunnels, chasing them down and finally killing them (alone or with the assistance of searching canines and people).

We can say that rabbits and ferrets are pure enemies, and so they each have an enormous function in one another’s lives.

do ferrets eat rabbits

How To Live With a Ferret & Rabbit Under One Roof

One of the best things you can do in your rabbit is to maintain it away from your ferret in any respect to prices. However, if that isn’t doable for some motive, there are methods to keep them each in your house without endangering the rabbit.

  • Don’t Let Them Interact.

One of the best ways to maintain them secure is to not find out about each other. Preserve the rabbit in a single room and the ferret within the different. Please don’t allow them to share a room, don’t let the ferret enter the rabbit’s room, and vice versa.

Holding them unaware will cut back the stress a rabbit will feel as soon as it smells the ferret, and the ferret won’t feel the necessity to discover the rabbit. They are separating their scents as a lot as doable is essential.

  • Change Your Clothes

Holding them aside is an efficient beginning; however, this isn’t the best factor to do. If you wish to work together with each animal, you must wash your palms totally and alter garments to not scent like a rabbit or ferret.

Ferrets have a particular smell so that you could be certain a rabbit will smell it in your attire. It’s a similar story with rabbits because each animal has a smell, regardless of how weak we assume it.

  • Don’t Let Them Free Roam.

Though each animal can roam the home freely, could you not allow them to do this? When an animal walks around the house, it leaves a scent path, which is precisely what you need to keep away from.

Set agency guidelines about which rooms can be found to which animal. Make sure that their paths by no means cross.

  • Safe The Rabbit Enclosure

The final step you can always keep your rabbit secure is to strengthen his enclosure. Guarantee that the doorways on the section have a lock so the rabbit can’t escape, nor can a ferret enter the chamber.

When you’ve got a wired cage, be sure that the hole between wires isn’t greater than an inch massive. Whether it is, a ferret can enter the enclosure using the spot.

Additionally, if you can, elevate the rabbit enclosure so the ferret can’t attain it. You may put it on the dresser, on the desk, or make a base to maintain it above the bottom.

Can Rabbits and Ferrets Live in the Same Family?

Sure. You may have a rabbit and a ferret stay collectively in the identical home. However, you will take several precautions for the two animals to be secure in your house.

For starters, it is best to by no means have the animals in an identical room, even when one among them is caged, mainly if the rabbit is in a regular rabbit cage.

It is because the ferret will be capable of clawing using the cage to attain the rabbit. Even when the ferret is unable to succeed in the rabbit, it may genuinely find itself inflicting ‘worry’ within the rabbit, which might result in all kinds of points.

When you’ve got your ferret operating unfastened in the home, then you’ll want to make sure that you supervise it always. If you are heading out, then the ferret must be put into the cage.

By no means let a ferret or a rabbit run unfastened if you are out. It’s good to get into this behavior early.

Most people who’ve rabbits and ferrets in their houses could have the two residing on separate flooring within the dwelling. This clearly won’t forestall every problem; it ought to preserve them to the minimum.

Final Thoughts

Ferrets and rabbits usually are not an excellent match below any circumstance. Unfortunately, there are too many issues between them to make that attainable.

However, if you completely should home them below one roof, make each effort to ensure that these two animals don’t find out about one another.