Why Does My Cat Want Me To Watch Her Eat?

why does my cat want me to watch her eat

Each morning I get up to a fully ravenous little cat. She’s meowing, pacing, pawing, and letting me any means she will be able to that it’s time to go downstairs and

Do Cats Pee and Poop At The Same Time?

do cats pee and poop at the same time

Everyone does it together with our cats. It is probably not one thing we love to speak about, but it surely’s still an exceptionally necessary part of caring for our

How Long Can Cats Go Without Eating?

how long can cats go without eating

It may be sort of scary when your cat loses their urge for food, particularly since our cats are often those reminding us that their meals bowl is empty. If

Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me?

why does my cat run away from me

I can only think about what our kitties assume when our tall and clumsy bodies move in their direction of them. Some are likely to be used to it by

Natural Sources of Taurine for Cats

natural sources of taurine for cats

Taurine is an amino acid that’s an essential part of any cat’s food regimen. It’s particularly beneficial for coronary heart health, but it will also be used to spice up

How to Get Your Kitten to Stop Biting?

how to get your kitten to stop biting

There’s no denying that kittens are adorably cute, fluffy, and playful! Generally, that playful streak can cross over into biting their house owners. If your kitten has been biting you,