Why Do Cats Like Rubber Bands?

why do cats like rubber bands

I feel that by now, we all know that cats are unpredictable people. You purchase them the softest sleeping bed ever made, and so they’ll still select to sleep within

Why Does My Cat Scratch Around His Food?

why does my cat scratch around his food

Most of us know that our cats have many quirks; however, I’m positive you may have seen one specifically: they scratch the floor around their food earlier than or after

Why Do Cats Run Away From Home?

why do cats run away from home

A few of us may feel reluctant to let our kitty roam outdoors for the security of our home. Some dwell in areas where it’s simply not attainable, after which

Why Do Cats Hate Getting Their Nails Cut?

why do cats hate getting their nails cut

Opposite to how cats typically yelp, squirm and run away from you if you attempt to lower their nails, trimming a cat’s nails isn’t painful until you clip their nails

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower?

why does my cat watch me shower

Cats are identified as curious and observant as their all-seeing eyes watch over their area; however, what’s so fascinating about showers? Why does my cat watch me shower? Being in the

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails While Lying Down?

why do cats wag their tails while lying down

For some people, cats will be obscure. Cats aren’t always as apparent about their moods and emotions as dogs. However, they’ve some ways of communicating with their behavior. One such

Why Is My Cat Thin At The Back End?

why is my cat thin at the back end

We’re all interested in affectionate cats, which can be bulky and healthy. However, it may be deceiving as a cat can look large; it’s mostly fur. Why is my cat

How Do Cats Keep Cool In The Summer?

how do cats keep cool in the summer

Great summertime. All of us like it, together with our kittens! However, just like us, cats are susceptible to dehydration, sunburn, and heatstroke if not provided with the chance to