Can You Put Two Bearded Dragons Together?

Bearded dragons are taking on most houses as the perfect pet reptile companions. They’re lovely, laid-back, and docile; no surprise, pet mother and father think about proudly owning a couple of bearded dragons.

Can you put two bearded dragons together? As well as, these reptiles get pleasure from human company, and if you may get several beardies, why not?

However, one factor it’s best to think about earlier than bringing house one other beardie is the place you’ll preserve your latest companion. However, bearded dragons can tolerate sharing areas with people, not fellow bearded dragons.

Read on for more insights about why beardies shouldn’t share a house and when it’s okay for them to live collectively.

can you put two bearded dragons together

Why Bearded Dragons Should Not Live Together

Two beardies can doubtlessly share an enclosure without exhibiting any issues. However, it is a big gamble, and they’re higher off living individually.

These pet reptiles are solitary creatures within the wild and thrive going about their days solo. Bearded dragons don’t crave consideration, interplay, or firm from others to feel content material and happy.

Since they’ve developed to remain alone, they naturally thrive extra once they don’t share their areas with different beings. And, no, your beardie won’t feel lonely, unhappy, or suffer from anxiety if it doesn’t have a good friend.

Risks of Housing Multiple Bearded Dragons in One Tank

Beardies could also be cute and laid-back. However, they’re intensely territorial. They don’t respect different dragons invading their private areas for essentially the most part.

They’ll show aggression, particularly males, who essentially have the most passionate territorial streaks. Plus, sharing a habitat prevents ample and enough basking.

Because of this, bearded dragons depend on warmth lamps for basking in captivity, which is important for their health as warmth aids digestion.

These animals require to bask after a meal to digest the meals they’ve had. Nevertheless, inadequate basking causes health points like intestine rot, where the meals stay within the abdomen and rot away undigested.

Beardies that share a tank could scramble for basking positions, and it’s frequent to see one hogging the heater and never permitting the opposite entry to it.

This primarily occurs because of dominance, as one dragon will shield and dominate a selected spot within the tank.

Two or More Male Beardies Together

You could need to keep away from conserving some male beardies collectively if you’d like peace and fewer vet visits. You possibly can make sure that their keep will essentially contain the most fierce and violent fight over dominance.

Male beardies need to feel like they personal their areas to fight over the identical territory if they live together. Sadly, these battles typically finish with one or each reptile severely harmed.

Female and Female Collectively

Several female bearded dragons might be able to share a habitat with supervision as they aren’t so intensely territorial as their male counterparts – however that being stated, we nonetheless advocate separate housing above all for total security measures.

For those who do have two females and a male beardie, you won’t doubtless witness fights over him. Even nonetheless, it’s endorsed all have their very own separate tanks, even when you’re letting them roam along with supervision in the day.

Male and Female Together

A pair of feminine and male beardie will work; however, make sure that they’ll mate and reproduce more excellently than it’s your decision. Whereas this pair commonly coexist, it is essential to control them as male beardies are typically hostile when trying to mate.

It’s not unusual that this aggression when in warmth, leaves the female bearded dragon harmed. The male bites the feminine’s neck or mouth to pin her down and forestall her from escaping.

Feminine beardies can lay around 20 eggs per clutch and three to Four grips per mating process. This implies that you could end up with over 40-80 eggs within the tank.

So, when you pair the female and male for breeding, it will be most acceptable to organize for when the hatching time comes, or it will likely be pretty a shock.

Additionally, be sure that the female pet is at least two years earlier than pairing it with a male in the identical tank. If they mate earlier than the female is sexually mature, it could cause health problems.

By no means home two male dragons in the identical enclosure with one female beardie as it could set off fights over her.

For that reason, chances are you’ll need to suppose lengthy and laborious earlier than you home your feminine and male bearded dragons in the identical tank. Accomplish that solely if you’d like them to breed.

Two Baby Dragons Together

Child beardies get alongside effectively in the identical enclosure for a while, so long as their sizes are related.

Younger dragons even do significantly better if they have been nurtured collectively since they have been hatchlings than if they’re two strangers. However, they become more territorial and develop aggression over time as they become old.

You could home baby beards together. It might be time to separate them as quickly as you notice aggression, although.

can you put 2 baby bearded dragons together

Consider Your Pets’ Sizes

Size issues when pairing bearded dragons. They’re higher off separating if they differ considerably in size. A creature’s size performs an essential function within the animal kingdom, and sometimes the smallest person dies not ever come out on prime.

An unlimited dragon sharing an enclosure with a bit beardie can immediately the sizeable grownup injure and kill the extra petite roommate.

Other than that, the larger bearded dragon could find itself snatching all of the meals you provide them, main the small man to die of hunger ultimately.

However, aggression, and mistreatment may even happen between child beardie with their mom. So, don’t enable a child dragon to share an enclosure with any grownup, even when it’s the mother.

Ensure that you keep a close watch over your pets when you determine that they need to live together. Separate them instantly that one shows aggressive behaviors, biting marks, or generally sad and never flourishing.

How to Tell If a Bearded Dragon is Being Bullied

You’ll not miss the telltale indicators about attainable intimidation when two beardies share an enclosure. Fortunately, beardies all the time present their emotions using certain traits.

For example, an uncomfortable and disturbed bearded dragon could show:

  • Arm waving
  • Stress
  • Loss of appetite
  • Slow head bobbing

The bully can even show behaviors that present attempting to intimidate the opposite. Such behaviors include:

  • Fast head bobbing
  • Pinning down the opposite beardie
  • Puffing the beard
  • Standing tall and proud

How to Take Care of an Injured Bearded Dragon

Right here’s how to make sure the security of your beardies if certainly one of them will get bitten or scratched after fighting or mating.

  • Clean the injuries and bite sites by flushing saltwater over the injured locations.
  • Apply antibiotic ointment to be wounded areas to cut back the danger of infection.
  • Cowl the affected cleaned and handled areas with a pad to encourage therapeutically.
  • You’ll have to take your pet to a household vet if the accidents are serious, contaminated, and impacts your pet’s mobility.

What to Do If You Have Multiple Dragons

Give One Beardie Away

The first thing to do is give one away to stop each from being sad. This answer isn’t perfect, mainly when you grew connected to both pets; however, it’s the most secure choice to avoid future issues.

Get Multiple Tanks

You probably have a couple of beardies and don’t need to give the opposite away; find one other tank arranged. However, it implies that you’ll spend extra money on a second enclosure.

Last Word

Pet outlets promote bearded dragons in teams because they need to generate income. Please don’t make the error of buying all of them at once with no correct plan.

Whereas there’s no particular reply whether or not to permit several bearded dragons to share a tank, what’s sure is that two males, or two males and one feminine bearded dragon, should by no means share an enclosure.