Can Rats Eat Cheese? What You Need to Know!

The lore of rats and cheese goes approaches again. There are many popular culture references in TV, films like “Ratatouille,” and more; however, that doesn’t imply that you need to be feeding your rattons of cheese.

Can rats eat cheese? The reality is that whereas rats can eat small quantities of cheese as occasional treats, you need to watch out not to overdo it.

Rats genuinely don’t like cheese practically as a lot as popular culture would lead you to imagine.

can rats eat cheese

Can Rats Eat Cheese? What Types Of Cheese?

Sure, cheese is a safe food for your rat. Though it is one of the meals your rat can eat, you need to take into account that some animals are lactose intolerant and would possibly suffer if they’re fed cheese or products containing lactose every day. Lactose intolerance leads to diarrhea.

Cheese shouldn’t be included in their everyday diet however should be more of an occasional deal with. Cheese may be fattening for some rats, mainly if they aren’t notably energetic all through the day.

At a similar time, be sure your rat stays away from blue cheese. It incorporates mildew which is toxic for your baby rat. Since rats can’t vomit, your rat could ultimately die.

Is Cheese Good For Rats?

Rats will eat absolutely anything; however, rats don’t view cheese as a treat. Whereas it’s entirely secure for them in small portions, they view it as simply one other meals source.

That’s why it’s greatest to feed your rat one thing that they’ll genuinely view as a treat instead of cheese, although you may undoubtedly provide it to them. In any case, cheese is entirely secure in small quantities, even when we don’t suggest it.

Whereas nearly every cheese out there’s completely safe on your rat, one notable exception is blue cheese. The mildew that grows on blue cheese and makes it blue is highly poisonous for rats.

Please keep away from blue cheese in any respect prices, or else there’s a superb chance that you simply make your rat sick and even kill them.

Better Treat Tips for Your Rat

If you happen to should keep away from feeding your rat cheese because they don’t take care of it and it’s not good for them, what are higher choices out there? We highlighted five excellent decisions right here.


Before feeding your rat any apple slices, make sure that you take away the seeds. Apple seeds comprise cyanide, and whereas it’s a sufficiently small quantity that it won’t harm you, it may be dangerous to a lot smaller rats.

However, your rat will undoubtedly love the sweetness of the apples, and because it’s a fruit, there are many valuable vitamins there too.


One fruit that your rat won’t be capable of getting sufficient of is peaches. However, like apples, you have to be careful what you’re giving them.

Please don’t feed your rat the pit of the peach because it incorporates cyanide at ranges that may be deadly on your rat.

When you don’t suppose your rat can chew up and eat the pit, they’ve highly sturdy teeth and a decided attitude towards food.


Whereas you need to watch out about what you’re placing on the rooster, there’s nothing fallacious with giving your rat a protein-enhanced by feeding them some cooked rooster. Your rat will possibly love the flavor, and it’s low in fats.

Make sure that it’s not a big part of their diet because it’s not pretty much as good for them as other meals.


As your rat loves different fruits, grapes are a trendy choice. Even higher, you don’t want to fret about chopping them up or taking out the seeds or pits with grapes.

Grapes have tons of vitamins, and rats can’t get sufficient of the sweet flavor. Keep in mind that similar to different treats, you have to be careful of how you feed your rat a lot.


Whereas you have to be careful of how much you give your rat and how you put together the eggs, they will make an essential addition to your rat’s diet. Egg whites provide tons of protein, and it’s in a kind that a rat can digest and retain all of it.

Merely hard-boil the eggs, and feed your rat the egg whites. Whereas they will eat the yolks, they don’t provide the same nutrition advantages as the egg whites. You may scramble eggs; however, don’t add any additional seasonings when cooking them.


Do Rats Like To Eat Cheese?

Whereas rats like cheese, they don’t like it. Rats want sweeter treats, and there are many higher decisions out there. When you should only feed them any of those treats carefully, in addition, they provide essential vitamins, and your rat will like them more.

So, whereas rats will eat cheese because they’ll eat absolutely anything, they don’t like cheese greater than other food.

Other Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Rat

Whereas many foods make lovely treats on your rat, there are just a few that you need to avoid. Right here, we highlighted 5 of essentially the most harmful culprits.


Chocolate is just about a no-no for all pets, and a rat is not different. Whereas a rat will happily gobble up chocolate for those who feed it to them, it’ll possibly kill them within the process.

Each the caffeine and theobromine in chocolate are poisonous to rats, and since your rat is a lot smaller, even slightly chocolate could make them extremely sick or be fatal.


Whereas rats can eat many similar foods that we chow down on, they ultimately can’t have licorice.

Whereas the precise reasoning that it’s so unhealthy for rats is slightly technical, the short reply is that it causes neurological harm. Keep away from each pink and black licorice on your rats.

Green Potatoes

Green potatoes aren’t simply poisonous to rats, and they’re toxic for you too! Whereas your rats would possibly gobble down the potatoes you can’t eat, chances are that they’ll kill your rat.

Green potatoes fall alongside the traces of a straightforward rule that you have to comply with relating to giving people food to animals: for those who can’t eat it, don’t give it to your rat.

Poppy Seeds

Whereas just a few poppy seeds won’t kill your rat, you have to be highly cautious with meals that comprise poppy seeds, and it’s greatest to keep away from them entirely.

Massive poppy seeds could cause neurological harm and kill your pet rat. Since finding out how much is safe may be challenging, we suggest avoiding them entirely.

Peanut Butter

To be clear, peanut butter or Nutella isn’t poisonous to rats, but it indeed’s still one thing that you have to keep away from feeding them. These sticky meals can block their airways, and rats can’t vomit to clear their airways.

Whereas your rat would possibly love peanut butter and Nutella, it’s not well worth the threat of them choking to loss of life.

What Else Can I Do To Keep My Pet Rat Out Of Danger?

In addition to making the listing and consulting it each time you might be feeding your rat, you should be further cautious once you let your rat explore. Not all persons are rat lovers and would possibly attempt to poison yours if they see it.

Ensure your home doesn’t have any holes your rat can crawl into and get to your neighbor. Similarly, be sure your home windows are closed or that your rat doesn’t have entry to them. This way, you’ll stop your rat from escaping and getting poisoned.

In the meantime, instruct your loved ones to check the meals record earlier than feeding the rat. When you’ve got associates that come over typically, guide them as effectively.

You by no means know which one among your friends grows quite keen on your rat and by chance feeds it one thing he’s not allowed to eat. Observe down each food it was given by different people if you want to observe what he has been eating.

At a similar time, know that rats have an approach of holding themselves away from new meals. They style it, after which they wait a couple of minutes and even longer to see if one thing occurs.

This way, they know precisely what is pleasant and dangerous for them. So, have endurance each time introducing new components to your rat’s diet.

Final Thoughts

Whereas your rat would possibly gobble down everything you put in the front of them, that doesn’t imply each food is excellent for them.

Some meals are worse than others, and however, because you control their diet, there’s no purpose to give them one of the best of the best of all of the foods they will safely have.

So, whereas cheese is safe in small quantities, it’s higher off for those who keep away from it and provides them foods that they honestly love.