Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peanuts? What You Need to Know!

America’s favorite legume that parades as a nut, peanuts, has changed into a dietary staple found in kitchen cabinets throughout the nation.

However, the next time that you just are snacking on raw, roasted, salted, or peanut butter treats, you could end up questioning: can my guinea pig eat this with me?

Can guinea pigs eat peanuts? Briefly, no – your guinea pig can’t eat peanuts. Whereas they’re not toxic to your guinea pig, they’re loaded with the potential to hurt your guinea pig’s delicate digestive system.

Add to that a vital choking hazard, and it’s clear that they’re not meals that it’s best to add to your cavy’s diet. To get the entire story on why your guinea pig shouldn’t eat peanuts, learn on.

can guinea pigs eat peanuts

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peanut Butter? What About Peanut Shells?

Completely not on each count. Whereas once more, neither peanut butter nor peanut shells are poisonous to guinea pigs, neither confers any dietary benefit.

The identical goes for boiled, roasted, salted, or in any other case, ready peanuts none of them are appropriate to feed to your guinea pig.

As a substitute, go for vet-approved leafy greens and hydrating fruits whenever you’re desirous of rewarding your cavy with a particular snack.

Peanut Nutrition Details

In keeping with, peanuts comprise the next guinea pig-related vitamins in a 100-gram serving:

  • 567 calories, coming primarily from a whopping 49 grams of whole fats and 6.3 grams of saturated fats.
  • 16 grams of carbohydrates, together with 4.7 grams of sugar and 8.5 grams of dietary fiber.
  • 26 grams of protein is not a whole supply of amino acids.
  • No vitamin A or vitamin C.

Are There Any Health Advantages of Peanuts for Guinea Pigs?

Briefly, no. Even when you love peanuts and want to share them with your guinea pig, peanuts have not one of the needed vitamins for guinea pigs that may hold them healthy and blissful.

Even the fiber that will usually contribute to a guinea pig’s healthy dietary wants is made invalid by the extremely excessive presence of fat.

Why Are Peanuts Dangerous for Guinea Pigs?

Apart from their complete lack of dietary profit for guinea pigs, peanuts additionally place your pet at significant danger of choking. Moreover, their extremely excessive fats and protein content put your guinea pig’s digestive well-being in peril.

Consider it this way: you, as a human, are completely able to eat just a few handfuls of peanuts or an enormous scoop of peanut butter without feeling any ailing effects.

However, when even a single peanut is so massive compared to your guinea pig’s tiny physique, this represents a large serving of peanuts as a lot as a pound or two of peanut butter for a human! We think that you’d have a fairly badly upset stomach after eating that many peanuts, too.

What to Do If Your Guinea Pig Accidentally Eats A Peanut

Was your guinea pig roaming about while you have been snacking on peanuts? In that case, there’s a very good likelihood that they noticed fit to take part in your stash.

If they aren’t choking, by no means worry: The worst that’s more likely to occur is a bad tummy ache and probably diarrhea.

Hold a close eye on your pet’s bowel actions to ensure that they’re neither constipated nor runny for too lengthy, and take them to the vet if any signs persist for greater than a day.


Are Peanuts Safe for Guinea Pigs?

We’d disappoint you. However, it’s best to by no means share peanuts together with your guinea pig. Peanuts are on the listing of guinea pig unhealthy meals. Peanuts will not be secure for guinea pigs due to their acidic and excessive fats.

If your guinea pig has taken one peanut, it won’t damage him in all probability, so don’t panic instantly. However, it’s not good when you feed your guinea pig peanuts recurrently.

Peanuts don’t comprise vitamin C and different vitamins that guinea pigs want, so we can say that peanuts are virtually ineffective for them. Because of their excessive fat content, peanuts may cause stomach upset in guinea pigs.

Possible side effects of peanut consumption are bloating, diarrhea and vomiting, so keep away from feeding your guinea pigs peanuts.

Giving your guinea pig peanuts long-term could lead to weight problems and digestive and coronary heart issues.

Not only are peanuts dangerous on your guinea pig, but in addition, peanut butter and peanut butter crackers, so hold them away from your guinea pig.

Peanut butter is sticky and chewy so that it may be choking hazards on your cavy. These peanut products are too fatty for guinea pigs and might cause many health points in their gastrointestinal tract.

The one part of peanut that your guinea pig can eat is the peanut shell because it may be delicate and doesn’t comprise fats.

So, when you are eating peanuts, you can provide your guinea pigs with only peanut shells, nothing else.

However, some experts consider that peanut shells are additionally harmful to guinea pigs because they are often choking hazards on your guinea pig. So, it’s best to keep away from peanuts at all.

  • Abstract

As you’ll be able to see above, peanuts will not be good for guinea pigs, so it’s best to keep away from them. Peanuts are too fatty for your guinea pig’s somewhat tummy, so they shouldn’t be included in the guinea pig’s diet.

You shouldn’t feed your guinea pig any nut or nutshell because these meals could be choking hazards and might cause many health points in your guinea pig.

It’s higher to feed your guinea pig fruits like bananas and greens, which might be permitted and which might be on the listing of guinea pig secure meals. This way, your cavy will keep healthy, lively, and blissful.

Dangers to Consider When Feeding Peanuts to Guinea Pigs

I’m afraid that this article will be the longest one. There are many completely different dangers for guinea pigs relating to peanuts.

  • Allergic reactions

Each guinea pig proprietor wants to keep in mind that even when a food is labeled as “safe for guinea pigs,” his guinea pig might need some form of a response to it. This is the reason it’s good to observe your pet after you give him one thing new to eat.

  • Suffocating

Shelled peanuts are very harmful to such small animals. Guinea pigs are normally quick in eating, so they don’t pay plenty of consideration to the chewing half. Shells can slide on the throat, and guinea pigs may choke.

Even when guinea pigs will not eat peanuts, they’re allowed to eat the shell, a part of the peanut. Regardless, AVOID it because it could represent a serious choking hazard on your guinea pig.

  • Not suited for them

Peanuts are just not suited to them due to the excessive quantities of fats current, and this fat could make guinea pigs develop certain diseases.

Final Thoughts

We’ll say it as soon as extra, loud and clear: peanuts will not be a very good meal for guinea pigs and shouldn’t be fed to them.

Fortunately, they’re not poisonous, so in case your guinea obtained into peanuts on accident, it’s no cause for quick alarm.

Hold a cautious eye on them and supply them with loads of clear water and recent hay to flush the fatty substances out of their system. Little doubt that after consuming an everyday diet for a day or two, they’ll be feeling utterly again to regular.