Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peaches? What You Need to Know!

When you’ve received luscious, juicy, and refreshing peaches, you might be questioning whether it is okay to share them with your guinea pig.

Can guinea pigs eat peaches? You’ll be glad to know that your Good fluffy friend could also be much more sensitive to various vegetables and fruits, however not peaches. Go forward and share the fruit with your pet guinea pig.

Though guinea pigs thrive on high-quality pellets and hay largely, you too can eat small quantities of fruits like peaches now and then. Be careful, although identical to different fruits; it’s best to restrict how many peaches your piggy eats.

Keep reading for extra significant perception on everything about peaches for guinea pigs.

can guinea pigs eat peaches

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peaches

Peaches are completely delicious, juicy, and favorite fruit treats for guinea pigs. They’re delicious mouthwatering, and also you genuinely can’t help but share one with your furry pet. Let’s admit it; it’s practically impossible to withstand it!

When you can share some peaches with your piggy now and then, understand that peaches shouldn’t turn into a daily addition to your pet’s diet, given their richness in sugar specifically.

As you are most likely already conscious, excessive quantities of sugar are admittedly dangerous to your little cavy.

Therefore, feeding your pet a couple of items of peaches a few times per week is fine. However, watch out not to exceed this limit. You should take care of your furry pet’s health situation since he’s counting fully on you!

What Are the Health Advantages of Guinea Pigs Eating Peaches?

One factor about peaches they’re richly colored fruits and life-sustaining powerhouses for each guinea pig and their house owners.

Peaches Are Excessive in Vitamin C

Identical to people, guinea pigs have a mutation that does not produce vitamin C naturally. For that reason, guinea pigs need to outsource this very important vitamin from the meals they ingest.

Guinea pigs require about 10 mg-30 mg of vitamin C every single day, or they will get scurvy-a lack of vitamin C.

Fortunately, peaches are an excellent supply of vitamin C. This vitamin is crucial because it helps preserve healthy cartilage, coat, fur, and cell operation within the pet’s physique.

It also helps regulate physique metabolism, forestall the pigs from getting too cold, aid in digestion, and boost immunity.

Though peaches shouldn’t make the animal’s main vitamin C supply, it’s an enjoyable and wholesome treat.

The great factor is that peaches won’t cause any drawback when you, by chance, feed your piggy an excessive amount of it at first.

Despite everything, guinea pigs can’t produce or retail the vitamin-meaning; the pet will get rid of the excess through urine.

Rich in Antioxidants

Peach pores and skin and flesh are full of antioxidants, which assist prevent free radicals from forming, shield the pet’s physique in opposition to illnesses and delay the getting old process.

Peaches also cut back the most cancer threat due to the anticancer antioxidants often known as caffeic acid and carotenoids.

So, sure! Permit your piggy, a good friend, to eat peach pores and skin so long as you wash it completely to get rid of germs and bacteria.

Low Amounts Calcium and Phosphorous

Though calcium and phosphorous are very important minerals in any animal’s physique, excessive doses of those vitamins can hurt the animal.

Peaches have little calcium and low phosphorous ranges, making them protected in your piggy to eat. Since most pet retailer snacks pack excessive quantities of those minerals, you can change them with peaches.

Low in Fats

Sadly, guinea pigs are liable to obesity and coronary heart illnesses if they feed on extra fat from vegetation resembling nuts. For that reason, these pets require a low-fat and high-fiber weight loss program.

Your pet will get pleasure from peaches without you worrying about its weight because these fruits don’t have any saturated fat and have low levels of cholesterol.

Source of Water

If you want to enhance your piggy’s fluid consumption, use peaches. These fruits are refreshing and hydrating due to their 80 % water.

Rich in Nutrient

Peaches pass the take a look at being nutrient-dense fruits. In addition to vitamin C, they’ve vitamin Okay, E, magnesium, manganese, folate, phosphorous, zinc, potassium, iron, niacin, and choline.

Additionally, child guinea pigs can profit from this composition plus the fruit’s energy to amass ample power required for development and growth.

Equally, you possibly can benefit from these vitamins to treat a sick or anorexic piggy and assist it to gain sufficient power to survive.

Risks to Consider When Feeding Peaches to Guinea Pigs

Don’t provide the pit to your guinea pig. The pit is huge and arduous for him to chew on. Additionally, if your cavy manages to crack the pit, it accommodates harmful compounds referred to as cyanide which is harmful to your pet to ingest.

Excessive Amounts of Sugar

As many peaches are protected for guinea pigs to eat, parents shouldn’t enable their pets to overfeed them due to their sugar content (8 -100 gms).

Though it could not appear as an enormous deal for people, it poses threats to guinea pigs. First off, pigs are illiberal to sugar, and their intestinal tract has trouble digesting such meals.

An excessive amount of sugar may also expose guinea pigs to weight-related points like obesity and diabetes, particularly since they’re liable to be overweight.

Excessive Amounts of Acid

With excessive sugar content, peaches are acidic, making the fruit not appropriate for pigs. Unfortunately, guinea pigs are allergic to acidic meals, and peaches comprise a decent quantity of this substance.

The pure acid in a peach fruit may cause mouth and lip sours and fungal infections, suggesting that peach needs to be extra of an occasional treat than a main meal.


Though peach pores and skin pack many antioxidants, this plant can hurt your pet guinea pig, particularly when you don’t wash completely beforehand. Until you develop peach fruits in your backyard, peel the skin off and solely provide your pet the flesh.

It would help if you did that when you don’t trust the source you purchased the fruits from since most farmers lase fruits with pesticides. These chemical compounds are problematic, unsafe, and poisonous to any pet.

It will nonetheless be finest to scrub these fruits completely earlier than feeding your pet, even when they’re natural and from a good supply. Any bacteria on the peach pores and skin can intoxicate your pet and affect its digestive system.


How Much Peach is Safe for Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs don’t typically overeat, and if they do, it’s not life-threatening. However, accountable piggy parents ought to set a strict limit on how much fruit their pets can eat.

Making peach a guinea pig’s staple or main meal is a NO, as you don’t want your pet to develop abdomen flu or pack on weight.

The way you introduce your pig to peaches relies on the pet’s exercise ranges, dietary wants, and underlying medical conditions. Keep away from peach fruits if your guinea pig is on the chubbier aspect.

Introduce your animal to peaches little by little each week to permit it to adjust to the new meals. As soon as it does, it’s protected to feed it a couple of slices a few times per week; however, not in succession.

You must also serve depending on age, as younger guinea pigs require small sizes, whereas the grownup can get a chunkier portion.

It will even be finest to recollect not serving the seed within the pitch to your animal. At all times, take away the pit and solely provide the flesh as pits comprise excessive quantities of dangerous cyanide.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peaches Peels?

You don’t need to peel off the pores and skin earlier than feeding it to your guinea pig until the peaches have been grown with dangerous pesticides.

In this case, it’s best to peel off the skin first. Nonetheless, when you opt for natural peaches, there may be nothing it’s best to fear about.

The chances are your guinea pig will chew the peach with peels included, without stumbling in opposition to any problem.

In Summary

Establishing a protected diet for guinea pigs could be tough, particularly since they’re picky eaters.  However, virtually all guinea pigs crave peaches, and it’s protected to supply them with these fruits.

Nothing can go improper when you deal with it as an occasional snack, in all probability as soon as per week.