Can Guinea Pigs Eat Oranges? What You Need to Know!

Richly colored, sweet, and filled with vitamin C, oranges rank as some of the standard fruits on the earth. The following time you simply peel into considered one of these delicious fruits, you might wonder: can I share this with my guinea pig?

Can guinea pigs eat oranges? Sure! You most positively can, as guinea pigs are utterly capable of eating each the flesh and peel of oranges.

These vitamin-rich fruits can turn into a helpful addition to your guinea pig’s diet due to their abundance of ascorbic acid or vitamin C.

Read on to find more concerning the potential risks of overfeeding oranges to your guinea pigs, in addition to useful ideas and tips for the way a lot of oranges you’ll be able to share along with your cavy on each day and weekly foundation.

can guinea pigs eat oranges

Health Benefits of Oranges for Guinea Pigs

Oranges are helpful for guinea pigs, primarily based nearly entirely on their beneficent vitamin C content.

A vital nutrient that guinea pigs depend on dietary supplementation to obtain, vitamin C is critical for stopping the event of skin- and organ-related diseases.

Actually, within the absence of dietary sources of vitamin C, you’ll need to provide a liquid complement in your guinea pig’s water supply.

We enormously desire to include vitamin C within the type of regular meals, which means we get to see how a lot of our cavies get pleasure from their treats, too.

Oranges Vitamin and Fun Details

Based on, navel oranges have the next guinea pig-relevant vitamins per 100 grams:

  • Thirteen grams of carbohydrates, with 2.2 grams of dietary fiber and 8.5 grams of sugar. That is considerably on the sugary facet for a guinea pig’s diet, which means that it’s greatest provided sparsely.
  • Forty-three milligrams of calcium, a small quantity of an essential nutrient that may be harmful if fed in extra.
  • One milligram of vitamin C is an important nutrient that guinea pigs (like people) can not produce on their very own. This excessive vitamin C content material is what makes oranges a helpful addition to your guinea pig’s diet.

Moreover, the peels present additional fiber on your cavy’s diet.

Can Oranges Be Dangerous for Guinea Pigs?

The one nutritional danger that oranges can pose to a guinea pig is their pretty excessive sugar content. Like most animals, guinea pigs love the sweet style of fruits and sugars.

However, due to their delicate digestive programs, they can’t typically deal with an excessive amount of it without inflicting themselves severe gastrointestinal misery. Moreover, extended overfeeding of sugars can lead to obesity in your pet.

How to Feed Oranges to Your Guinea Pigs

Select a recent and ripe natural orange, and also, you’re all set to begin sharing it along with your guinea pig immediately.

Steer clear of non-organic produce because the peels will typically be handled with waxes and pesticides that may critically injure your guinea pig’s health.

Merely tear up the peels and items of orange into small chunks earlier than sharing them with your guinea pig and take away any seeds as they will turn into choking hazards.


How Much Orange Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

A guinea pig’s diet ought to primarily include limitless quantities of recent hay, and anything that’s added needs to be thought of as supplemental.

To this impact, feed your guinea pig solely very small parts of orange flesh and peel at any time, not more than concerning the dimension of your thumb or just a few mouthfuls on your pet.

Restrict these sweet treats to a few times every week to maintain your guinea pig from gaining extra weight.

Types of Oranges to Feed Your Guinea Pig

There’s a big world of orange varieties and orange products to discover, and never all of them are an incredible concept to feed your guinea pig. Let’s study every one of them just a little bit more carefully:

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Orange Juice?

Whereas your guinea pig can drink orange juice, it’s not an incredible concept.

Juicing the fruit solely concentrates the sugars and takes away the healthy fiber. Feed them complete fruit as an alternative.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Canned Oranges?

Completely not. Contemporary meals are important to your guinea pig’s digestive health and cooked canned.

Frozen meals are a way to hassle their abdomen if your guinea pigs don’t feed oranges from a can or oranges preserved in syrup.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Satsumas?

Guinea pigs can positively get pleasure from these easy-to-peel Asian citrus fruits. They had been first grown in Japan; however, they are now generally found within the American South.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mandarin Oranges?

Greater in sugar and less sour than navel oranges, Mandarin oranges are additionally protected for guinea pigs to eat.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Tangerines?

A Mandarin orange hybrid, tangerines are also utterly protected for guinea pigs to eat.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blood Oranges?

A distant relative of the navel orange, blood oranges are sweeter and darker in the shade than commonplace oranges.

Guinea pigs can eat them safely. However, you need to be especially cautious to remove the more abundant seeds.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Clementines?

A cross between the Mandarin and sweet orange, Clementines have a clean peel separated into segments.

They’re protected for guinea pigs to eat. However, many guineas don’t get pleasure from their more sour taste.

Final Thoughts

Oranges in lots of kinds and varieties generally are a worthwhile addition to your cavy’s diet.

So long as you select natural fruit, put it together safely, and don’t go overboard on the portion sizes, the added vitamin C can help maintain your guinea pig comfortable and healthy.

Plus, it’s all the time pleasurable to feed your loved one pet a tasty treat that’s good for them, too!