Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi? What You Need to Know!

Kiwi is an incredible fruit that tastes nice alone, in a salad, or as a drink. Since it’s so healthy for people, it’s pure to surprise if it’s additionally good on your guinea pig.

Can guinea pigs eat kiwi? Luckily, the answer is sure. Not only can your guinea pig eat kiwi, but it surely additionally has health advantages.

If you are concerned with giving this fruit to your pet, hold reading, whereas we take a look at the nutritional worth together with the professionals and cons of feeding your guinea pig kiwi.

can guinea pigs eat kiwi

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi Skin?

Whereas most guinea pigs eat kiwi fruit, you shouldn’t serve kiwi pores and skin to your pigs if you want to be on the protected aspect.

Kiwi has a tough slimy texture; in some instances, this may occasionally lead to choking in guinea pigs. Some people have a unique opinion and consider that kiwi pores and skin will be helpful.

However, this opinion appears to be wrong as kiwi skin not only could cause choking but also contains most pesticides and chemical compounds sprayed in kiwi.

Most of those chemicals and pesticides usually get absorbed by kiwi skin and don’t scrap even with washing.

So it’s suggested that we wash the kiwi correctly, then peel the outer floor earlier than serving it to your guinea pigs.

Is Kiwi Bad For Guinea Pig?


The primary problem with feeding your guinea pig fruit or some other fruit is that it incorporates a variety of sugar. Obesity is on the rise with all pets, and guinea pigs are no exception.

Overweight pets have shorter lifespans and may lead to several health issues, together with coronary heart disease and liver issues.


Kiwi is usually water. If your pet hasn’t been ingesting or is affected by constipation, treating them with kiwi will be an effective way to get them hydrated.

However, excessive water may cause an upset abdomen or diarrhea. When you feed your guinea pig kiwi, you’ll want to start slow and see if there’s a negative response earlier than the growing portion size.


Kiwi contains calcium, which is nice for people; however, it can lead to bladder stones in your guinea pig. If your pet gets bladder stones, you will want to get them surgically removed.

Since this subject is frequent with these pets, specialists suggest retaining a close eye on the calcium you provide and avoiding it when potential.

Is Kiwi Good For Guinea Pig?

Vitamin C

Your guinea pig doesn’t make sufficient vitamin C and would require dietary supplements of their diet, so any snacks that comprise it are most popular.

A scarcity of vitamin C can lead to scurvy which will be life-threatening if not caught early. Some deficiency signs embody a lack of energy, issue strolling, tough hair, lack of urge for food, and diarrhea.

Kiwi incorporates 92.7 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams of fruit, so it’s properly priced for feeding your pet.

Vitamins and Minerals

Kiwi also incorporate several different nutritional vitamins to increase the immune system and improve blood clotting.

The opposite nutritional vitamins and minerals you can find in kiwi embody vitamins E, Okay, and B6. Magnesium and iron levels are additionally boosted by eating kiwi.


Potassium is vital to take care of blood stress, and it helps regulate the center.

It may well assist cut back the chance of heart-related issues later in life, so most specialists suggest including it in your guinea pig’s food regimen as usually as potential.


Fiber is a crucial nutrient on your guinea pig because it could help balance the digestive system.

Fiber helps reduce the chance of constipation and diarrhea by sustaining a correct amount of water within the intestines.

It also helps reduce colon cancer by shortly expelling dangerous ingredients from the body.


Carbohydrates provide your guinea pig with the energy they should keep lively, and without them, your pet could spend more time sleeping.

However, too many carbs can lead to obesity, so it would be best to ensure you take note of how many carbs your pet eats.

How Should I Feed My Guinea Pig Kiwi?

To feed the kiwi to your guinea pig, you will want to take away the pores and skin. However, your pet can eat the seeds.

Keep the quantity small, not more than a teaspoon-sized portion, particularly if it’s your pet’s first time attempting.

If your guinea pig doesn’t have any issues, you may barely increase the portion size. We suggest limiting this treatment to not more than once every week to keep away from weight gain and bladder stones.


What Are The Health Benefits Of Kiwi For Guinea Pigs?

When our guinea pigs eat a lot of kiwi fruit, this may very well be dangerous for their health. The explanation for that is as follows:

Though kiwi incorporates the proper quantity of minerals and nutritional vitamins that are very helpful for their bodies, kiwi additionally contains excessive quantities of calcium and phosphorus.

Whereas phosphorus and calcium are helpful for pregnant and younger guinea pigs, they are often dangerous to previous guinea pigs.

Bladder stones could type due to the excessive calcium content that kiwi fruits comprise, which additionally affects guinea pigs’ urination and will cause pain to your guinea pigs.

Additionally, the excessive amount of sugar in kiwi may cause severe diseases like weight problems, diarrhea, abdomen pain, and a rise in blood sugar stage inflicting diabetes in Guinea pigs.

To keep away from these dangerous effects of kiwi, ensure that not give your guinea pigs an excessive amount of kiwi.

When Feeding Kiwi To Guinea Pigs:

  • Please give them a small piece/slice to ensure they digest it simply with no catch of their digestive system
  • Take note of your guinea pigs’ stool; if it modifications color, it’s essential to go to the closest vet
  • If your guinea pigs are diabetic, it is best to keep away from giving them kiwi as a snack as it might cause a rise in blood sugar content which places them in danger.
  • Two to a few servings of kiwi per week are sufficient
  • It’s as much as you to take away seeds from kiwi fruit earlier than giving it to your guinea pigs or to leave it

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi Seeds?

Sure, they will eat kiwi seeds as it’s delicate, like seeds of blueberries and tomato.

However, there are different varieties of seeds that you shouldn’t give to your guinea pigs, like papaya, watermelon, and apple, as these seeds are tough and may cause harm to pigs’ throats.

Though in some instances, kiwi seeds may be dangerous to your pigs because of their tiny throats, so taking care is required.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi Berries?

Sure, guinea pigs can eat kiwi berries and, in addition, kiwi skin. Such a kiwi has a sweeter taste than inexperienced kiwi and can also be smaller.

The skin of kiwi berries is edible and delicate, so guinea pigs can eat kiwi simply without the threat of choking.

Vitamins in kiwi berries are like green kiwi and have identical nutritional worth. It incorporates many helpful vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin E, and minerals.

When you serve kiwi berries with their pores and skin to your guinea pigs, you have to keep in mind to wash kiwi correctly, with water, earlier than serving.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dried Kiwi?

No, guinea pigs can’t eat dried kiwi. Because the outer floor of dried kiwi is coated with granular sugar.

This kind of sugar causes an excessive increase in sugar consumption in guinea pig’s diets which may be very dangerous.

So we have to be strict once we feed our guinea pigs any fruit with an excessive sugar content as it will make them liable to more diseases.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Golden Kiwi?

Sure, guinea pigs can eat a golden kiwi. Vitamin C exists in golden kiwi in the next quantity of green kiwi.

However, it is best to keep serving a small slice as in green kiwi and never increase the speed of feeding per week to keep away from overfeeding your guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs will be persuasive and charming relating to treats and fruits and tempt you to change into liberal and share extra with them.

For that reason, you have to be firm and hold your feelings away and serve only the advisable amount to your guinea pigs.

In Summary

Kiwi could be a healthy and attractive treat you can provide your pet to present something sweet and moist, particularly on a hot day. In our expertise, most guinea pigs get pleasure from it and can come working on eating some.

However, we’ve also had a number of those who didn’t prefer it, so don’t be shocked if your pet is detached. We put just a few small items in a salad as soon as every week for the pets that prefer it, so they all the time eat it first.

We hope you loved reading over this information and learned some new information about this Chinese fruit. If now we have satisfied you to give it an attempt, please share this information to feed your guinea pig kiwi on Fb and Twitter.