Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raisins? What You Need to Know!

So far as reptiles go, bearded dragons are comparatively adventurous eaters. They’ve obtained an inclination to gobble down, or not less than try just about everything put in entrance of them.

Can bearded dragons eat raisins? However, what about raisins? Within the wild, bearded dragons are recognized to eat fruit. However, it’s usually fresh and never dried.

can bearded dragons eat raisins

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raisins?

Sure. Bearded dragons can safely eat raisins without any concern for toxicity. But, that doesn’t essentially mean that they need to.

As you quickly discover out, raisins aren’t the best foods on your beardie. When consumed in mass portions or very recurrently, raisins can hurt your lizard’s diet and health.

Nutritional Information for Raisins

When scoping out a new addition to your bearded dragon’s food regimen, you should pay close consideration to the dietary content of that item, significantly protein content, fats, fiber, calcium, and the calcium to phosphorus ratio.

Per 100 grams, raisins comprise 3.7 grams of protein and 0.46 grams of fats. Bearded dragons want each of those to grow up robust and healthy.

Raisins additionally comprise 3.7 grams of fiber per 100 grams. Fiber is extraordinarily essential on your lizard because it helps maintain their digestive health in check.

Almost about calcium, raisins have 50 mg of calcium and 101 mg of phosphorus per 100 grams of raisins. That is where one of many most significant issues lies about your pet snacking on this dried fruit.

Is Raisins Good For Bearded Dragons

Whereas raisins aren’t the perfect snack on your bearded dragon to chomp down on, there are several health advantages to giving them a raisin once in a while. Raisins are chock stuffed with excellent dietary fiber.

If your bearded dragon is having bowel problems or one other digestive situation, the fiber contained in a raisin can help get them again on observation to being expected. Make sure only to give them one or two, not a whole meal’s value.

Unhealthy Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio

Bearded dragons and different reptiles want an excessive dosage of calcium every day. This helps to help their bone structures as they develop into mature creatures.

Calcium can be extraordinarily essential for gravid females to ensure that their eggs are robust enough to endure the laying process.

Additionally, female egg-layers will risk a severe loss of calcium and grow to be inclined to many problems if not using a sufficient quantity of calcium.

However, it’s not nearly getting as much calcium as attainable. You’ll have to observe how a lot of phosphorus is getting into your bearded dragon’s diet. Phosphorus successfully prevents calcium from being absorbed into their bodies.

That’s why the beneficial ratio for calcium to phosphorus is 2:1 or 2 elements calcium to 1 half phosphorus. It will ensure that your bearded dragon can get the correct amount of calcium they require.

However, with raisins, you’ll discover that the ratio is flipped. There’s double the quantity of phosphorus as calcium!

This may be detrimental to your lizard if fed to them in giant portions leading to issues equivalent to metabolic bone illness.

Excessive Sugar Content

One other downside to your bearded dragon consuming raisins comes from their excessive sugar content. Like most dried fruits, Raisins have an enormous focus on sugar, with around 59.19 grams of sugar per 100 grams!

Fortuitously, diabetes is highly uncommon in bearded dragons. However, there are still plenty of issues that will come up instead equivalent to:

  • Tooth decay
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Obesity

can bearded dragons have raisins

Health Advantages to Bearded Dragons Eating Raisins?

Although raisins aren’t often called a very healthy alternative of food for beardies, they supply some good vitamins that are useful to their health.

Raisins are excessive in dietary fiber, and medical information now factors this out as one of its key advantages.

Wanting on the table above, you possibly can see that raisins do indeed comprise a considerable amount of fiber (3.7g per 100g)

Fibre has many roles all through the physique together with enhancing bowel health. This may be nice even for bearded dragons to help digestion and assist with impaction points.

Disadvantages to Bearded Dragons Eating Raisins?

Although we talked about how raisins provide a healthy amount of fiber, you continue to be cautious earlier than including them in your beardies diet as they comprise both excessive or low amounts of vitamins that may be a priority.

Let’s now take a better have a look at the reason why it’s essential to be cautious earlier than including raisins in your bearded dragon’s diet.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raisins?

As we already talked about, many prime specialists equivalent to VCA-Hospitals list raisins on their list of safe and acceptable foods for bearded dragons; however, there’s instead a lot to think about earlier than you feed them to your beardie.

The truth is that they’re so excessive in sugar and supply poor calcium to phosphorus ratio means we honestly wouldn’t suggest feeding them to your beardie.

There is so much higher fruit and treat choices out there, and we might encourage you to feed these as an alternative.

However, you want to feed your beardie raisins, and then we’d suggest providing them not more than as soon as each couple of months and in small portions or around 2-3 raisins.

We suggest heading over to the publish beneath to seek out some extra nutritious foods that bearded dragons can eat.

How to Prepare Raisins For Bearded Dragons?

We typically love to do a bulleted listing that exhibits every step of preparation; however, there’s mainly no preparation wanted with raisins.

Most meals will both want washing, cooking, or slicing into smaller items earlier than you possibly can add them to your beardies salad bowl. This isn’t the case with raisins, and they are often added to the bowl straight out of the packet.

Keep in mind what we’ve mentioned earlier within the publish only feeds on rare occasions and in tiny portions if in any respect.

Final Thoughts

Though non-toxic and technically suitable for eating, we don’t suggest feeding your bearded dragon raisins recurrently.

Their excessive sugar content and undesirable calcium to phosphorus ratio can lead to some critical problems down the street if they’ve them too recurrently.

If you do need to toss your bearded dragon a raisin, we only suggest that you accomplish that as soon as a month at most. There are many different tasty snacks on your lizard that meet the factors for them to live their most acceptable lives.