Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pears? What You Need to Know!

Bearded dragons like to eat fruit! Juicy, sweet fruit items can provide them with the energy they should explore their environment and enjoy the top quality of life in general.

However, fruit isn’t the one factor that they need to eat. In truth, the primary diet of a bearded dragon needs to be protein-rich choices. Mealworms, crickets, and different kinds of small, mealy animals are all the trends for bearded dragons.

However, they get pleasure from eating fruit as a snack or treat once in a while. With so many fruit choices obtainable, is that acceptable on your bearded dragon? We can let you know that pears might be provided to your bearded dragon once in a while.

can bearded dragons eat pears

Are Pears Healthy for Bearded Dragons?

Pears are a healthy treat for bearded dragons. However, dragons aren’t herbivores. They usually require animal protein to remain wholesome.

Not like herbivores that may stay on pears and different fruits, your bearded dragon must eat a commercial mix or an abundance of bugs and pests every day to remain healthy.

Except you intend to hunt for contemporary meals for them every day, it’s best to put money into a commercially obtainable food possibility designed to satisfy the wants of the typical bearded dragon.

That mentioned it doesn’t matter what your bearded dragon eats usually; you may depend on them to get pleasure from any pear slices that you supply.

Pears provide nutritional vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that your bearded dragon must combat diseases and viruses as they age.

Feeding Pears to Bearded Dragons

You need to know that feeding pears to bearded dragons usually are not essential for their good health, whether whereas infants or whereas aging into maturity.

However, bearded dragons are likely to get pleasure from eating pear slices as a part of their meals or snacks.

Pears include all the primary vitamins that most living beings must survive, together with nutritional vitamins A and C and minerals like calcium and iron.

If your bearded dragon’s diet is generally made up of protein-rich meals, they need expertise no issues whenever you supply them a slice or two or pear.

Cautions to Heed

If your bearded dragon lives principally off pears, they’ll doubtless expertise nutrient deficiencies that put their lives in danger. Pears need to be provided strictly as snacks, not more than a few slices every week.

Sticking to a commercial food designed to satisfy the dietary wants of bearded dragons is your greatest wager.

One other problem that may happen while feeding your bearded dragon pears is choking. The pores and skin, if left intact, are too huge items, may stop a small animal like a bearded dragon.

Therefore, the skins need to be eliminated earlier than the fruit pulps are provided. The skin holds a lot of vitamins.

However, bearded dragons wouldn’t have to overlook it. Peeling the skins then mixing them right into a smoothie with coconut water gives the vitamins of the coconut and the pears in an easy-to-eat concoction.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pears? 

Though pears are an excellent possibility for beardies, these fruits don’t present many health advantages because they’re usually low in vitamins.

Most fruits need to be fed moderately because they’re nutritionally poor compared to the insects and most veggies. Pears are excessive in sugar since they’ve about 9.8g sugar per 100g, which is just too extreme for bearded dragons.

Excessive sugar consumption within the beardies tends to cause abdomen issues, tooth decay, and diarrhea.

Additionally, pears are low in calcium as they solely include 9mg of calcium per 100g, which is inadequate for the beardies. Bearded dragons want plenty of calcium, which has an enormous function in terms of health issues.

So, to make sure that your dragon advantages from pears, it’s best to feed them as soon as every week or each other week.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pears Skin?

No, bearded dragons can’t eat pears skin. The two widespread downsides with pears skin are that they’re a bit tough and include chemicals.

Pears are sprayed with pesticides when within the subject, and these chemicals tend to stay on the skin. Chemicals are poisonous, and if they find their means into the dragon’s physique, it’ll make them sick.

The skin is tough is harmful to the beardies because it presents choking issues, and you might find yourself killing your loved one pet.

So, when you have the behavior of feeding pears, pores, and skin to your bearded dragon, know that you’re risking its health.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Canned Pears?

All the time, do not forget that canned meals include preservatives that may be dangerous to bearded dragons.

Once we talk of canned pears, these fruits are typically too sugary. You recognize the danger of feeding sugary foods to your lizard buddy.

In addition to inflicting tooth decay and diarrhea points, excessive sugar can be related to fatty liver illness and overweight.

Some dragon keepers will feed canned meals to their dragons on some events because of some causes. This isn’t one thing I’ll advise you to do due to the underlying health issues behind such meals.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Frozen Pears?

Since you could have pears at your house within the freezer more often than not, you may be questioning if you can offer frozen pears to your bearded dragons.

However, earlier than doing that, do not forget that frozen meals lose many essential vitamins through the freezing process. And This means your dragon will not be getting all of the potential vitamins that pears can supply.

For those who can always enter contemporary meals, that’s a lot better, and giving your dragon what you understand would possibly increase some health issues. So, don’t use frozen pears; the beardies can’t eat them.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pear Seeds?

Talking of the seeds, bearded dragons don’t go nicely with them, and that’s the reason you need to take away the seeds from most fruits that you’re providing to your cute pet.

Seeds are typically arduous in texture and challenging for the beardies to digest, and pear seeds are no exception. They’ll trigger problems with digestion and risk the dragon to varied health issues.

Now you have the entire reason you’ll want to maintain from feeding pears with seeds to your bearded dragon. All the time, know that the beardies can’t eat pear seeds.

Final Thoughts

Most bearded dragons love pears, and there’s no motive to limit their consumption except your pet bearded dragon is sick or allergic. By no means exit your approach to feeding your pet pear items, although they serve a small piece only a few times every week.

How do you feel about feeding pears to bearded dragons? Please tell us your basic ideas in our feedback section below. We stay up for hearing you!