Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix Puppy | What You Need to Know!

The Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix puppy is a good hybrid that inherits a few personality traits for its parent canines, the Australian Shepherd and the Border Collie Mix.

The result is an excellent dog that’s sensible, hardworking, and possesses excellent herding skills that you’d find in a crossbreed of those two beautiful breeds.

Identical to its parents, the Border Aussie is a herding or working canine, and it requires one thing to do regularly. It’s preferred for herding livestock. The Border Aussie mix wants to stay busy. However, it can get bored repeating the identical activity regularly.

However, if you happen to undertake this dog as a pet, then it’s essential to maintain your inventive juices flowing to keep him entertained. The Border Collie Aussie is an energetic canine with complete enjoyment though primarily a quiet dog.

australian shepherd border collie mix puppy

The Basic Look of the Border Aussie

The Australian Shepherd Collie Mix puppy is a medium-sized canine with a muscular physique. The Australian Shepherd Collie Mix puppy canine has a wedge-shaped ear with a tapered muzzle.

The Australian Shepherd Collie Mix eyes are typically almond or oval in shape. Though they are often blue or brown, it’s not unusual for the Aussie Border to have multi-colored eyes with one brown and one blue eye.

The Aussie Collie has an extended and broad tail. However, it could additionally spot a bobtail just like the Aussie. The Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix puppy’s looks are much like a Border Collie.

Aussie Border Collie Mix Lifespan

Identical to many different crossbreeds, the lifespan of this Breed varies based mainly on the well-being and basic standing of the parent breeds that produced the mix.

The Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix dog breed has between 10 and 14 years. However, some can dwell as much as 16 years of age.

Border Aussie Personality and Temperament

If you are searching for a reliable companion dog, the Border Aussie Mix dog suits the invoice. It’s typically a quiet dog, which is good if you happen to dwell in a condominium with neighbors residing close by.

Typically, it has an excellent temperament. The Breed is an energetic canine with an optimistic persona. He’s additionally lovely with children and can love anybody near him.

However, remember that early socialization is vital to stopping persona behavioral issues in the future. It’s a lovely family dog, and she loves being around different family members. Being left at home on their own for an extended period may result in separation nervousness.

This canine must also be entertained to forestall boredom and the annoying habits of chewing something they arrive throughout the home.

Psychological stimulation is significant for a Border Collie Aussie Mix; in any case, the Border Collie is essentially the most clever dog breed on the planet. You don’t anticipate its offspring to be any different, do you?

Need to practice your dog without spending a whole lot of dollars? It’s excellent for eliminating unhealthy behaviors by tapping into your dog’s hidden intelligence.

Border Aussie: Size, Height, Weight

On the whole, the full-grown size of the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd combine is between 19 and 23 inches, and its standard weight is 47.5 pounds.

Full-grown Border Aussie could weigh wherever between 30 and 65 pounds. There isn’t any critical size and weight distinction between a male Border Aussie mix and a female one.

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix Puppy Coat

Aussie Border mix puppy has medium coats with a mark or mild feathering substitute for tight curls. This features a thick topcoat and undercoat that protects it in opposition to harsh climate situations.

The colors of this Breed could be a wide selection of stains and spots together with black and white, black, pink, sable, liver, brindle, blue Merle, and red Merle, tan, and even tri-color( white, black and blue, red, black and white).


You won’t find a lot of issues when grooming an Australian Collie mix dog. They are usually clear canines and solely require weekly brushing and monthly bathing. Brushing will be elevated throughout the shedding season to assist cut back the amount of hair it sheds. This regiment might fluctuate primarily based on the size and thickness of their coat.

The Border Aussie is liable to ear infections, so this space must be stored clear and checked often. This Breed’s nails must be clipped a few times per month to take care of precise and wholesome paws. Enamel must be brushed a couple of instances per week.

This Breed loves the outside, so sustaining a correct grooming schedule is essential to ensure it doesn’t deliver souvenirs from their adventures.

It’s best to pay particular consideration that ticks haven’t made a house of their dense coat. If doable, this routine should start when the Breed is only a few weeks before mood any fear or anxiety related to the Aussie Collie mix dog grooming routine.

Finding Healthy Border Collie Aussie Mix Puppies

Potential Border Aussie homeowners ought to go for energetic and playful puppies. The Border Aussie pet must be fluffy, and their ears should be in various levels of rising, except they bear the semi-folded ear.

One other vital factor to think about is that your Australian Collie puppy ought to be alert. It is a sensitive breed, and it’s essential to see that smartness early and contemplate Border Aussie puppies on the market.

Borders Aussies have between 5 and 7 average-sized litters. Some puppies might be more significant. However, this isn’t the norm.

As with all breeds, socialization and coaching ought to begin instantly the puppy arrives home. In any other case, these small habits would possibly change into a significant problem in the future.

australian shepherd border collie mix

Aussie and Border Collie Mix: Training

Coaching a Border Collie and Aussie is simple. This Breed enjoys any challenges you throw at him, and he all the time desires to please his masters.

Nonetheless, remember that this Breed could be very calm, and as with every different pet, it should be handled with care and attention.

Implement agency, however, friendly training strategies. In any other case scolding or shouting will solely attract him farther away from you.

Good reinforcements resembling praises and treats will work magic with this canine. Nonetheless, make it possible for the dog adheres to your instructions and that it’s not simply following the pleasures.

If the canine begins to roll or sit unnecessarily, it’s advisable to vary your training strategies. Anybody who struggles with coaching those canines can flip to Doggy Dan, the online dog trainer, for accessible guides on every kind of issue.

Moreover, it’s advisable to make your dog perceive that nipping at heels is a behavior that’s solely acceptable while controlling sheep or cattle.

Like its parents, the Border Aussie mix could attempt to direct people around it by nipping at their heels. Therefore, it’s essential to set the boundaries and make the dog perceive when this conduct is suitable.

Exercise Needs

In case you are available in the market for an excessive power breed that may sustain along with your energetic way of life, then the Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix dog will fit your wants finest.

It is a dog that enjoys being on the transfer and is perfect for different dog sports activities and jobs. Even if you’re looking for a home pet, this canine would require loads of exercises that may provide the psychological stimulation it needs.

A bored canine will change into a destructive dog, so it’s essential to supply your pet with loads of interactive dog toys and challenges that may maintain exercising their brain.

The Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix dog requires at least one hour of train daily on high psychological stimulation. These ought to embrace canine walks and relaxation time in a secure yard.

The Border Collie Aussie might be an excellent jogging partner and typically flourishes in energetic and athletic families.

Diet and Feeding Necessities

Typically, these dogs thrive on a portion of dry pet food. However, it’s essential to decide on high-quality kibble meals with the proper protein and caloric content material.

Border Aussies are very energetic dogs that burn loads of energy each day. It’s vital to level out right here that the number of meals your pet will eat will fluctuate based mostly on the person’s dog and the kind of dog food you might be feeding them.

Though it’s essential to incorporate the treats of their calorie figures, it’s not crucial for this Breed since they’re very busy dogs. They usually take pleasure in various treats resembling recent fruits and leafy vegetables.

Along with feeding dry dog food to your Border Aussie, be sure to give him plenty of water all through the day. We additionally advocate including canine probiotics with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil in your dog’s food to promote gastrointestinal performance and boost your pet’s general health.

Do Australian Shepherd Border Collies Shed?

Grooming the Aussie Border Collie mix is a simple activity. General, they’re apparent dogs and might be cleaned as soon as monthly. Intending to clear them, all it’s a must to do is wipe them with a moist piece of material each week to remove particles and mud particles.

Brushing is essential three instances per week to eradicate lifeless hair. However, this may be completed extra usually in the shedding season.

The Border Collie, Australian Shepherd mix short hair across the ears and toes, might be trimmed to boost cleanliness. However, that is typically not crucial.

The Border Collie Aussie Mix might be susceptible to ear infections, so it is best to test their ears regularly. Additionally, it’s essential to trim nails if necessary.

The Price of Aussie Border Collie Mix Puppies

The price of Border Collie Aussie Mix puppies on the market is around $1000.

Once more, it is best to meet the parent dogs in addition to the puppy before you purchase. Acquainted persona traits are sometimes inherited; however, particular person qualities are extra crucial than the general breed qualities.

The typical litter measurement for an Australian Collie is between five and seven puppies. These puppies can fluctuate in value, typically elevated based mainly on the dad and mom’s pedigree, the breeder’s placement, and the coat colors of the puppy. An Australian Collie will fetch wherever from a pair hundred to a thousand dollars on common.

The preferred coloring is the signature merle markings and puppies will. This distinctive coat shall be costlier, as puppies bought from breeders in places this combination could be very in style.

Adoption is always a worthwhile possibility to think about, and the drop in value alone could also be price discovering an Australian Collie rescue.

Rescue organizations usually solely require a donation charge to cowl a portion of your new pup’s medical prices, a fraction of what you’d pay from a breeder.

border collie australian shepherd mix puppy

Aussie Border Collie Mix Health Issues

There are specific health issues to look out for in an Australian Shepherd Border Collie. These embrace diseases which can be associated with their hair color.

Border Aussie breeders could not breed two Merle parents collectively since there may be an elevated probability of the offspring being deaf, blind, or each.

Furthermore, potential Border Aussie homeowners ought to be careful with different health issues, together with cataracts, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, lymphoma, collie eye anomaly, epilepsy, thyroid illness, and hemangiosarcoma.

A vital device to assist decide any genetic health dangers is a DNA take a look at. The Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Take a look at is a straightforward, at-home resolution that any dog proprietor can attempt.

Is an Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix Suitable for Me?

Though the Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix puppy is an easy-to-train and eager-to-please dog breed, it’s not appropriate for everybody. These dogs require loads of workouts and thrive in households with loads of time to train and practice them.

For those who want to adopt/purchase a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix as your four-legged companion, guarantee that you may meet its primary wants of work and train.

That manner, the Border Aussie shall be an exquisite companion for you, one that may all the time be by your aspect. It doesn’t matter what journey you need to discover subsequent.


An Australian Collie’s exercise degree should be considered when deciding appropriate nutrition. This Breed is a significantly energetic breed that burns much energy per day to require extra meals than different comparably sized, much less active dogs.

Due to the excessive exercise degree, she is not vulnerable to weight problems and mustn’t be carefully monitored for this in the identical manner different breeds do.

Many dog food manufacturers can have a piece of feeding information listed on their product which might be helpful when deciding what’s acceptable to your particular person, Australian Collie. On the whole, 2 to 3 cups of high quality, grain-free dry meals per day should be adequate.

That is only a guideline, and each person Australian Collie wants will fluctuate. It is essential to communicate with a vet to ensure you’re masking all-important vitamins with a satisfactory amount of protein and calories.

Finding Your Border Aussie

When searching for an Australian Collie, it may be helpful to converse along with your native Australian Shepherd and Border Collie’s golf equipment, who can level you within the route of a good breeder.

Nonetheless, you can search the internet and discover a breeder who makes a specialty of Australian Collie mixes. Do your due diligence earlier than reaching out. It would help if you found a respected, trusted breeder that operates ethically and in the most effective curiosity of their dogs.

When selecting a breeder, you can ask to see the health certificates for the parent canines and meet your puppy and the parents in a particular person.

A professional breeder ought to by no means object to those requests. Reading evaluations of the breeder may offer you peace of thought that you’re buying from a revered breeder.

By no means buy from pet mills or pet farms. Due to inhumane practices, they’re changing into unlawful in many states, and most dogs bred from these amenities are unhealthy.

Earlier than purchasing, think about adopting! Australian Collie mixes are beautiful; however, many people buy them without understanding the bodily and psychological calls.

Due to this, it’s sadly fairly frequent for Australian Collie mixes to finish up in animal shelters. Due to online rescue websites, discovering an Australian Collie combine is nearly simpler than adopting a designer canine puppy. Rescuing saves lives, and please think about adoption!

Final Thoughts

The Australian Collie mix dog is gorgeous, athletic, friendly, and loving. This Aussie Collie mix puppy is a natural beauty and a good household dog.

Their energetic spirit will deliver limitless quantities of pleasure to your home. In case you are keen and devoted to assembly this wonderful Breed’s physical and psychological necessities, they could be the companion you’re searching for!