At What Age Can a Rabbit Get Pregnant?

As a result of massive variations between rabbit breeds, measurement, and weight at maturity, there are a lot of variations between the instances at which certain breeds are sexually mature. In common, smaller breeds attain sexual maturity quicker than bigger breeds.

The gestation interval (the time between breeding and kindling) is typically 31 days. As soon as a rabbit doe has kindled, she can breed once more after six weeks.

At what age can a rabbit get pregnant? At the same time, choosing rabbits to breed, it’s advisable to decide on a breed with ancestry that has proof of good genetics and productiveness.

at what age can a rabbit get pregnant

At What Age Can Female Rabbits Breed?

The common female turns sexually mature at three to eight months of age, relying on her breed, measurement, and physique weight.

A small breed rabbit feminine can get pregnant at 4-5 months, and a male rabbit can breed at six months. A medium-size feminine can breed at 5-6 months and a medium buck at seven months. A heavy breed doe is commonly prepared at 6-8 months, and a heavy single reaches sexual maturity at nine months.

She will conceive at any time of the yr for the whole period of her life. However, egg and sperm manufacturing decline after Three years of age.

The rabbit buck will mount the rabbit doe from behind throughout mating, insert himself into the feminine, and carry out fast pelvic hip thrusts. This encounter will be final solely 20-40 seconds, after which the buck will throw himself backward off the doe.

The gestation interval in rabbits is brief and ranges from 28 to 36 days (typical 31 days). Longer gestation intervals result in smaller litters, whereas shorter gestation intervals yield bigger litters.

The measurement of a litter can vary from 4 to 12 rabbit kits. Female rabbits may deliver as much as 60 rabbit kits per yr if residing situations are perfect. A feminine rabbit can get pregnant as early as the following day after delivery.

Unfortunately, the mortality charges of rabbit embryos are excessive. That is typically because of trauma, an infection, environmental stress, and poor diet. Therefore, an exorbitant fertility fee is crucial to counter this.

Rabbit Breeding Issues

Being pregnant-related issues are way more extreme when a rabbit is younger whereas giving delivery. No matter age, the next are some frequent issues if a rabbit gets pregnant.

  • Your rabbit could also be confused and not construct a nest for her infants, inflicting the newborn kits to die of publicity.
  • Your rabbit’s milk could not kind, or she could also be unable to feed them.
  • There’s an elevated threat of rabbit equipment mortality, notably if they’re hand-fed by people.
  • If the father was a bigger breed than the mother, the mother could have problems while delivering infants and die throughout labor.
  • If the mom isn’t wholesome, she could get sick because of the stress of carrying and giving delivery to her infants.

If you happen to let your rabbits breed, have a set plan for the 4-12 surviving offspring. You could resolve to discover caring and accountable properties for them or maintain them yourself.

If you happen to resolve to maintain them, perceive that they will be your account for the following Eight to 10 years. You’ll additionally spay and neuter every one of them.

Any rabbit born either by way of planning or by mistake is taking a house away from a rabbit within the shelter. Several rabbits die yearly on account of not discovering properties.

Therefore, if you are trying to add extra rabbits to your loved ones, consider visiting your native shelter. See if different rabbits desperately want properties.

can a rabbit get pregnant at 3 months old

False Rabbit Pregnancies

Though uncommon, some rabbits do expertise false pregnancies. A rabbit with a wrong being pregnant could present typical being pregnant behaviors, similar to nesting.

If you happen to suspect your rabbit has a false being pregnant, take her to a vet. If you happen to don’t need your rabbits to get pregnant, it’s extremely useful that you get your rabbits spayed or neutered.

Why You Shouldn’t Breed Your Rabbits

It’s straightforward to overlook that rabbits are prey once we get them as companions. Like different prey animals, rabbits provide offspring to maintain their species alive and counter excessive predation within the wild.

However, within the case of domesticated animals, breeding could create the issue of too many rabbits.

Rabbits differ from mammals due to feminine rabbits ovulating after being mounted by a male — a course known as induced ovulation. That is the one time a rabbit doe produce an egg.

This implies that when a rabbit offers delivery, there’s an excessive probability she’s going to grow pregnant once more if a male continues to be current. A rabbit can get pregnant as early as a couple of hours after delivery.

Signs Your Rabbit is Pregnant

As soon as a rabbit reaches sexual maturity, it will possibly provide offspring. If an intact feminine and intact male had been left collectively, and each had been over 3.5 months in age, you’ll have to monitor the feminine for any indicators of being pregnant.

Nodules In The Stomach

Like most mammals, a pregnant doe’s stomach will get larger as her infants develop and develop inside her womb. Therefore, a rising stomach is a visual sign of a pregnant rabbit.

10-12 days after breeding, you might be able to feel several marble-sized bumps inside your doe’s tummy. These tiny bumps are the child rabbits inside your rabbit’s stomach, and they usually are large enough to feel them.

The bumps will develop inside your rabbit for an additional two weeks or so till it’s time for your rabbit to present delivery (about one month after breeding).

Behavioral Adjustments

Pregnant rabbits eat more and are sometimes extra irritable and moody. However, if your rabbit is often reserved or unfriendly, it might be onerous to find out that she is pregnant primarily based on her temper alone.


Essentially the most noticeable signal might be your rabbit beginning to put together a nest. She could start piling up bedding or digging right into a nook of the cage.

A rabbit will often decide up hay or different objects that may be carried within the mouth to make a snug area for her to present delivery. She might also push free bedding collectively or move blankets.

What’s most alarming to homeowners who haven’t bred rabbits earlier is a nesting rabbit pulling out her fur to line the nest. That is fully regular.

If your rabbit is nesting, count on her to present delivery within one week. If she begins pulling her fur out, she will most likely give delivery throughout the subsequent 1 to 2 days.

Most rabbits deliver in the evening, so anticipate waking as much as a litter of kits. If your pregnant rabbit hasn’t given delivery after 35 days of breeding, contact your veterinarian as quickly as attainable.

Your vet will both induce labor or have the infants eliminated through a surgical procedure. A pregnant rabbit could present nesting habits a couple of weeks earlier than she can deliver.

when do pregnant rabbits start nesting

Rabbit Labor

A rabbit’s gestation interval is usually between 28 to 36 days, with 31 days typical. When a rabbit offers delivery, it’s known as kindling. Kindling happens in the evening or within the early hours of the morning and takes around 15 minutes.

The delivery method is automatic, so they hardly ever want human assistance in the course of the supply.

When you’ve checked all infants, depart your rabbit’s nest alone for the primary few days. Disturbing a mom rabbit’s nest can stress her, preventing her from feeding her offspring.

Rabbit Litters

Rabbit younger are known as kits, and every litter can have 1-14 tackles, with six being typical. Kits are born blind, hairless, and deaf. Ten days later, they are going to start to develop correctly.

The mother rabbit will nurse her kits as soon as each evening. Nursing takes around 5 minutes only due to the excessive energetic worth of the mother’s milk.

Rabbit kits are weaned after they’re 4-6 weeks outdated. Proceed to maintain your feminine rabbit separate from the males. A feminine rabbit can grow pregnant once more simply hours after delivery.

Why You Should Spay Or Neuter Rabbits

Ideally, it would help if you were spaying or neutering your rabbits. Feminine rabbits which were spayed dwell longer since you remove the chance of mammary, ovarian, or uterine tumors.

Male rabbits are far much less aggressive, struggle much less with their hutch mates, are much less territorial and extra dependable as soon as they’ve been neutered.

Extra importantly, neutered or spayed rabbits can’t produce unwanted litter. This helps manage the variety of homeless rabbits in shelters.

Final Thoughts

Please keep away from checking your rabbit’s pregnancy by mating her once more. Not only is this methodology extra inaccurate, but it surely’s additionally dangerous on your rabbit and her offspring’s lives.

Feminine rabbits have two uterine horns. Each horn can carry infants if you breed your rabbit doe as soon as it fertilizes her first horn. Generating her twice causes her second horn to be fertilized. This creates a hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal points can affect the event of the infants, inflicting the mom rabbit to move blobs throughout her kindling. In some circumstances, this will additionally cut back the mother’s possibilities of survival.